Let’s delve a little bit deeper into the sexual market value pie graph I discussed in my other blog post about why it’s easier to meet women abroad.

As you may recall, I said that the attraction pie graph looks the same anywhere in the world you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re in some random country abroad, or in a first world developed country like America.

As you can see above, wealth makes up a huge chunk of a man’s sexual market value, followed by social skills (game) and muscularity

So…. How did I come up with all these categories and their weight of importance in attracting women?

I discovered these ratios by looking at my own results in the dating marketplaces of nearly a dozen countries, as well as by comparing my results to the results of other guys with different sexual market values.

For example, there’s a guy named “Erik” in our secret Whatsapp group, who posts a lot of girls who look like 4s and 5s in Bangkok, Thailand of all places! He’s even posted girls who look like 3s when he’s gone to first world countries like Tokyo, Japan. Now this guy is not a student of mine but a friend from back in the old days. He was into PUA back then and we used to go out as wing-men. His aesthetics are lower now, his muscle is above average but he isn’t a hulk, and his wealth is also low. His status is probably very high because as a white guy in Bangkok he gets an exotic boost. His game is probably also very good as well.

Now, I noticed that when I showboated my luxury condo to girls in Bangkok and passed myself off as a rich guy, combined with my strong game and above average aesthetics and muscle, I would land quite a few 7s and even a few 8s without any effort. There was even one girl who was a 9, but she was tough to get to meet up and put up a lot of resistance to sex. I probably wouldn’t have even fucked her if I wasn’t playing the rich card.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, this tells me that money has more weight than status. He’s a white guy and I’m a tan-skinned Indian. Thai people hate Indians and love white guys. So why am I fucking hotter girls than this white guy? This allowed me to see that status is less important than money.

These kinds of subtle deductions throughout various scenarios in my life basically allowed me to calculate roughly what the female attraction blueprint looks like. And the pie graph above represents it.

Now let’s move on to something that’s been on your mind for the last few minutes…

How do you actually go about increasing your value in each of the above categories?

Below, I will give you concrete steps to take so that you can exponentially raise your value in each category.

I’m going to discuss the most important factors first, and the focus will go down in levels of importance.

Money and Wealth Indicators

Why wealth first? If you can make even a small improvement here, it makes the biggest impact on your sexual market value.

Social Dominance and Physical Escalation Skill

Knowing how to socially dominate, lead women, and escalate physically are the next biggest factors that determine your value in the sexual marketplace.

Muscularity and Physical Fitness

Muscularity is one of the big three when it comes to attraction in women. I discovered this not only from hanging out with buff guys, but also from bulking up myself and seeing a drastic increase in DTF girls, who would outright ask me to fuck them.


There’s a lot of confusion out there about aesthetics. Aesthetics ranks fourth in importance, and if you can make an increase here, you’ll raise your sexual market value by a good margin, but if you aren’t strong in other, more important areas, you’ll get cuckolded by hotter girls.

Social Status

Social status is simply your status within a social setting. On college campuses, there’s an effect where sports players and fraternity members usually have higher status among the local male population. On a macro scale, there could be trends based on your race or ethnicity that boost or lower your status. This factor really isn’t as important as all the others, simply because it’s transient and changes with environment.

Money and Wealth Indicators

Let’s talk about how you can stand out in a place like New York City with wealth indicators.

In order to exponentially increase your sexual market value in this area, you will want to stay in the job you are right now, but start a side consulting business in a big industry niche.

Examples of Big Industry Niches:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate

Why should you choose a big industry niche?

Because a big industry niche is usually a massive trillion dollar industry, there’s a lot of money to be made in it, and the people who work in it have a lot of money to spend.

Why start a consulting business specifically?

Because the profit margins are huge, you can do it from anywhere, and you can eventually package up your information into a course and sell it at scale.

Here’s What To Avoid Doing AT ALL COSTS:

Do Not Quit Your Job:

Do not quit your job until your consulting business is making enough to replace your primary income.

I actually did quit my job and moved in with my mom to start a business, and it was a painful uphill struggle of buying online courses, reading books, then trying this tactic or that thing and figuring out what works slowly.

Do Not Start A Business Selling Courses (until you’re ready):

I realized that a business like HOA (this site you’re reading now) sells products at smaller price points and that to make a lot of money with it, there needs to be scale in numbers of sales. And that takes time to build up.

Another problem with selling courses before you’re ready is that you don’t understand the pain points and problems your niche faces until you’ve talked to A LOT of them on the phone, and worked with them for a while, one on one. If you don’t understand what they actually want, and just create a course anyway, you’re going to have a bad time. You’ll have very few sales, or worse, no one will buy, and you will have wasted months of work building something no one wants.

Do Not Try To Be A “Disruptive” Start-Up:

Avoid trying to be an innovative (“blue ocean”) entrepreneur in the beginning of your journey when you’re broke. Technology businesses like SAAS and other subscription service business models take massive amounts of cash reserves to scale up, and if you don’t have that money just lying around, you’ll face difficulty unless you’re backed by investors. If you really want to innovate and invent something cool, do it once you’re already making over $50,000 per month by following the advice I’m about to give you.

Here’s What To Do AT ALL COSTS:

In order to make big money fast, you need to sell something that is high ticket, and recurring. Usually this will be B2B (business to business), but if you find a niche oriented around consumers (regular non-business people) that have a lot of disposable income, you could target them as well.

Examples of High Ticket, Recurring Services:

  • Digital marketing services helping real estate clients get more qualified leads ($3000/month per client)
  • Regular content creation for tech companies who can’t find good talent for content marketing ($8,000/month per client)

If you don’t want to do “High Ticket and Recurring,” then go into an industry where you get a huge lump sum of money all at once…

Examples of Lump Sum Services:

  • Helping small businesses get a business loan to grow their business by connecting them to alternative lenders (10% of the loan amount)
    • This is formally known as a business loan broker
    • How much can you make on just one deal? Let’s say a small business needs $350,000 and you connect the business owner to a lender. The lender funds the deal within 24 to 48 hours, and you make $35,000.
  • Helping connect companies to top talent in the employee market (20% of base salary)
    • This is formally known as a recruitment agency
    • How much can you make on just one deal? If the company hires the employee and gives him a starting base salary of $140,000, you make $28,000.

The examples above actually exist, and people are making bank with these types of services, as we speak.

You might be wondering if I actually practice what I preach. And yes, I do.

After I realized that HOA would take a long time to grow into a 5-figure a month business, I directed my focus onto the financial services niche, since I already had some experience in that niche from back in 2014.

I did some research into it, and found that the niche had problems with marketing and was struggling with getting quality leads for their business.

And so, I started doing sales calls with that niche and closing marketing contracts for $5000/month, sometimes even $10,000/month.

Here’s What I Made From Just 1 Client I Landed For $5,000/Month:

1 Sales Call Allowed Me To Close $47,226.32 In Recurring Business

And… do you wanna know something?

I’m still running this business and doing sales calls with new clients on a daily basis. It ain’t over. I won’t stop until I’m at $50,000/month.

So Did I Magically Start A Successful Consulting Business Or Did I Have Some Help Along The Way?

Of course, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any help from mentors.

Around this time in my life, I had purchased a lot of dog shit online courses that didn’t really help me make much money.

But eventually I stumbled upon a Facebook ad rambling on and on about starting a consulting business.

It was some guy named Sam Ovens showboating his expensive ass penthouse in Manhattan.

I laughed at the tackiness and decided to look him up on Google so I could laugh some more when I found some dirt on him.

I knew from my past mistakes that I better do my research before investing into something like this, because I had been cheated many times in the past.

So I searched Sam Ovens on Google and tried to find anything about his past.

And as I looked closer, I did. The guy had founded a tech startup called SnapInspect and sold the company for 8 figures.

I watched his Mixergy interview where he described his thought process and how he went about starting that business.

I then watched his free Youtube videos that gave extremely helpful advice that mentioned what you should do if you’re starting out from nothing.

But the one thing that I didn’t have was a sales script that was proven to sell to clients.

I didn’t want to suffer for another 6 months (or who knows how long?) of trial and error just to figure out how to sell expensive high ticket, recurring services to clients on the phone.

And that was the reason I bought his program, and it was totally worth it.

If you want a shortcut to get a high ticket, recurring client, I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Sam Ovens.

The program blew my mind with how aggressively thorough it was about all aspects of starting a consulting business.

Here’s all the things included in the program:

  • How to research your niche for under-solved problems
  • How to craft an offer that your niche actually wants
  • The best mindset training I’ve seen in my life (nothing else compares)
  • A mind-blowing sales module that shows you exactly what to say on the phone to get your client to take out his credit card
  • A complete step-by-step on how to assemble a powerful marketing funnel so that clients come to you and schedule calls with you
  • A massive freakin’ Facebook ads course (he could’ve charged separately for this, but didn’t)
  • Consulting contracts (so that you don’t have to hire a lawyer)
  • Spreadsheets for managing your finances as you grow to six figures and beyond
  • How to outsource the work to top talent contractors

My results with the program:

It took me about 4 months and 13 sales calls with potential clients to land that client for $5,000/month and that client’s first month payment paid for the course itself.

Warning: People hate his course because you have to work your ass off. But if you’re serious about raising your value in the wealth category, you will join and won’t look back.

With that being said, here’s the link to Sam’s Consulting Accelerator course.

Note: If you use my referral link to join, you will get a $500 discount since I’m an actual student enrolled in the course.

Another Warning: Don’t ignore my advice and buy a different course.

I tried a lot of courses that didn’t work out for me, and I wasted thousands of dollars sifting through different online courses until I landed on Sam’s.

Here’s that link again for Sam’s course. If you’re willing to work hard, it’s the right course for you.

So, anyways, that’s pretty much all the advice I have on how to exponentially raise your value in the wealth category as quickly as humanly possible.

Social Dominance and Physical Escalation Skill

Social dominance and physical escalation is the category that you cannot just buy your way into.

I’m not going to get into the details of how to improve everything in your game here, otherwise we’d end up with an entire book.

Instead, I’m going to give you the #1 skill to develop if you want to sleep with a LOT of hot girls quickly.

The #1 game skill is: Logistics

Wuh? Confused?

You thought I was going to say something like physical escalation or some cliche shit like that, didn’t you?

In my experience, all of those things sort themselves out if you have logistics.

But what is logistics anyway? Well, it’s the arrangement of events and situations such that you and the girl end up in your bedroom as quickly as possible.

The biggest cockblock getting in your way is always logistics.

If you can learn to manipulate logistics, you will be getting laid even if you suck at all the other areas of game that every guy complains about.

Listen, we’ve evolved over millions of years to know when to make a move that leads to sex. It’s embedded in the limbic part of your brain. That’s not what you need to be concerned about the most.

The hardest thing to do is to get women to come into your place and into your bedroom, as smoothly as possible.

And, the hotter the girl, the harder it is, over a long time-span, to get her alone in a situation that can result in sex, which means you have a shorter time span to act and close the deal.

I had a friend in NYC, who similar to me, was able to bang some absolute stunners in ridiculously short time frames.

It would’ve been impossible if we didn’t fuck these girls in short time-spans.

Why? Because both of us had learned, over years of in-field experience and through trial and error, that these girls have serious options when it comes to men.

We’re talking about go-go dancers, girls on the covers of fashion magazines, girls who dance professionally at clubs like Provocateur, girls who are supermodels. The only chance we had of fucking them was to do it quickly or move on.

So basically, this friend of mine in NYC was able to mess around with logistics in real-time (without any planned or premeditated “seed” to bring the girl back to his place). His improv skills were immaculate. This allowed him to bang some top shelf girls in such short time frames as 15 to 30 minutes.

For example, he had pulled 2 girls from the Meatpacking bars downtown and was driving with them to Midtown, where I lived, and he wanted me to occupy the obstacle.

Both girls were probably solid 8.5’s.

We brought them to the pizza place near my apartment and he left me with the obstacle and while I occupied her, he told his girl he left his wallet in the car.

He took her to his car, and got his beak wet in the back seat after probably only 25 minutes face time with her.

I don’t think he even knew any of the girls’ names.

And these are the kinds of results you can expect when you are a master of logistics.

So, how do you get good at logistics quickly?

Follow this general strategy when working with logistics:

Move women around in baby steps:

  • First, break down your end goal into multiple steps. Do you want to move her from the street to the car and then to your place?
  • Add a plausible non-sexual reason for her to tag along for the baby step.

I see so many guys try to do the difficult job of trying to convince a girl to come all the way from a club back to their place.

Hanging out at an apartment with some dude she barely knows? That’s a pretty big decision for her to make. She’d have to be insanely attracted to you to comply with a huge request like that.

Why don’t you break it down into baby steps?

First focus on how you’ll get her out of the club and onto the street.

Then focus on how you’ll get her from the street to your car.

Then focus on how you’ll get her from the car to your apartment.

Then, once in your apartment, focus on how you’ll get her to come into your bedroom area so you can start physically escalating.

Here’s a classic scenario me and my friend from NYC used to deal with on almost weekly basis…

Classic Street Game Scenario

As you can see, I had a game plan for the logistics when we went out on the weekends.

Okay, so that gameplan is nice and all, but what about those situations that can arise out of nowhere, giving you an small opportunity to close?

What if her friends leave for a few seconds and you know a dark spot in the club where you could bang her and bring her back within 10 minutes?

What if you take 3 girls to a gay nightclub and 2 of the obstacles make friends with gay guys and start dancing with them, reminiscing in their own little world?

These opportunities give you an impromptu moment to act, and you need to be quick on your feet to bang your girl when these situations present themselves.

So, make sure to have a pre-planned logistical game plan, but be aware that you need to develop that improv side of your logistical game as well.

Oh, and how do logistics work with online game, or dating apps?

What if you meet a super hot model on instagram or Tinder but she won’t agree to meeting you at your place? (hotter girls rarely ever do so)

Basically, invite her to a non-sexual place, like a mall or a venue, near your apartment, and do the entire baby-step strategy I talked about. Treat it in the exact same way as a girl you met at a club.

If you do what I’ve told you regarding logistics, you’ll boost your results exponentially in the game category.

Oh… and if you need help with any other topics related to your game, register on our forum and post your question there. I’m active on there every day. 

Muscularity and Physical Fitness

A quick and easy strategy to exponentially raise your value in the muscularity category is to bulk up.

Seriously, all you gotta do is bulk up.

Here’s me at 148 pounds after I bulked up for a couple months
Here’s me flexing to try to look as big as possible for a Tinder pic

I see guys talking about looking shredded at X% body fat and I’m sitting there thinking why does this dude want to look so lean and cut?

From my experience, girls don’t really care about you looking all lean and cut.

I’ve found that girls prefer more of a bear physique than a cut skinny dude.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you’re a 220 pound hulk with 10% body fat and abs showing, that’s certainly going to pull better results than a 170 pound guy at 18% bodyfat.

The point is that unless you’ve been lifting a long time and you’re at 180 pounds or more, low body fat percentage makes you look more skinny than muscular. This definitely costs you points when you take pics for Tinder.

If you don’t have much muscle yet, focus on putting on as much muscle as possible, even if it comes with some fat. You can always shed it off later.

To bulk up effectively and avoid putting on too much fat while you bulk, do the following things:

  • Eat at least 500 to 1000 calories above maintenance.
    • BTW, how do you find your maintenance? Track your food intake for a week, including the calories you ate for every meal, then after 1 week, check how many pounds you gained. It takes a surplus of 500 calories per day to gain 1 pound. So if you’ve been eating 3000 calories a day and you gained 2 pounds at the end of the week, that means you are eating 1000 excess calories per day, and your maintenance is 2000 calories per day.
  • Keep your macros at 40/30/30 or a slight variation of that
  • Eat around 0.8 g protein per pound of body weight (or 1.8 g protein per kg of body weight)
  • Do compound weight training exercises, specifically these exercises: Barbell squats, Barbell bench press, Barbell dead-lift

And the most important thing: TRACK EVERYTHING

You will stop making gains after a few months of lifting if you don’t track your progress.

Track your progress using a nutrition spreadsheet (that tracks all your food intake) and an exercise spreadsheet (that tracks all your lifts).

I’m not gonna get into specifics here but you can post on our forums if you want further help…

There’s plenty of advice on bodybuilding on the internet, and I recommend you visit bodybuilding forums or make a post on our forums.

We have a few big dudes in our student community who are fitness coaches, so they may chime in and give you some personalized advice on the fitness section in the HOA forums.

A word of caution…

Be very careful lifting heavy weights if you haven’t perfected your form yet. For more advice on form for compound lifts, I suggest you visit bodybuilding.com and YouTube. There’s plenty of videos of people showing you the correct form for each of the “big three” compound exercises I discussed.

And on a final note, I saw an interesting phenomenon when I did heavy barbell squats and dead-lifts. There was a significant increase in female sexual arousal around me when I had just finished doing these two exercises. I think heavy squats and dead-lifts trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and this breaks down into pheromones that are released through sweat. That’s the best explanation I can come up with to explain this phenomenon. I’ve taken advantage of this by going on dates right after I got done doing heavy squats and the girl’s resistance to physical escalation was pretty much non-existent when I did this.


There’s a lot of confusion on aesthetics. You can improve most of what makes up your aesthetics, with the exception of physical deformities.

First of all, lifting heavy weights like I told you to do in the muscularity section changes the way your face looks.

I was surprised when I discovered this, but after comparing my pics before and after lifting, I saw that my face looked way more frail and weak with a feminine jawline when I was skinny.

After I had been lifting for 3 or 4 months, my jawline was square and my face had a more full appearance to it.

So, I’m going to make the conclusion that in order to change your facial characteristics and make yourself look more “alpha”, you should put everything you have into your weight training regimen.

Sure, keeping a groomed appearance goes a long way in attracting top shelf girls, but I need to stress that 90% of your results in the facial aesthetics department will come from weight lifting.

By adding muscle mass to your frame, you will exponentially raise your value not only in the muscularity category, but also in the facial aesthetics category.

Social Status

Social status isn’t really that important when it comes to fucking top shelf women, even if you’re in a college. Money can solve the problems of status in all areas of life.

For example, I’ve observed that in college, it’s more of a game of status because top shelf women flock to fraternities. And who are the guys in fraternities? That’s right! The guys whose parents can afford to put them into one. So, I guess money buys status even in college, same as in the real world.

On a more macro scale, status within a culture due to being famous or a celebrity does happen, but only, once again, due to its association with wealth.

So status inside AND outside of college campuses usually translates to wealth.

How do you get status?

This is an area where there’s a lot of shape shifting going on.

Status is a very situational thing.

You can get instant status boosts by simply pulling up with a Lamborghini, hence all the gold digger pranks on Youtube. The dude usually approaches the high value female with his average or above average SMV and then gets shot down, and afterwards he flashes his Lambo and all of a sudden, the girl’s chasing him. While a few of these videos may be fake, I’ve tested this in field with my friend who drove a BMW 6 series, and later, a Mclaren 720s. What I found was that the top shelf women do become much more compliant to your advances than they would be without the status boost.

Since status can be supplanted by wealth, I won’t go into too much detail on this.

Basically, you should just do what I said in the wealth section, and then strategically use wealth indicators to attract women. When I say strategically, I mean don’t actually buy the exotic car, rent it for a day when going out on a weekend. Take a picture or make a video driving it, so you can share it on your Instagram or Tinder profile. Avoid putting money into these depreciating assets because like I said, status boosts are short and environmentally dependent. You only need the exotic car during the 5 hours you’re approaching girls on the weekend for the purposes of flashing status to get an easy lay with a girl who looks like a dime. You don’t need it for the long run.

The Bottom Line

You need to look at the weaknesses in the male competition’s sexual market value if you want to be able to stand out in a strong way in the local market wherever you currently are. For example, most dudes are broke in NYC but a lot of them have strong Tinder and text game, muscularity, and grooming. You’re probably not going to stand out unless you’re making bank. That’s how you’d fuck the top shelf girls in the city.

By taking aggressive action on few things I mentioned in this article, you elevate your sexual market value to exponential heights and unlock access to top tier women.

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