Lol so… recently the most retarded thing happened.

A few days ago, I was working with a client on polishing up his grooming and fashion so that he could take more attractive pics.

When we finally came to the part about taking pics, I noticed that he was really focused on following my guide to the T.

He took three pics in different angles with a nude chest and abs showing, and then he plugged those pics into Tinder along with my exact tested bio, which is in my 30 minute guide on how to get more Tinder matches (you can get it inside my online course Dating App Blueprint).

End result? ONLY 15 Matches.

I didn’t know this until I actually asked him.

I was kinda disappointed.

Now, let me tell you…

The matches he did get were crazy hot leads.

He received messages like these from really cute girls:


IMG_0115 IMG_0119
IMG_0122 IMG_0117


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At one point, I told him that his messaging sucks and to let me take over.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I logged into my own Tinder account
  2. I uploaded his three pictures into my account and added my field tested bio
  3. Then I messaged the hottest girls who matched to him so that I could get him laid

Here is what resulted…

Some girl I matched with while impersonating him:


IMG_0087 IMG_0088 IMG_0089

Here I am messaging the aforementioned girl:


IMG_0085 IMG_0086

Okay, so that went nowhere… for now.

I advised him to keep this hot lead on the backburner and never to message her again.

Usually girls will reverse roles and start chasing you when you don’t show neediness and basically just leave the text conversation hanging.

Besides, I advise clients never to focus on one particular girl and to always have leads coming into their phones. This brings me to the issue at hand… He needed way more matches!

So I went back into my own history with Tinder and dug deep into what it was that really brought me a disproportionate number of matches–I’m talking hundreds of matches.

After some long thought, I came up with this diagram, which I like to call “The Tinder Pic Validation Funnel.”


Tinder Pic Validation Funnel




This is how you systematically test your pics for tinder, so that you know that all the work you’ve done on your pics will produce results.

If you’ve read my guide, you know that pics are the most important part of your system for bringing in more matches.

Here’s what is really going on in the world of Tinder…

Most guys just put up a mish-mash of pics.

Here is why we don’t do this:

I noticed in my own pic validation process that if I had 3 great flawless pics, and 1 average or bad pic, matches went down drastically.


Remember that women are always looking for reasons to disqualify you as a candidate.

They’re looking for flaws just like a job interviewer looking for flaws in a potential employee.

They–especially the super hot ones–get wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many matches.

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In fact, they are more likely to really deeply study a guys pics and bio before even swiping right on him.

This is because almost every guy these girls swipe right on will result in a match.

Smart guys don’t waste time looking at any particular girl’s profile… they just use auto-likers and let the girls do the laborious work of sifting through the piles and piles of men’s profiles.

So, since girls deeply study a guys profile before swiping right, there is a very small margin for error.

You can’t screw up even in the slightest, otherwise you’re gone.

Your responsibility is to test every single pic and make sure it is perfect before you actually use that pic.

Remember! When a girl sees one perfect pic, she says “cute pic”.

…But when she sees 3 to 5 flawless pics in a row, she goes from “cool nice pic” to “ok hes kinda cute” to “he’s sooo dreamy” to “this is turning me on” to “yah, I’d fuck him. let’s see where this goes…”

Basically, you want to hit a button that revs her engine each and every time she looks at a new pic of you.


The DTF Meter



Here are a few more things to understand about the validation process:

  • You’ll notice that the pic validation funnel advises to keep the bio blank during testing. You don’t have to do this, but you do need to keep the bio constant throughout the entire testing phase. Remember that this is a scientific process, and we want to limit all the other variables when testing pics.
  • Very important tip: if you don’t already use a fake GPS for Tinder, include a message in your bio that says: “my gps is being weird. I’m actually in XYZ location staying near XYZ street” or something to that effect. This fixed a major issue for me during testing where I wasn’t getting a lot of matches. Girls were swiping left on me when they saw that I am 900 miles away!!
  • There is an error in match accuracy. 10% to 20% of all the matches you get could be bots, so that’s why I recommend you aim to get 100 matches in that 2 day period after swiping 10,000 girls.
  • Each pic has its own risk score. If you are using a shirtless or censored nude pic, you need to know exactly which pics result in your account getting locked and put “under review”. When you get done validating your pic, you will know for sure exactly how many girls you have to like before that particular pic gets your account locked.

Now that you understand why you need to validate your pics, GO DO IT!! (>_<)



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        Yes. Tinder algorithm doesn’t matter. This is how you fine tune your pics. Initial testing is not discussed in this blog post. ‘ Initial testing is a bit more messy. Subscribe to learn more.

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      How do you autoswipe??

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