You probably came to my site thinking that I only use Tinder, didn’t you?

HAHA, in the words of Chris Tucker from Rush Hour (my fav movie btw): “Hell Naw”

I only talk frequently about Tinder because it is the most simple app to use.

I actually have an arsenal of apps that I have on my phone that I use to bring a constant stream of girls into my bed.

You see… the new world of dating is governed by all these new dating apps.

… And if you don’t know how to use these apps (or you don’t have a smartphone), then you’re putting yourself at a severe disadvantage.

I used to be the guy you see approaching every girl on the street on a busy New York street during the weekday.

That all changed when I had to leave college and get a job.

Yes… the reason most guys can’t date a ton of girls is partly because they’re busting their asses at work trying to make a living.

Fear not…

Mobile dating apps are the cure to this problem, my friend.


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Here’s the basic understanding you need to have:

Mobile apps are like advertising platforms for marketing yourself to women.

In the marketing world, do you wanna know what successful marketers do?

They freakin advertise on a bunch of different platforms…

Google PPC, Display Networks, Facebook, Twitter, Niche related forums, Adult Traffic Networks…

You get the idea.

Why do they do this?

Because they have no idea what is going to work unless they test everything under the sun!!!!

Now let’s compare that to dating apps…

If you want to maximize your chances of getting dating apps to work for you, then you need to download and install multiple apps into your smartphone NOW.

And then… you need to upload a profile on each of those apps and basically swipe massive amounts of girls on your phone so that you can test your pics and profile for each of those apps.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Yes, BUT that’s why we have computers.

You can download scripts and macros on your computer for some of these apps, because they have computer counterparts.

Let me explain…

Okcupid is an awesome dating app.

It has a website where you can actually login and “quickmatch” with girls. All you have to do is click like on every girl and you’ll find mutual matches, just like on Tinder.

The scripts and macros component of your strategy is quite easy, really…

All you need to do is go on Google and search for an autoclicker or a “POF” auto-liker, and you will probably find one available for download if you search hard enough.

The purpose of the macro /script is to do all the clicking for you so that you can literally do NOTHING and have a massive abundance of girls coming into your dating app.

Do you see how powerful this strategy is?

At this level, you’re bound to find some cute DTF girls even if you’re below average looking.

The law of large numbers DOES NOT lie, bro.

It does not lie.

I am living proof of that. I am probably an average looking Indian guy. And yet I have managed to sleep with 3 girls in 1 day from Tinder alone.

(The 3 girls in 1 day case study is available as a bonus for people who join my premium Tinder course)


Here is the step by step strategy I want you to focus on right now:

Step 1: Download as many *mainstream* dating apps as you can find.

Avoid the dating apps that make you pay to send girls messages (such as — these are usually scams.

Step 2: Polish your pics up and seriously test every type of pic you can. (Not just bathroom mirror selfies)

Step 3: Create a sexual bio (I can’t emphasize this enough)

…A sexual bio creates a sexual frame and the girl will be more compliant to sleeping with you if you sexualize the interaction before even matching with her online.

Step 4: Automate every dating app you can.

Some dating apps you won’t be able to automate. And that’s fine.

…For those, you could literally hire someone to swipe for you for pennies a day.

(Outsource it to India or something LOL)

Step 5: Text the leads you’re getting and start arranging meet-ups.

Conclusion: Do you see what I’m doing here? This is exactly like starting a business. You figure out what works, and then you scale.

The first steps of this strategy are about testing your pics and profile.

And if you use these exact profile descriptions on your dating apps, you are guaranteed to get matches who wanna fuck…

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The final steps are about scaling so that once you solve the puzzle and have a high percentage match rate,

… you can blast it full force and start automating it.

During the testing phase you can also outsource it. You don’t have to do all the pic testing, etc.

You can hire people to do that stuff for you. For example, me (lol).

But there ya go… that’s the basic strategy behind dating apps that allows guys like me to have godly amounts of abundance with women (to the point that I even tell girls to delete my number if I get bored with them).

Next week, I’ll be going over the exact dating apps I have downloaded on my phone and an analysis of each app and how it is performing for me.

Talk soon…

– Sean

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