Have you ever done this thing where you go on Facebook and look up names of people you used to know years back.

Maybe you had a good friend in college.

Maybe you really hated someone in high school.

Lol I do this all the time. And sometimes it’s just crazy what I’ll find.

For example, I used to have a friend named Keith back in 2nd year of college at Ohio State (one of the largest campuses in the US and full of hot poon, fyi)

Funny back story before I go any further.

I had actually met him on the street as I was trying to get over my approach anxiety and was literally approaching everything in sight (group, person, anything).

He was walking back home drunk I think from some kinda party.

But I convinced him to walk to the clubs with me.

I guess when you’re super enthusiastic about doing something you can literally get random strangers to join you on whatever adventure you’re currently on lol.

Anyways, later that night we ended up pulling two smoking hot chicks.

Literally everyone we passed by was eyeballing us as we had these hoez on our arms.

But there was a fundamental difference between me and him.

I had a “no-fucks given” care free attitude about the night out.

So I literally didn’t care what was going on, and thus I was able to makeout with my girl within a second of actually meeting her.

He was in the back seat of my car with his chick (who was actually hotter than mine) and he was doing absolutely nothing.

I was able to see fear in his eyes.

He didn’t really talk to any of the girls. I was carrying the whole thing forward.

Well guess what happened.

His energy ended up ruining the entire experience and we lost the girls.

I had my girls number so I later called her up and she brought her sexy lil azz over and we smoked weed and fucked like some hippies.

So, now that you kinda know Keith…

I gotta share some depressing shit with you.

A couple days back I went on Facebook and searched his named up.


I was shocked. But I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

As the years went by, we hung out less and less.

He just seemed to take the energy out of every social interaction I brought him to.

I just didn’t want to hang out with him.

Keith reminded me that it’s not all about how you look or anything superficial like that.

It’s about your vibe or the energy of your character. It’s about how attractive you are as a character that draws people to you.

I remember meeting him a few years back when I was visiting my mom in Ohio.

We met at this isolated ass bar (it was his favorite bar, he told me at the time)

The atmosphere of that bar alone made me want to shoot myself (lol jokes)

But an hour into conversation with him, I was just depressed.

The guy was complaining about his whole life. And he just had this whole energy about him that wanted to pull me down.

I never contacted him again after that.

I hate to be one of those preachers or whatever… but the direction you take in your life today can amplify into something much greater (or much worse) later on.

As for me, I had decided that I hated studying as a pre-med student every day in the basement of some nerdy ass dorms, while all the “cool, fun” kids went out and partied.

The desolation and loneliness I felt in that first year in college was terrible.

But it all changed when I went to Scotland to study abroad and started really living life and drinking and partying every day and saying fuck everything.

When I got back from Scotland, I started searching google for “pheromones” and other crazy stuff like “how to get laid”

That was the turning point in my life where I branched off from a path that would lead to depression (like Keith).

If you want to change paths and want to amplify your life into something great years down the line, it all starts with one fucking decision.

And if you haven’t already made a decision to say “fuck this. I’m doing what I wanna do, and I wanna bang hot sl00ts every day and just fuck around and party”

If you haven’t made a decision like that, let me ask you…

Why not?

Seriously, you don’t wanna end up like Keith. Depressed, lonely, working at an IT job in a cubicle, failing with women.

I will say this though. Pheromones helped me on my journey tremendously.

They not only changed how others behaved around me, but they also change my own behavior.

The self-effects are amazing, and some of the pheromones even turn you into an aggressive alpha.

Now whenever I need extra confidence (for example, maybe during a sales call, or in a courtroom), I use this pheromone called Bad Wolf.

I also wrote a 33-page guide on pheromones that you can download by subscribing below.

I wanna help you as much as possible so that you don’t go down a depressing road of loneliness, so that is why I wrote that super-detailed guide on pheromones.

Check it out and lemme know what you think 😉

– Sean



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