This one’s gonna be tough for me to admit. In 2010, I actually started out as a 19 year old virgin  who was searching google for a magic pill. I had just returned from a summer study abroad program in Scotland, where I drank a bunch of alcohol and didn’t really get laid. When I returned, I finally summoned up the courage to Facebook message this girl I had a crush on in middle school, but she totally ignored my messages and blocked me. So, I was on google searching for “how to get laid fast”, “pheromones” and that kind of silly stuff. What I found led me down a rabbit hole that would change the entire trajectory of my life.

I stumbled upon this site called Androtics Direct. It claimed to have a bunch of sprays and oils that had chemical attractants that would “get women wet down there.”

Side note: Androtics used to be an amazing company before 2012; however, their quality has gone down the gutter over the last few years. Many of my recent purchases with them included watered down pheromones and chemicals that actually pissed people off around me. Even though I am writing a negative review about them, they will continue to get sales from unsuspecting people because their SEO ranking on Google is amazing and they appear on the first page of search results pertaining to pheromones. Avoid them. There are much better companies with much more amazing products nowadays.

Back to the story: I was filled with happiness that my search was over, but I was also really skeptical. Androtics Direct had a forum called pherotalk where there were thousands of people using and reporting their experiences using the products. Here is my cringe-worthy introduction post from August 2010 on their website (LOL) :

Yes. I actually asked them to rate my looks. I’m still shocked at how weak and newbish I sounded back then.

Anyways, it led me down a path to unstoppable self improvement. I received my first pheromone in the mail and excitedly opened it. It had a pleasant cologne smell, it had a body odor type scent.

Fast forward a month, fall quarter had just started at my college, OSU, and I decided to spray some of this stuff on my neck and go to the involvement fair, an event where fraternities, sororities, and all different types of activity clubs recruit freshmen. As I walked around, literally every girl was looking at me with dreamy eyes, I was turning heads, and even girls who had guys walking alongside them arm-in-arm got hit hard by the pheromone cloud.

At this point I kind of started to believe pheromones are real. But eventually the effects wore off (pheromone sprays have an effective time limit of 6 to 10 hours) and I thought it was just my imagination, or the cool shirt that I was wearing.

I started using the pheromone sprays on a daily basis. I was still experimenting and figuring everything out. Every day before classes, I sprayed myself with pheromones to observe responses. I still didn’t believe this stuff works. For a few months, I thought that it was my blue Hilfiger jacket that was causing all the girls to notice me. I started calling it my lucky jacket. What was actually going on was that in the process of spraying pheromones on my neck, I had accidentally gotten them onto the jacket itself. But at the time I didn’t realize this important fact.

It was only when I experienced the dark side of the pheromones’ effects that I fully understood the extent of their power. A few weeks into the school year, I started rushing for fraternities. I thought that this would be a good way to get exposed to some hot college girls. I wore 2 sprays of Ammo before I went to rush a frat called Sigma Pi. The guys were friendly and they had set up free food for students who were rushing. I stayed a long while and got to know the members. Later on, they invited me to a party the next day. This time I applied 3 sprays of ammo on my neck before heading out. When I arrived a bit early to help the guys out with setting up the party, every guy wanted to start a fight with me, and they were all giving me dirty stares, implying for me to get out. The worst part was when one of them came up to me and bluntly told me: “We don’t think this is the right fraternity for you.” I was baffled. Just yesterday, these guys were chill, but tonight they were acting so hostile. What was going on? Despite their aggression, I asked them politely if I can stay for the party, and stuck around to open some girls and play some drinking games. I noticed that whenever girls gave me attention, the guys running the party would get enraged. When I went home I searched on google “pheromone od effects.” I found out that ammo contains a pheromone called androstenone that arouses sexual attraction but, in high amounts, causes male aggression. It was at this point that I knew pheromones are 100% real. I had just been the victim of androstenone overdose.

Eventually I started using these pheromones on an alternate day basis, making sure not to overdose again. I used to crash parties with these pheromones on. Especially instant shine, which is a social pheromone and will cause people to start conversations with you.

Side story: A detailed account of the intensive in-field research and testing I did to become really good with women

I was such a disbeliever of pheromones that I continued searching for other ways to get laid. The people on pherotalk said that pheromones only do 10% of the work, the rest of it is your responsibility to make it happen. They directed me to “The Mystery Method” and “The Game.” I started devouring these books and read them multiple times. I watched Mystery’s Youtube videos every day, studying his sub-communications and his infield footage. The seduction community back then wasn’t flooded with cool tactics and strategies like it is today. As a newcomer, I saw hope in the Mystery Method. I guess it got me down the right path, but it also got me into a cult type of mindset. I was so brainwashed by that stuff that I had a superiority complex over anyone who didn’t pick up girls using the Mystery Method. In my mind, I actually believed I was better than those 20-something college players banging all the hot freshman talent.

I gradually realized that pheromones are just a part of the puzzle. It’s like wearing a nice suit, or a cool leather jacket. It’ll get you noticed, but it won’t get you laid without understanding game. So, I fully focused my attention on improving my game. At a certain point, I was drinking a four loko (heavy alcohol) every night I went out. This had to stop, since I wasn’t remembering my nights out and therefore wasn’t improving. So I wrote a contract to myself that I will no longer drink alcohol and I will go out 4 nights a week to the clubs downtown and practice my game, no matter how cold it is or how far I have to walk. If I failed to obey the rules, my punishment was to approach 5 different groups of people in daytime / physically slapping myself LOL.

Within several months of going out sober regularly Wed-Sat, I started getting more experienced and realized that something was missing in my game: escalation. So I started studying other material–60 Years of Challenge. I started opening with compliance tests on every girl: I would open “Hi What’s your name?” get in front of every girl  or group of girls within sight, and then when she grabbed my hand, I would gesture for her to spin around. Then, weeks later, I got more aggressive, I would spin her around, put her arm around my shoulder, so she was in a kiss position and then attempt instant makeouts. That’s how I landed my first make-out in the club with some blonde bimbo named Devan. She tried to unzip my pants, getting down on her knees while we were at the bar; I freaked out and told her to stop.

HOW STUPID WAS I? Here was a girl who basically just gave me the green light to take her home and yet I was caught by surprise, frozen in fear?

Here’s the truth: When we are new at this, we will often shoot ourselves in the foot because we ourselves can get uncomfortable with a heightened sense of sexuality, which can bring along with it fear and confusion. It is only once we have experienced multiple sexual encounters that we are confident and can, without hesitation, guide the interaction towards a successful sexual event.

I had hit a plateau and all I could get were make-outs, I decided to go on forums and look for more information. I found this guy named Ratisse. He had allegedly slept with 400+ girls and had a video where he spoke at the 21 Convention. I also studied material from Adonis (The Charming Rogue) and his buddy Epik. At this stage I had an entire arsenal of routines and scripts in my head for every scenario. It was like being an actor. When the girl gave an objection, my mouth would automatically destroy it and manipulate the interaction to make her chase me; I knew the body language configurations in which the girl would feel like she is chasing me and starts working to try to get me into bed! In addition, I knew when to use silence to my advantage to build sexual tension with the girl.

And then, it all came to a clear halt when I had a revelation; it was like the calm before a huge storm. I had finally discovered the number one thing that produces results. Logistics! I had literally gone a full year without ever touching the subject. I really thought this out and studied it intensively with my buddy, Jonny, who was my wingman every weekend I went out. After each unsuccessful night out, we would sit down in my building’s lobby at 3 AM, go over the events of that night out, and start creating logistical gameplans, strategies, diagrams, patterns, scripts, pathways. We went into the most intricate detail in determining how to take girls home from the club / street.  After months of pain, we had a blueprint. It was beautiful like Einstein’s equation of special relativity, e=mc2: simplistic in its appearance, deadly in its application.


Pictured above: Our intensive research into logistics.

Yeah I get it (-_-), we’re nerds.

So my situation was like this: I lived in an apartment on North High Street on the north side of campus, and there were always young nubiles walking around right out front. Jonny and I formulated a set of rules: we would stay at the clubs until 2 AM, then do street game if we returned to campus empty handed. We also started going to the gay clubs because the girls there were much more receptive. Don’t ask me why. I have theories: they don’t get hit on by straight guys every second, the music is more girl friendly?

Anyways, we had created a 5 minute script that we would run on every group of girls and at the end of the script, it always ended in my girl’s arm locking into mine and us walking towards either my car or my apartment. We only walked toward my car if we were in an area other than campus, such as the bars and clubs downtown. Then once we reached my apartment, there was a sequence we followed to transition the girl(s) into my room. I always used the excuse: “We’re going to a frat party, let’s swing by the crib and pre-game real quick.” Every time, like clockwork, I would walk into my building and then give a piggy-back ride to my girl all the way to the apartment door. In the apartment, we already had smooth soft lighting, and light music playing as we walked in; everything according to plan. Then I got the vodka or rum out of the fridge and we all sat on the floor and played spin the bottle truth or dare until it landed on one of the girls and she picked dare. I would dare the girl to go into the bathroom with my friend for 5 minutes and to keep her hands to herself while in there with him. Then once they eloped together, I would take my girl into my room and close the deal. The entire system worked fluidly and without kinks. We had every detail planned. But we weren’t getting the volume we needed, since Columbus is not that great of a nightlife city. Eventually, I got tired of going out every weekend and only sleeping with 1 girl every couple weeks.

Near the end of the second school year, I received this scammy looking e-mail saying I could sleep with 3 new girls every week. Curious, I probed further. It was the Attraction Formula, by Paul Janka. The best book I had read up to that point. The basic premise was to go collect at least 7 numbers a day then mass text all numbers every couple days, lining up dates. I already had scripts and routines ingrained into my head. I went around OSU campus every single day and ran a 2 minute script on every cute girl I saw, and pretty much got the phone numbers 9 times out of 10 because of how well rehearsed and sculpted that 2 minute scripted conversation was. It’s like an acting scene: the first few times you fumble, but after hundreds of iterations, the scene is perfect. —By the way, I intend to share all of the gameplans, strategies, diagrams, and scripts I invented with you guys gradually as I further develop this website and its contents; all you have to do is subscribe and you’ll get 90% of my stuff free, and the other 10% will be premium world class material designed to truly take you to the next level.

So….. Back to where we left off…

Where pheromones can get you today:

During my time at OSU, I was using Instant Shine, Instant Jerk, and Ammunition Cologne on almost a daily basis, without giving much thought to their effects and just focusing on improving my game.  I really believe that without pheromones I would not have made it this far, because they gave me an inner confidence to get things done, especially the pheromone called Instant Jerk. On a side note, instant jerk + caffeine (coffee, energy drink, etc) is a deadly combination for being extremely productive.

My pheromone stockpile…

I soon found myself in New York City, surrounded by 8 million people on an island (30 million people if you count the entire metro population of New York). I started out by going around every day approaching girls on the streets of New York. No one knows this until they actually try doing it, but approaching anyone in NYC and getting them to stop is probably the toughest thing to accomplish. First, the people walk fast and are always in a rush. Second, the girls are very closed off in the street, as opposed to inside venues —trust me, I know, I tried for a year to crack the code of NYC street daygame. Even using pheromones, the response rate was low, and I was surprised to come to this conclusion.

It occurred to me to try some other pheromones, more aggressive formulas. I went online and found that the single best company for pheromones is Liquid Alchemy Labs. I came to this conclusion after researching the Pherotruth forums. Pherotruth is a much better forum than pherotalk, with posts from more pheromone users from a wider variety of companies.

While searching Liquid Alchemy Labs, I came across this really scary looking one called Bad Wolf. The vibe from its pictures and description reminded me of Instant Jerk. And back when I was using Instant Jerk at OSU, I was getting laid a lot—strangely though, Instant Jerk did not work in NYC, perhaps because of how easy it is to overdose while using it (the androstenone content is 12.5 mcg per spray). Bad wolf was described as an aggressive alpha formula that conveys immense intimidation and sexual aggressiveness, so you need to act very friendly or people will freak out. I’m the type of guy who loves to experiment with the extreme end of things, so I went ahead and got it.

The day bad wolf arrived, I applied 2 drops under my nose and went out to daygame on the streets of the Meatpacking district in Manhattan. I was walking down 8th avenue near w. 16th street after just having gotten out of the subway. I crossed the street and approached this brunette petite mega cute girl of latina origin. The following includes not only a lay report, but also an audio recording of my conversation with her in the car after I had talked to her on the street and escorted her to my car:

Lay Report: Model Picked Up Off Random NYC Street and Seduced in Under 1 Hour

Bolivian Irish Model from June 2014

Here’s a picture of her I snagged from social media lol

This girl was picked up before arriving on a date with her boyfriend and her pussy was smashed hard. She was leaving a bar where she had met a few friends for cocktails and headed towards lower manhattan to meet a date for drinks (she told me in conversation in our first few minutes talking).

This particular day was also the day that I was experimenting with a new pheromone product I had just received in the mail. Pheromones are naturally released chemical signals that affect human behaviors. In the animal and insect world, pheromones produce very tangible effects, but in humans, they produce subtle effects. In order to discern these, you must be decent at detecting sub-communications like body language cues, eye contact, proximity signals from girls, etc. I already know all that shit since I’ve been an aggressive player and pheromone user for a while now, so I was able to see prodigious results.

Where we met and how: 8 PM-ish. Took the C Train down to grab my car for street game. Got out of the subway, spotted her. Skipped up to her directly with a huge smile on my face and put my checker-colored sunglasses on her. Had my backpack on me so it might have looked like I was a student. My car was parked on 15th near 7th ave. Met her on 8th ave near 16th st. Bounced her towards my car with premise of a party where all my gay friends are hanging out.

When I approached her, I ran my usual street SNL stack but my verbals were very slow paced and I was throwing some improv game (natural in the moment) at her too. I start teaching her the LA Handshake (something I made up) and she kisses my thumb when I tell her to kiss her thumb–this is the first sign that tells me she’s a bad girl 😉 So, I tease her that she just gave me cooties. She giggles and laughs. I’m very carefree in my mood, and I happen to notice that she keeps twitching her body and arms like she’s either really shy or really horny. I assume the latter. She is literally twitching her arms and shoulders back and forth as if she can’t control herself. I immediately took the hint and grabbed the back of her head dominantly with my left hand and moved my lips to hers and we start heavy making out. We french kiss for around 20 to 30 seconds. I then continue talking to her casually in a very slow sexual way with bedroom eyes. We engage in mostly natural conversation but theres still some routines on the basis of my LA stack. Before making out, I also smelled alcohol on her breath and asked her where she’s coming from. She said she just had cocktails with friends. Cool, so she’s ready to suck my dick (I think inside my head).

There was a split second in my head where I was actually considering just exchanging numbers instead of bouncing her to my place, but my flight or fight instinct always goes towards fight, so I dominantly put her arm in my arm and said “Let’s go on an adventure!!”

I had also mentioned a gay party that I’m headed to in Hell’s Kitchen. When I mentioned the gay party she asked if I’m gay. I said No, and teased her about having a fantasy of converting a gay guy straight

We walk to my car which is around the block luckily. There were two parking tickets on my windshield (I always place tickets on my windshield so that people will feel sorry for me and not damage my car in some way). I paid no attention to it so she may have thought that I’m well off financially or somethin.

I skip to the passenger side, open the door for her, she gets in. I hop around to my side like a lunatic and get in. Turn on da car and put on Martin Garrix Animals. She starts shaking her ass like a basic instinct. In the car I talk to her for a few seconds more, then makeout some more. This time with my left hand I go to play with her pussy. I rub a bit down there and she seems shy and giving token resistance. So I ease out. Mission accomplished, I just wanted to show her I’m not a pussy. I’m the sex guy. She’s relaxed and doing most of the legwork in keeping the conversation going.

She asks me if I have a phone charger. I usually do, but I lost it apparently. (This is good because you don’t want a girl to receive a call from a friend and kill the seduction)

I talk to her for 5 minutes or so and then bring up the Strawberry Fields Test. She plays and I frame her as a sexually aggressive girl and that she doesn’t care what society thinks, if she wants to have sex, she does it and that she’s bad like that but that its good that she don’t let anyone tell her what to do. I tell her cars like Las Vegas, whatever happens here stays here. I let her know I’m completely non-judgmental about a woman’s sexuality via stories and small talk. There was a lot of talk about sexual shit like if she likes it rough with handcuffs and that she wants to feel safe before she gets into that kinda kinky shit. Most of the silence was filled by me talking retarded shit like “Last week, there was a gypsy that stole my tooth and I found it under my pillow this morning and it had a dollar bill under it that was stained with jizz”. Whatever sick shit comes into my mind, I just say it. I’m assuming this natural ability to communicate was aided by the pheromone I was using.

Seed I planted for the transition to my place while driving: Wine collection (different types of sangria that I have stashed away) *never mentioned my place or home etc*

While we’re parking the car, I tell her let’s pregame with sangria then meet my friends at this bar. (Usually I pretend to have received a text from a friend and that they said they’ll be 30 minutes late, let’s swing by my castle and pregame) – note once again that I do not mention my place, I call it a castle LolOL

Once we park, we get outta da car. I appoint her as my bodyguard and tell her to protect me from ninjas. We had to park a few blocks away from my place because of the shitty parking situation on Friday evenings in midtown.

At traffic light while we are walking to my crib, I lift her up and my hard dick touches her pussy. It feels wet warm and exposed. She says she is 110 pounds. I whisper to her some dirty shit about her pale crotch. (She was talking to me earlier about her she’s very pale all over her body and I teased her sexually asking her if she’s pale “down there” 😉 )

Once she entered, asked her to take shoes off or get carpet dirty. She wanted to use bathroom, they always do. It must always be spotless. I pour drinks for us, but realize drinking is not necessary. I lift her up playfully and throw her on the bed.

Here is how I escalated:

(Pro tip: Making out = release of sexual tension, don’t do it until she’s massively horny and there is mad sexual tension built up, especially while escalating to sex)

•  Throw her on bed.

•  Jump on top of her.

•  Start licking her neck while pulling her hair down dominantly.

•  Meanwhile, use thighs to stimulate her crotch.

•  Also, expose the nipples by pulling the dress down and lick them and rub them.

•  After a bit of this she should be more horny.

•  Use the “I do this better under the covers” line to get us both under the bed covers.

•  Now play with her pussy, rub clit, then start fingering with come hither strokes.

•  Whisper dirty shit to her like: “You want my mouth down there licking you don’t ya?”

•  Once she’s begging for it, go down on her.

•  Start eating her out after first examining for any strange bumps/ stds etc.

•  Once done, get back to fingering.


•  Sex


So basically, my first time using Bad Wolf got me laid with a really cute girl, I think most guys would rate her 8 or 9. But there was still a problem. Bad wolf was so powerful and lasted such a long time—16 to 24 hours on my skin—that I kept overdosing on it regularly, because I tried applying it on a daily basis. I remember a few times when I overdosed on Bad Wolf, it would scare girls away and cause random males in NYC streets to give aggressive stares. Be careful about overdosing on pheromones in NYC; people living there do not give a fuck and will act on their aggression! So I had to learn how to use Bad Wolf.

Further experimentation with Bad Wolf:

I started using Bad Wolf on weekend nights. It had a period of 4 hours before the sexual effects kicked in. In addition, I met another player through some pick up artist forums online. His name was Saul and he seemed like an average joe. Looks can be deceiving. When I first met him, I used to go up to girls, try to get them to stop (hook), then run a 5 minute script on them, then bounce them to my car, then play loud music until we were at my apartment in midtown Manhattan (10 minute drive).

What Saul would do was drive around the Meatpacking District, put his car in park, but keep it running. He got out of the car with a toy fireman hat in his hand. He would open the girl by skipping up to the girl(s) like a little kid and gently placing the fireman hat on his target girl’s head. Now, he didn’t do this in an aggressive way, he used calibration. For example, if the girl started screaming at him before he even got the hat near her, he would backturn and move on to a different girl(s). It was hilarious, he was completely in control of his inner emotional state. If a girl knocked the hat down or broke it, he would be unaffected and move on to a new girl.

Next, if the girl started getting all happy and excited when he put the hat on her, she was a “pull”. And he would pick her up physically and carry her in his arms all the way to his car, which was parked a few feet away. Then, he would remark: “Here’s the key, you’re the designated driver.” He would then open the passenger door of the car and the girl would either say no, and walk away, or she would get in and he would start blasting loud house music—usually Martin Garrix or Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

The next part was his escalation, he didn’t waste any time. As soon as he hit a red light, he would attempt make-out #1. If she didn’t play, he would keep talking, unaffected by the rejection. At the next red light, makeout attempt #2, until eventually she was hooking up with him. By the time they reached the apartment, she was turned on enough to close the deal. Using a pre-game excuse worked well to get her to come inside and then finish the hook up.

Using Bad Wolf, coupled with Saul’s method, I was pulling girls like this one:


Above: A Brazilian model who had just left Provocateur nightclub, tough even for celebrities to get into, and was walking on the street when I pulled over in my car, used a prop to hook her, and then carried her to my car. She got inside and we drove uptown to my apartment in a matter of minutes

The more I used Bad Wolf, the more I learned about the other subtle aspects of this mad man’s concoction:

  • It attracts only the top percentile of women (models, supermodels, go-go girls, strippers, actresses, and other high status women). Low tier women will be weeded out: if you try to talk to them, they will reject you, since they feel crushed by your vibe of immense status
  • It gives you a celebrity like aura. People will be afraid to even make eye contact with you
  • It is immensely intimidating, people will be afraid to do anything that will not be to your liking
  • Cops and high authority figures will give you leeway and will treat you like you are part of the “in-crowd” (Using Bad Wolf, I actually had a judge drop a false assault case against me, where I had defended myself with pepper-spray, but got arrested because pepper spray is illegal in NYC)
  • High end nightclubs—such as 1OAK, Provocateur, Boum Boum Room, etc—that are only accessible to people with extreme status will welcome you as long as you are congruent with the vibe Bad Wolf is putting out (extreme alpha aggressive dominant)
  • Over long term use, it changes your personality into an alpha aggressive personality who stops hesitating and just takes action. There is no more fear after a few months of wearing Bad Wolf regularly in your daily life

I eventually stopped using Bad Wolf and pheromones altogether because it felt like there was no longer a need for them. I think Bad Wolf really changed my personality into that of an alpha type guy who is naturally good with women. I no longer have to really use scripts in my interactions with women to get what I want. I just convey a sense of not really caring about the outcome.

Maybe pheromones aren’t to blame for my transition from a terrified chump afraid of even making eye contact to a ruthless slayer for whom pussy is as abundant as water.

Maybe it’s the inevitable result of 5 years of hardcore indulgence in the field of seduction.

Maybe I’ve grown up and realize that there are better things to do than chase women 24/7.


Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve slept with well over 150 different women over the last 5 years and I’m satisfied with myself.

I don’t really know.

Here is what I do know and what I can offer you:

I’ve grown to a level now where I can go on an app like Tinder, set up the right type of profile with the right types of pictures, and then use a systematic set of rules to get the girl to deliver herself to the front door of my apartment building. From there onwards, all the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired over the last 5 years allows me to instantly bring the girl into my apartment using baby step investment triggers and then start escalating within 2 minutes of actually meeting her.

My challenge is no longer women, it is building this website into providing world class material so that I help you attain the same success that I’ve had. So, if you’re not the type of person to take massive action in your life, you should leave this website and go somewhere else. To the people who decide to stay, you will receive free material that will beat any paid material you get out there and, if you choose to go to the next level, you will have access to premium material that borders on life-changing.

Welcome to Hookups On Autopilot…

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