I’m being serious here… Tinder and small cities just don’t mix.

Why am I saying that?

(No I don’t hate you guys who live in small cities lol)

Occasionally, I have subscribers who e-mail me or hit me up on Facebook

…and they tell me they did everything I said and they are still not getting any matches on Tinder.

So I asked them…

“Where do you live?”

And they end up saying stuff like:

Ohio, Oregon, Kansas, etc.


These guys don’t understand the simple concept of supply and demand.

In order to meet women in your area, they have to be living in your area.

If you go to Wikipedia and search your city and you see that less than 1 million people live in your city,

… then you, my friend, have a supply problem.

Not enough women live near you for you to even consider online dating.

If you want more information on this, visit my blog post that goes into hyper detail on this topic:

Tinder works best in THIS type of city

In the post, I discuss the reasons why a higher population counter-intuitively results in an easier time getting laid with hotter girls online.

A lower population means lower supply which means that there are fewer hot girls to choose from.

What happens when supply is low?

That’s right, demand is high.

This is why it is extremely difficult to get laid online in small cities unless you are in the top percentile when it comes to sexual market value (SMV).

I don’t say this to deter you.

There are other methods that are much more effective if you want to meet women in smaller cities and towns.

Daygame (the act of walking up to women you don’t know and getting their numbers and securing a date through text-game) is something that I became really good at while I was growing up in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Nightgame (bars, clubs, and streets) is another way that works to meet women in small cities.

Strangely enough, I saw that Daygame was extremely difficult in a city like NYC, where everyone is always in a rush.

And after a few months of doing it in NYC, I just couldn’t handle it. The streets were absolutely filthy and it was exhausting to go out and get only 1 or 2 numbers for hours of effort.

On a side note: NYC nightgame had a tough learning curve and I had to learn to be more physically aggressive. Luckily I ran into an aggressive player who showed me the ropes and I started pulling in less than a minute of meeting girls at night.

Back to Daygame…

It was only after a year of failing at Daygame in NYC that I realized online game is a way better method of meeting girls in big cities. (I always avoided online dating because I was afraid of facing rejection and being judged by women on my looks)

I’m not just basing this off my experience in NYC. I also visited Chicago before I started living in NYC. And everything was spaced out there. It took forever to take the train to the colleges to just collect a few numbers.

It was after living in NYC that I made the following revelations:

Revelation #1:

The smaller the city, the easier it is to meet women through cold-approach number collection (Daygame).

Revelation #2:

The bigger the city, the easier it is to meet women through online game and mobile dating apps.

Mobile dating apps are indeed the future of dating in cities that have a population of more than 1 or 2 million people.

But in small cities and villages, people still have that sense of community and therefore they retain a warm attitude when you greet them via cold-approach.

How did I come to accept online dating as something that works when so many other dating coaches seem to quickly denounce it?

Go to any seduction forum and ask for advice on Tinder.

Guess what will happen…

Some random dickhead will come along and tell you to delete Tinder and go cold approach.

How did I realize that Tinder really DOES work when all I saw was retards like that telling me to delete Tinder?

Well, for one thing… I was driving Uber in NYC and tons of guys would say they get laid like crazy from Tinder. This started stirring thoughts inside my head.

I thought to myself that maybe I was just wasting time jumping around like a monkey trying to solicit phone numbers from random girls in 17 degree weather.

And then the biggest revelation came after I discovered this case study online of how easy it is for guys with good pictures to get laid on Tinder.

There they were: REAL LIFE TEXTS staring me in the face. This was PROOF that it could be done.

I didn’t have to spend 80% of my energy everyday in a big city getting blow out after blow out from random girl after random girl.

Why not just sit on my ass and get Tinder to work for me (even if I had to build some muscle and work on my sexual market value a little bit)

I had reached my breaking point and that was when I tossed all the community advice into the black garbage bag of failure and decided to delve into the “redpill” universe.

And here I am… years later…

With tons of lay reports and case studies of Tinder having worked for me –and quite a few of my students too 😉

And it can work for you too.

But first, you need understand that dating apps and online game require a thorough understanding of supply and demand.

Make sure that before you even consider meeting women online, you’ve done the research and know that the women actually do exist. (lol)

Talk next week,

– Sean

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    1 Response to "Here’s Why Tinder Doesn’t Work In Small Cities…"

    • Andy

      Great article, just found your blog a couple days ago and have been reading through.

      Absolutely getting laid on Tinder doesn’t work as well in smaller towns – getting laid is a numbers game. If you want to get laid a lot, you have to talk to a tonne of girls – because the majority of girls you message won’t end up meeting you.

      Getting laid/dating is far easier if you’re messaging multiple girls on Tinder at once, so if any one particular girl flakes/stops answering/ignores you/doesn’t want to meet you, you won’t feel heartbroken by the rejection because you’re talking to other girls. I usually message 10 or so girls at once until I get a yes from one of them.


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