You know what? I’ve been wondering why most blogs focused around dating apps and on helping you learn how to start a Tinder conversation give you a bunch of dumb pick-up lines that look like they were thought up by some teenager living in his mom’s basement.

It pisses me off.

I fell into that trap myself when I was just starting out trying to learn how to text girls and how to start conversation on Tinder, on Bumble, and basically most dating apps.

Over time, I learned that women aren’t dumb. They can sense a guy who is full of shit. They can tell when you try to use a copy-paste line on them.

Stop trying to trick women and start demonstrating real understanding of how their mind works, and then you won’t need to try so hard to get them to meet you for a date or hook-up.

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Haha you’re probably thinking I’m crazy linking to my competitors. Nope. They’re not competition. They’re spammy sites that give you the advice that 99% of other men JUST LIKE YOU are copy-paste messaging to girls as we speak.

In order to be extraordinary, you need to do EXTRA-ORDINARY things.

By definition, extra-ordinary means, you have to be UN-like everyone else.

What follows below is a systematic, step-by-step process I created over 7+ years (it has been refined slowly and painstakingly) that shows you how to start a Tinder conversation with a girl who has matched with you not just on Tinder, but on ALL dating apps.

Let me show you how to start a Tinder conversation and get MASSIVE results with MINIMAL effort…

This process incorporates psychology and persuasion to get to the root of how to get a girl to respond and it consists of 3 main steps:

Step 1: Visualize the encounter from the woman’s perspective

Step 2: Before sending that first text, ask yourself if every other guy has done this same exact thing

Step 3: Before spending hours on a “time-waster”, ask yourself “is this girl going to waste my time?”

Let’s dive in a little deeper…

Step 1: Visualize the encounter from the woman’s perspective.

Here is what you need to do: Get into her mindset and try to understand how and why she makes the decisions she does.

Now it’s important for me to emphasize that this is NOT what most guys do because it’s hard.

It’s hard to understand people and the choices they make and why they do the things they do. But as a guy dedicated to the art of meeting women and showing them a good time 😉 I knew that I had to master this skill.

This is the same skill that people use in business and sales. In fact, you’ll notice that the same concepts that are used to make sales are used to get dates with women (but I’m not going to get into that here… if you’re interested in that, you would probably want to join our online course, Dating App Blueprint, which only opens up 2 to 3 times a year. Join the wait list here.)

So as I was saying, most guys don’t take the path of actually understanding the female’s perspective.

Most guys take the path of least resistance when it comes to how to start a Tinder conversation.

Most guys want an ebook full of 67 copy-paste text messages that they can plug into their Tinder message bar and see instant gratification.

What usually happens is that the girl laughs at the funny joke he made (which wasn’t even his own), and then she goes on to fuck a different kind of guy who sent her an absolutely stunning first message.

Let me give you a few tips on what to do when you match with a new girl on dating apps.

How to understand her mindset and get inside her head before you send her the first message:

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment…

You’ve just matched with a new girl. She’s cute, blonde, petite, looks like she has that curvaceous booty every guy dreams about.

Now you feel the pressure.

“What do I say… if I don’t text her, she’ll forget about me”


Yep, the way you feel is exactly the way she feels.

Human behavior is constant regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

So instead of freaking out, you must realize that she is actually freaking out about you and how she could lose you.

Oh and by the way, she will only be freaking out if you did your job right when it came to your pictures and profile bio:

Pssst… pics aren’t the only thing that make or break your profile. Your profile description (Tinder bio) is a huge part too.

Luckily for you, I created a 5 page PDF that has my most top-secret “tested to the bedroom” Tinder bios (copy-paste-ready just for you)

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Look I’m not asking you to go all zen and start meditating with scented candles.

I am asking you to chill out and relax and understand that women actually want you just as bad as you want them, maybe even more so.

Instead of immediately texting her a copy-paste text without even looking at her profile, you need to chill the fuck out, go into her pics and profile bio and actually READ IT.

They are giving you incredible insight into what kind of mentality they have (is she a submissive girl or is she a dominant girl)?

It’s your job to understand her mindset and what turns her on BEFORE you send that first message.

When you do your research before your first text (assuming your profile and bio are on point), that is when you see INSANE results.

Results like these:

Notice how Mackenzie in the pic above messaged me first. That wasn’t a random accident, and she’s not the first one to do that.

Look at this other girl named Bonnie:

Alright Alright that’s enough gloating for now… I’m getting carried away 🙂

And again, this all happened because they read one of my 3 Proven and Tested Tinder bios, which you can grab here.

Let’s move on…

Step 2: Before sending that first text, ask yourself if every other guy has done this same exact thing

Let me introduce you to a little concept that was discovered by an economist named Vilfredo Pareto that basically will revolutionize every aspect of your life.

Pareto said that 90% of your BIG wins / results come from 10% of your activities.

This later was found to be true everywhere in life. It was true in nature, in economics, in dating, everywhere.


  • 80% of pollen is distributed to 20% of flowers by bees
  • 80% of wealth is owned by 20% of people in the world
  • 80% of women sleep with 20% of men

How does this apply to this blog post and how to start a Tinder conversation?

To be brutally honest, 80% of men are sending the exact same retarded copy-paste messages to women.

And 20% of men are either using extremely attractive pictures of themselves (learn how to do that here) or they’re sending a personalized text message that shows they actually looked at the girl’s profile and took the time to understand her mindset.

You’ll know when you’re in the 20% because when you text a girl, you’ll get a quick response …like within literally seconds… OR she will actually message you first as you can see in this blog post.

Did you get that?

You need to send her a unique first text that is specific to her profile.

Now… by definition, a unique text cannot be just given to you by me.

But there are a few guidelines on how to start a Tinder conversation properly:

A. Do step 1 of this 3 step process discussed in this blog post and study the girl’s pics and profile

B. Come up with a remark about her picture or something she said in her bio

C. Make sure it isn’t a long ass response (keep it very short)

Why keep your first message short?

You must keep it short, shorter than 31 characters.

Here’s why:

How to start a Tinder conversation - Message Character Limit

Above is a picture of one of my students’ Tinder account. Notice the messages that got cut off?

The girl only sees the first 31 characters of your first message.

So… Make sure it is shorter than 31 characters and relevant to her pics or profile bio!

Pssst… pics aren’t the only thing that make or break your profile. Your profile description (Tinder bio) is a huge part too.

Luckily for you, I created a 5 page PDF that has my most top-secret “tested to the bedroom” Tinder bios (copy-paste-ready just for you)

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Step 3: Before spending hours on a “time-waster”, ask yourself “is this girl going to waste my time?”

Look, if you’re reading my site “Hookups On Autopilot”, chances are that you hate girls who waste your time!

I don’t know one guy out there who enjoys the torture that most girls put guys through when it comes to actually meeting for a date.

Girls will lead guys on for weeks maybe even months and never meet up with them.

With your first message you want to –no, you NEED to– figure out what type of girl she is:

Is she a “Time Waster” or is she a “Yes Girl”?

Here’s what I do every time I match with a new girl:

I go through her dating profile, I think a little bit about what relevant text I can send her, and then I wait and categorize her into one of 3 different categories within the first few minutes of interacting with her.

These 3 categories are: Yes girl, Maybe girl, or No girl

There’s two types of maybe girls. Those who are actually interested but a little shy. And those who are time wasters. You need to be able to differentiate between the two.

So basically these are the ONLY 2 things on my checklist (lol):

Checked box symbol Minimize the time I spend on “time-wasters” .

Checked box symbol Maximize the time I spend on girls who are compliant (“Yes girls”)

Did you notice something here?

This all goes back once again to the Pareto Principle.

Let me tell you a story that will save you 7 years of your life struggling to drag your balls through broken glass trying to text disinterested women.

When I was at Ohio State University and went out every day to approach girls and collect phone numbers (we didn’t have Tinder back then), I would eventually start noticing patterns when I sent mass texts out to all the girls at the end of the week.

What I noticed back then was that 11.27% of the women whose numbers I had gotten (regardless of the sample quality and sample size) would give me absolutely no objections, would be fully compliant, and would meet me for a date without me having to drag my balls through shards of broken glass (lol)

This was the point at which I started to realize the the 90-10 rule, or Pareto principle (whatever you wanna call it), is true of nearly all things in life.

I now spend absolutely zero time on women who behave “difficult” or “give me a hard time”. I get rid of them as soon as they start giving me signs that they are time wasters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t delete them. I just prioritize my time on girls who actually demonstrate active interest (would you imagine that)? The other girls I usually put on a backburner and stop texting them for a few days and then mass text all of them to convert a few more out of that batch haha.

The results, as you’ll see below, have been nothing short of spectacular:

Fig. above: Alexis texts me after I smash

Fig. Above: Christie drinks my “life water”

Fig. Above: Grace, a petite Asian college girl comes over directly to my bedroom.

Now I wanna hear from you…

In the comments below, tell me a story about one time when you felt frustrated because it felt like you had to climb a mountain just to get a girl to meet up (and what you’re planning to do to change that)…

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