I once read somewhere that it takes as much fearlessness to make a move on a girl you like as it does to tame a lion. The fear is very real, at least when you start out as a newcomer in the game. You don’t know how the girl will react to you, you don’t know how people will react to you escalating on some girl you don’t know. There’s so much you can do wrong. Or so you think. The reality is that it’s all in your head. It’s more of a psychological issue than a real one. This tiny obstruction in your brain is preventing you from getting what you want. It incites fear as you start to approach the point of no return. And that point of no return is when you finally make a move on the girl you like.

The bigger problem is that you haven’t trained your fight or flight instinct to favor the fight. If you had a fight instinct, you wouldn’t hesitate when it comes to getting physical with a woman you like.

This article will tackle the biggest problem men have: physically escalating to sex with women.

How do I know that this is the biggest problem men face?

Because I did my research. Below is a survey I conducted in the Hookups On Autopilot private Facebook group that showed me that men’s biggest issue is making a move on a date.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

Getting rejected for escalating too fast, too soon is the key

I’m just going to come out and say it: Getting rejected for escalating too fast and too soon is the key to rapid growth of your ability to hook up with women quickly. If I was going to offer a student of mine just one key piece of wisdom, it would be that he should start his interactions on a physical note and risk getting rejected and blown out of the interaction. And as you will discover after reading on, this is exactly what I told a student who, after he applied this advice, started pulling girls within 2-minutes of meeting them for a date (and within a few more minutes, having sex with them – he showed everyone on the secret group sextapes of his exploits).

The concept of lowballing:

When it comes to physical escalation with a woman, let’s analyze the interaction metaphorically in the context of sales (you should know by now that I love comparing seduction to sales because they’re exactly the same fucking thing!!).

Imagine that you are buying an item of interest on Craigslist. Making an extremely low offer allows you to test the seller’s demeanor. Is the seller firm in his asking price, is he mildly flexible but not too yielding, or is he desperate, essentially yielding to whatever price you offer him? You will never know unless you probe the seller’s personality a bit. It’s kind of like the old saying “You’ll never know unless you ask.” Once you make a lowball offer, the seller’s response gives you tangible resistance to work with when trying to buy at a low price. There is a caveat. It takes some balls to make the lowball offer.

Now let’s apply the selling scenario to seduction. When you’re on your first date with a girl, you want to make a lowball offer by making a strong physical advance.

For example, when she has just entered your room, you have no idea where her boundaries lie. She may be ready to get physical as soon as she enters. Immediately lowball her by making a few strong physical advances within a few minutes of hanging out.

Based on her response, either:

a.) Fuck her (keep progressing towards arousal and sex) i.e. she submits to the lowball offer

b.) Spend more time hanging out and negotiate with her. i.e. she resists the lowball offer / wants to negotiate a higher price

c.) Abandon the cause (She won’t even sit within 3 feet of you) i.e. she stays firm on the price and won’t drop even a cent

A final note on lowballing is that when she resists your lowball offer, you must make 100% sure that you don’t give off the impression that you care. If she detects even the slightest nuance in your facial expression that shows that you were affected emotionally by her rejection of your physical advance, it’s game over. Instead, when she moves away when you try to kiss, you laugh it off or just keep making conversation as if nothing even happened. If you pretend like she didn’t just reject your attempt to kiss her, then she will play along like it never happened and will become more attracted because she sees that you won’t be needy after she has sex with you. The next time you attempt to go for a kiss, she will be more likely to reciprocate.

Video of me escalating on a girl within 5 minutes of meeting on a date:

Here is a video of a girl I met during the daytime on campus when I was younger. I opened her on the street by getting in front of her path as she was walking toward me and told her “You’re cute, say hi” with piercing eye contact. She melted immediately and I told her I’m in a rush and that we should grab drinks later. She gave me her number and I immediately went in for a meetup via text. I arranged for her to meet in front of my apartment building and then brought her inside.

As seen in the video above, within a few minutes, I was making out with her, and we escalated to sex, with little resistance on her part. This would not have been possible if I didn’t attempt to lowball her! The only reason we hooked up so quickly was because I tested her demeanor aggressively in the beginning. If she had shown reluctance, then and only then would I have gone a little bit slower in my sexual escalation with her.

How I progressed from being ignorant about escalation to being skilled at escalation:

How did I become so knowledgeable about escalation? It wasn’t an overnight thing. In fact, I went about 6 months just trying to get comfortable starting conversations with girls whom I found attractive.

At the time, I was following the mystery method, but over several months I realized that this method is utter garbage for seeing results. I was turned into a social robot with hundreds of routines installed into my head. It was similar to being an actor on stage. All I got good at was talking to girls and keeping a conversation going. Blah… I was sick of it.

I decided to look at other methods online, and just ended up going through random online forums about seduction. I discovered that I wasn’t risking enough. I had to start getting physical right from the beginning if I wanted to become good at physically escalating. So I started slow, I started practicing more kino routines, where I would spin girls and try to makeout with them within a few seconds of meeting them.

Eventually, I developed an instinct to just open physically and not give any second thoughts to how girls might reject me, etc. I became reckless and that is when I started seeing the most results. The key is in the ability to be unconcerned with the sting of rejection.

Research articles and anecdotal evidence on the subject of physical dominance and escalation:

Here’s an article by renowned social scientist (lol) Chateau Heartiste that talks about a study that shows that dominance—not looks—is a predictor of men’s mating success:

Study: Dominance, Not Looks, Predicts Men’s Mating Success

Here are some particular findings that I found interesting:

Heartiste research

What does this mean for us? Well, what’s the best way to assert dominance over someone? Initiating physical contact without asking permission. Don’t be weird about it though. When you’re going for physical contact, you need to pretend as if it’s a natural part of your personality. And since people often make split second judgements about your personality within the first few minutes of meeting you, it makes sense that you should use those first few minutes to show that you really don’t give a fuck (lol).

And Heartiste isn’t the only guy who has it all figured out. If you scour the web, you’ll find brilliant articles such as this one, by Good Looking Loser:

When You Meet a Chick, Touch Her ASAP to Screen and Establish a Physical Dialogue

Here’s a cool excerpt if you’re too lazy to click the link:

GLL research

What he suggests is a milder version of what I suggest (perhaps he’s afraid of lawsuits? Haha). Nevertheless, his article is a good read if you want a step in the right direction.


Case Study: Alex (Student) Gets Over His Fear of Physical Escalation and Starts Hooking Up Like Crazy

In this section, you will find an in depth analysis of a student of mine who made amazing progress within as little as a few weeks of an audio consultation with me. Here is the full case study:

The actual 1-Hour Physical Escalation Strategy Session:

Below you will find the actual 1-hour long audio strategy session I had with a student named Alex who wanted to become good at escalation but didn’t know why he hadn’t improved in 3 years of practicing game.

His results, as of today, show dramatic improvement within a short timespan:

You may wonder what happened to Alex after we had our long chat. Well, I’ll tell you. He decided to take action and actually made changes. He started his weekend nights out with the objective of screening harder via upfront physical escalation. He started lowballing the girls he was interacting with and immediately started seeing results.

Here are some screenshots from the secret group where he posts his results on a weekly basis:

As we can see in Alex’s case, when you let go of the fear of rejection and instead embrace rejection, you will start to see prodigious results in your interactions with women.

A solid step-by-step strategy that will make you better at breaking through that initial barrier of touching the girl without fear:

Below is a solid step-by-step strategy that will guarantee that you no longer fear rejection if you stick to it for at least a few weeks…

Stop drinking alcohol or at least limit it when you’re going on a date or out clubbing. One shot or one beer max:

When I decided to become serious about my results with women, I decided that I wanted to be really analytical when I was out there chatting them up. I discovered that when I was drinking, I lost memory about what happened the previous night. I therefore learned absolutely nothing. I also found that I was becoming dependent on alcohol as a go-to short term band-aid solution for my inability with talking to women. The more beer I drank on a night out, the more awkward I was when walking around sober the next day. This vicious cycle had to stop. I created a contract with myself on a piece of paper where I promised to go out absolutely sober 4 nights every week (Wednesday – Saturday). And I stuck to this contract for the entire first year of going out.

After a few weeks of removing alcohol from my nights out, I started seeing myself improve in terms of confidence and social ability. If you go out to clubs regularly, you know that by the end of the night, you feel like you have a heightened sense of awareness, and you’re just living in the moment. Unfortunately, when you booze yourself to death, you’ll have a hangover the next day and you’ll lose this state of awareness. However, I discovered that by abstaining from alcohol, I was able to keep that heightened sense of awareness going throughout the entire week. I was slowly becoming a naturally confident and smooth player.

Make 20 approaches with the single objective of getting rejected in a harsh way for escalating physically too fast, too soon:

The second item on your gameplan is to embrace rejection. In fact, go out with the objective of getting rejected by at least 20 girls for making a strong physical advance.

The key here is to get rejected for trying to make strong physical advances. I.e. trying to hug her right when you approach her, or grabbing her by her waist and pulling her into you within a few seconds of opening her.

What you shouldn’t focus on is getting rejected for saying outrageous things. In the aforementioned case study featuring Alex, he talked about how some pick-up companies tell newbies to go out and say retarded things to girls and teach them to get accustomed to rejection like that. I hate to break this to you, but any guy can do this. It’s very generic to go say retarded things to girls. But, only a guy who has elite confidence, a guy who is 1 in 10,000, will go up to a girl and start seducing her with his touch without even saying one word.

Prop opener – The ultimate technique for street game / club game:

Over a long period of time, I grew tired of opening girls verbally, especially in NYC, where girls just will not stop for you on the street, no matter how attractive you are. So I started experimenting with something called a “prop opener.” A prop opener is where you get a small prop and use it to test a girl’s physical compliance levels. This allows you to test more efficiently for whether a girl is a “yes girl,” a “maybe girl,” or a “no girl.”

The props I used were some fun looking neon party shades. Here is an example of such a prop opener:

Pink Neon Party Shades

Here’s what you do:

1.) Playfully skip up to the girl while wearing the party shades

2.) Gesture to her that you’re about to put the shades on her face

3.) She will either accept, reject, or be wary

4.) Congratulations, you’ve screened what type of girl she is and can now escalate on her accordingly

If she accepts the shades, she will probably start giggling, jumping up and down with you, or hug you, and put the glasses on her face.

If she rejects the shades, she will move away when you try to put the shades on her. Great, you just found out what type of girl she is and didn’t waste 2 hours in a conversation to nowhere.

If she’s uncertain, she may just be shy, but will probably still be problematic when trying to pull or get into bed. I usually avoid these types of girls as well when going for quick 2-minute pulls.

Verbals don’t matter. Physicality does:

Here are some videos of me after I used the prop opener to pull girls within minutes of meeting them. If I didn’t screen them upfront with the prop opener and decided to keep my distance in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in my car headed towards my apartment within 5 minutes of me meeting them.

And yes, I’m completely sober in all of these videos. By abstaining from alcohol I have complete control over my heightened state of awareness, whereas most men are dependent on alcohol to give them that same heightened state of awareness.


All in all, escalation is contrary to popular belief, a very easy to understand subject. Be reckless and embrace rejection. This allows you to efficiently screen for girls who actually like you and are willing to hook up with you quickly.

P.S. And don’t you dare for a second think, after watching those Youtube videos above, that these methods don’t work on girls who look like models. They work especially well on girls who look like models. High status and elite women don’t ever get approached in this haphazard and chaotic way and it is actually easier to run this technique of screening for “yes girls” on them, especially in a metropolis like NYC, which consists only of the hottest women from all over the world. I’ve pulled a runway model who was leaving Provocateur in meatpacking in less than a minute by pulling my car over, skipping over to her, putting my prop on her and carrying her to my car. It was that simple, all because not even a single fuck was given.

Now let me know your take on this… Have you done crazy stuff like instant makeouts while you were out on a weekend and did it help you hook up with a girl you liked?

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      What do you think about the #metoo campaign? In certain (mostly western) countries with more academic women, this has significantly altered their perception towards instant kinetic contact (“kino”). Unless you are in the top 10th percentile looks wise (which will override their negative reaction due to biological reasons), this strategy is now very risky and could get you into legal trouble.

      Instant kino is not a problem in less educated countries (at least yet). After this metoo campaign, I’ve already seen a few friends in my group being accused of harassment and in an extreme case, threatened with the police. It didn’t happen before the campaign.

      Thanks in advance.

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        That’s the case in any situation. If you don’t work on your looks and look like a bum, you will get treated differently. Improve your looks because there are ways to improve them.

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