One day I got bored and started going through men on Tinder out of curiosity. What I found was hilarious:

Most guys just slap together a bunch of pictures that show them…

  • hanging out with friends at bars and clubs
  • with a previous girlfriend
  • going kayaking or some other adventurous activity

Listen, if you’re going online to find a skydiving buddy, that’s great. You can go make friends, while I get to bang all the girls. One particular girl I had hooked up with in NYC told me, after we had sex, that she had three other guys come over before me during that same week and neither of them got to fuck her. One of these guys, in particular, chilled on her sofa 5 feet away from her discussing life and smoking marijuana. As she was kicking him out an hour later out of boredom, he finally got the courage to tell her he wanted sex. Too late buddy! Kay Bye

Here is a text I have from her where she point-blank tells me why she fucked me over all the other guys:

So uhhh….…

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The Categories in Women’s Heads

Here are the cold hard facts: Women have categories in their heads.

The impression you make in the first few seconds lands you in one of those categories.

Here are a few examples of categories:

  • Stranger
  • Mailman
  • Platonic friend
  • The sex guy
  • Friend with benefits
  • Boyfriend material
  • Adventurous activity partner
  • Rich guy / provider

Which one do you want her to categorize you as if you want to sleep with her quickly?

Answer: The sex guy

There is no other guy in the above list that gets laid more than the sex guy.

That brings us to……………………

How to be placed into the sex category:

The girls you are targeting are attracted to your:

  1. bold dominant sexualized profile pics
  2. dominant and sexual profile description (tinder bio)

Technique I: Use highly sexual and revealing pictures

You need to take sexually provocative pics. This means pics with your chest and stomach showing (you can go further and take an entirely nude pic with your crotch blacked out). You can experiment with this on a scale of 1 to 10. But in general the more upfront with your sexual intentions you are, the more girls you’re going to attract who are explicitly sexually interested in you.

The reasons for such an aggressive high risk strategy:

  • Girls like to play games, especially when it comes to online dating. They will give you fake interest, lead you on, make you think that they actually like you. Why do they do this? Validation.
  • You basically want to filter out any girls who are not interested or who merely have slight interest but want to play long, drawn out courtship games (sex after third date, buy me a drink first, etc). Admittedly, you will repel a large amount of girls who are using tinder to seek male validation and will save yourself from the pains of having to deal with prudish women.

By putting yourself out there unapologetically and dominantly with provocative photos, you are essentially only going to be matched with the girls who are really down to fuck (DTF). 100% DTF, no questions asked.

Here’s a pic I took after many, many iterations and tens of different positions. My first pose looked goofy. My second one looked a little better, until eventually I had this. All it takes is one really good pic like this one to 100x your results, so make sure to spend a huge amount of time perfecting your pics.

Technique II: Use sexual imagery and visualization in your profile bio

What has 50 Shades of Grey taught us?

Women get extremely aroused by anticipation leading up to sex. You don’t have to do much research into romance novels to figure this out. Go read an excerpt from Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden” and you will find some of the most perverted, depraved imagery, some even alluding to a feeling of wanting to be possessed. Now, you don’t have to take it that far and assume that every female has a rape fantasy. What you need to understand is that the female mind responds to dominance, aggression, and a sense of being “taken” and corrupted.

Here is a quote some girl wrote on, a site where people convey their deepest desires and thoughts:


This picture is worth a thousand words and let’s you understand the female mind better than anything I could type up.

Your Tinder Bio:

The bio, or profile description, in Tinder is an amazing tool that almost all men fail to use properly—for the purposes of hooking up, I mean.

Most guys write some silly entertaining jokes or philosophical quotes. A lot of them use funny emoji. All of these things communicate to a woman that you are supplicating (seeking validation) and trying to entertain her. You’re not a dancing monkey, you’re a sexual being. So, let’s create a profile that conveys that, and thereby puts you into the sex category.




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If you’d rather create your own Tinder bio, here is the 3 step process that works well…

…but you will have to test your own profile which could take weeks of time. (I recommend just getting my copy-paste Bios and then improving on them)…

  1. Command her to visualize using suspenseful dialogue:
  • “Picture this…”
  • “Imagine this…”
  • “A tall dark stranger knocks at your door…”
  • “How I plan to ravish you: ”
  • Prepare her for the fact that you’re about to briefly tell her a story about how you guys hooked up before it actually happens.
  1. Foreshadowing:
  • Bring your innermost dirty thoughts about women and what you want to do to them to the front of your mind and let it all out.
  • Use dominant action oriented language. Ex: I pin you against the wall and XYZ you until you scream with pleasure.
  • Describe how she responds to your advances in a positive way. Ex: As my tongue swirls up and down your body, you feel XYZ.
  1. Use a disqualification statement at the end to weed out time-wasters:
  • Ex: Don’t bother matching with me if you can’t handle it.

With the above framework of revealing pics and a sexual bio, you should be getting hyper responsive girls who are virtually guaranteed not to flake.

Comment below and tell me how this advice helped you! I’d love to hear back from you guys.

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    10 replies to "How To Get Tinder Matches That Don’t Flake"

    • Anonymous

      This is the worst advice ever lmfao

    • Anonymous

      bro i tried this advice and banged 2 chicks in a day. not even lying

    • TW

      Dude what do you say after matching? I think the initial contact after the match is where I’m fuckin up.

      • Sean Larson

        hey bro… if you subscribe, you’ll get 3 free PDFs. one of the PDFs talks about how to message. If you want the real deep dirty details on exactly how to message and get them to meet up check this out…

        • TW

          Right on man I’ll get on that. Thanks Sean

    • Jay

      Any photo advice for us slim guys who don’t have barrel chests and boulder shoulders (apart from the long-term advice of weights & protein shakes)?
      I know there are some girls who prefer slim but that’s like guys who prefer BBWs; they’re in the minority & I’m looking to fish in the big lakes rather than a little niche pond.
      Thanks man, learning some invaluable stuff here.

      • Sean Larson

        i used to be one of those slim guys. if you want massive results, you’re going to have to think a little long term. Within 2 months you can put on at least 10 to 15 pounds in newbie gains if you:

        1. Eat the right macronutrients
        2. Add weight gainer with lots of protein (if you’re a hard gainer)
        3. Do compound lifts like bench press, squats, and shoulder press, etc.
        4. Do it consistently and add it to your list of habits.

        I go into the psychology of habits and how to make sure you can get results fast and how to systematize all of this inside my online course here:

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