Alright, don’t leave yet. lol

The headline is weird but stick with me and I’ll explain what I mean.

I was thinking it over this week and I realized something.

Every guy that I’ve seen become really good at any skill was terrible at that skill before they really got good.

For me, it was relationships and interacting with women.

For others, it’s sports or gaining muscle or learning tennis.

The only problem is that this skill (the skill of meeting women) is the one that really hurts if you don’t learn it early on in life.

I noticed something else too.

It’s not until people are at rock bottom, nearing total devastation, emotionally and maybe even physically, that they grow.

And yes… I was at rock bottom at age 20 as a virgin who hadn’t even hugged a girl (I would back away from them as if to try to act alpha but I was dying inside).

Let’s compare that to a guy who had 1 or 2 girlfriends (average looking) in high school.

He’s pretty satisfied with himself. He probably brags to his friend that he’s banged like 50 girls, but his lay count is 3 and they’ve all been kinda chubby.

This guy hasn’t hit rock bottom.

He’s actually pretty normal.

The only thing that sucks for him is that he’s never been backed into a corner.

He’s never felt that pain and turmoil which will allow him to grow out of his comfort zone and into a new level.

He will probably turn into a dad or something later on in life, who gets divorced and his wife takes him for all he’s worth.

(And no I’m not MGTOW… i hate that shit with a passion… no disrespect to all my MGTOW subscribers)

But the hard truth is that there’s probably people on my email list just like that guy I described just now.

They’ve coasted through life on medium mode, and never really had problems.

Every one runs into a brick wall at one point or another in life.

But some guys they really hit that brick wall.

I’m talking about hitting it at 122 mph with no airbag.

At that point you’re almost in a coma fighting to survive.

That’s how I felt when I decided I needed to improve my skills in dating.

And that is why the subject of this email is:

“Sucking with women is awesome”

You see… the more your suck with them, the greater your drive.

If you’re a virgin at age 40, I say GREAT.

Channel that frustration, that urge, that pain… into being aggressive and taking action towards getting good with women.

And the best way to do that is to learn from someone who’s been through all the struggles you face along the way as you aim for the top of that pyramid.

Because baby let me tell you.

It ain’t no picnic.

But the adventures you have will be the tales of legend.

Something that you’ll look back on your life at 70 years old, and laugh at it and smirk and revel in the glory of those days.

Those days when you invited 2 girls over so they could fight over you on the bed while you videotaped them, etc etc.

Before creation comes destruction.

Welcome to my world sonny boy.

The learning process starts with something as simple as modelling your online dating profile off of a guy who has already been successful.

And with that I present to you… My shocking Tinder case study that will have your jaw dropped to the floor (I kid… I kid… but all jokes aside, it’s a really good case study)

This is a real Tinder case study of a (really cute) girl i met in under an hour off Tinder.

You’ll get the exact pics, bio, and texts I sent out to get her to deliver herself to my front door.

We started our interaction (in the first few seconds) with eye contact and then immediately making out.

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