I’ve got no patience for people who don’t strive to be the best in every goal they want to achieve.

Let’s take a look at a case study of a student who took action and joined my premium Tinder course and started getting meet-ups within a day of joining.

I’m going to block out his real name, but I do want to state that he is of Indian ethnicity. Thus, he has quickly dispelled myths that only tall, good looking, blonde white guys can get laid on Tinder. (By the way, if you’re one of the guys who believes that nonsense, please (-_-) just … no. Okay? No.)


Case Study: Sanjeev Becomes a Successful Tinder Playboy in NYC

Sanjeev joined my premium Tinder course at exactly 6:46 PM on June 29th, as shown in this photo pictured below:



And that is why I was surprised when I saw this post from him on our secret members Facebook group on June 30th at 11:40 AM:



WTF? Barely a day has passed and this guy is setting up meets with girls from Tinder?

As I interacted with him on the Facebook group, he revealed screenshots of his Tinder conversation, which are impressive to say the least…




Sanjeev then goes on to reveal the entire text message conversation he had with the girl after he got her number from Tinder.

Just see for yourself:


Awesome. Within almost 12 hours of joining the course, he has a date lined up. When I get my students results like this, I know that they will be students for life.

Why am I showing you this case study right now?

I know that the course is most likely closed for registration for you currently (because I only open it back up occasionally).

The reason why I wanted to show you this is to shift your reality and show you that KNOWLEDGE does affect your results, as with any skill in life.

Knowing the exact shortcuts to take when taking pics specifically for Tinder and knowing exactly what type of texts to message your matches DOES affect your results on Tinder.

There is nothing wrong with learning skills from people who are more experienced with certain things.

I approach everything in my life from a humble mindset.

For example: When I first started THIS business… YES this one… Hookups On Autopilot…
I had no idea what to do to get started.

So I purchased a $2400 course from one of the best gurus for starting an online business so that I could get the best start on it.

Imagine that… $2400. I paid in 12 monthly installments.

And guess what… that investment was worth it.

When you spend the money to invest in yourself, you grow at a faster rate than if you had done it all on your own.

The best thing to do is to “stand on the shoulders of giants”…

So, the main emphasis of this e-mail is to encourage you to be humble and to take a learning mindset to every single goal you have in life.

If you want to become great, learn from people who have gone through the same obstacles you will soon have to go through, because it will make your learning curve less steep.

You won’t have to climb a mountain if you start out mid-way through.

Even if you aren’t part of my premium course, ask yourself something:

What are you doing to reach your goals… Any of your goals?

Are you trying to become a bodybuilder and add at least 10 pounds of muscle to your physique?

Go on google and find out the best guy for that and learn from him.

Do you want to earn more at your job?

Go online, find out the best guy, learn his material, and earn more at your job.

I don’t have any patience for people who don’t want to BE THE BEST.


… Because if you don’t, you’ll end up hating on the guy who does.

Til next time…

– Sean

Hookups On Autopilot

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