That was the sound this chicks ass made as she passed by me yesterday when I was at whole foods.


If you know me personally, you’d know that I love chicks with curves, but they have to be petite too.

I don’t like them taller than me either.

This chick was perfect though.

She was Asian, and let me tell you something about Asians,


Why? Cuz their poon is super tight and they are freaky in bed.

(it’s always the quiet ones, ya know?)

So anyways as she was passing by me, I noticed one thing… I had seen this chick on Tinder like 2 days ago. Not bullshitting you. Cross my fingers :X

Here’s the thing though… I had actually unmatched her because she only had face pics and the rest of her pics were kinda blurry.

Big mistake cuz I had just noticed I could have tapped some nice looking ass a couple days back but I decided not to even message her.

So guess what I did…

I panicked, and ran after the bitch.


My body made the same sound as her ass had made just moments before as she was walking past me.

Wanna know how I opened her?

“hey babe… sorry for unmatching you on Tinder a cpl days back”


Well… I didn’t flinch. I just kept the eye contact and waited for her to break.

She did lol.

She looked down submissively and told me we could still get together if I wasn’t busy.

Haha… can you say “boink”?

And yeah… I just got out of bed after a night of plowing the living chit out of her and she just left my home in some raggedly clothing that looks like she just got in a fight.

Yeah i’m rough in bed, but they love it.

Anyways… the reason I’m telling you all this is that this whole story wouldn’t even have happened if I wasn’t prepared when I saw her in Whole Foods.

I’ve been fucking around with pheromones again for the past week and I wanted to see if I could test a different dosage of this pheromone called Bad Wolf.

But I settled on my proven and tested dose of 3 drops this morning in particular.

Oh and if you don’t believe in pheromones, just try it.

Seriously do it.

Garry, the guy who makes them lives in Hawaii (i’m jealous) and offers a lifetime refund policy on all his products and has raving fans.

Anyways… back to the story… so how did she react to the pheromone?

Well since I was wearing my 3 drops of bad wolf, which I know intimidates girls but also gets them super wet and gets the “deer in the headlights” look, I knew that she would just be stunned when I approached her.

So that’s why I just stood there and stared in her eyes til she broke eye contact and looked down. That’s how you know that shit is working. But most guys can’t read other people’s body language because it takes a good eye.

And I rarely ever get rejected with Bad Wolf, because it’s like such a high status mix that some chicks get star struck and think you’re too good for them.

But a warning though: you have to be congruent with the vibe you’re putting out, otherwise these pheromones don’t work.

So, you might be wondering what I did last night after I invited her over for a date.

Lol… I used it again.

But right before she came over though. I wanted the effect to hit her hard right when I met on the date.

That way I could lead her straight to my bedroom and escalate fast.


P.S. Be careful with this stuff. Some crazy shit can happen.

Here’s the link to get it: Bad Wolf



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    • Kjell

      Your pheromones link is coming up as a hacker site?

      • Sean Larson

        probably because my site is SSL secured and the pheromones site is not SSL. Google chrome is weird sometimes :/

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