I know the title of this blog post sounds like clickbait Lol.

…But I’m not kidding when I say that it really is just 1 line.

This 1 line will crush her excuses to meeting up with you from Tinder/ texting in general.

You know all those numbers in your phone that just flake on you at the last minute?


I’m almost sure you know what I’m talkin’ about.

Almost EVERY GUY has this problem.

The solution is in how you respond to the girl when she gives you resistance.

This article will show you how to deal with flakes on Tinder and get around those final objections a girl has to meeting you for a first date.

Recently, I was going over some of my Tinder conversations that led to quick bang sessions–and by quick, I’m referring to meeting the girl at my apartment within an hour of matching with her on Tinder.

What I found was that there is a certain point near the end of the texting interaction that can make or break the meet up.

Here is a screenshot from the conversation to which I am referring:


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First of all, let me put this conversation into context. This was a girl I met on Tinder and asked her to text me within maybe 5 Tinder messages. I attempted to plan an immediate meeting with her, but she gave resistance to meeting up. Her excuse was that she is moving to a different dorm at her campus and that she wants to meet Wednesday. So I scheduled it and then just waited until Wednesday. This is a screenshot of my re-initiation with her on Wednesday.

I have a lot of experience in dealing with flaky girls, and I know the meaning behind what the girls on these dating apps say better than most guys out there. When they agree to meeting up but the context is sexual, they will almost always hesitate because they don’t want to look like sluts.

So, in order to get past this issue, I created a non-sexual reason to meet up with her.

Here is the technique, in full form:

The Side-Maneuver Technique

If a girl is giving you token resistance to meeting up (for example: you’re at the last phase of your Tinder meet-up sequence and she tries flaking on you by giving a weak excuse), use a statement as follows to get her to agree to a platonic meet-up.

Then once you meet up, you’re definitely going to have sex, if you’re escalating as soon as you meet up.

Here are some variations that you can model your excuse after:

Variation 1:
Girl: I’m on my period tonight
Your Response: “I thought we’re just netflixin tn lol”

Variation 2:
Girl: If we meet up tonight, we’re not having sex
Your Response: “No worries, we’re just gonna netflix tn”

Final note: It’s not just important to text her this technique. You have to text it to her at the right time in your texting relationship. The best time to text her this stuff is immediately after she texts you some kind of a resistance to meeting up. (Texting a response to resistance immediately after means that you’re a confident guy who has already dealt with resistance before and it doesn’t phase you!)

For example: When you ask her to meet up and she says “I’m kinda tired, idk lets meet maybe tomorrow?” (In girl-speak, this text is actually saying that she is having second thoughts and is feeling tension) Making her feel safe is the key, so you should use the Side Maneuver technique to ease the tension and she will surely respond with a text confirming the date!


Let me restate this because this is so vital to success on Tinder:

When it comes to meeting up from Tinder, girls will most often be hesitant to a planned sex meeting. Use plausible deniability to remove the stress in her mind.

How often do girls on Tinder hesitate when meeting you up for the first date?


This was shocking to me when I went back and looked at all my successful Tinder meet-up texts (I keep an archive of all the texts I’ve ever exchanged with girls so that I can analyze what I did correct, etc).

Here, below, is another example of a girl giving me token resistance when I asked her to meet-up. Notice how I’m so used to this form of “bullshit” resistance, that I responded almost immediately with a plausible deniability statement.




^ Here is an excerpt from one of my hyper detailed case studies on Tinder, which includes the exact Tinder bio and pics I used to get a match and the exact text messages (text-by-text analysis) I exchanged with the girl before meeting up and banging her, and a lay report of what happened when I actually met her for the date.

The full case study is available in our online course Dating App Blueprint, over here.

Back to the topic of resistance… If you look closely at the conversational excerpt above, you’ll notice that part where she gives me resistance is when she says “free for what lol”. When you ask a girl if she’s free, she may be looking to test if you’re going to say something stupid like “free for sex”.

Notice how I show social intelligence with a super casual sounding text, “to hang out.” Notice that I didn’t type out a long sentence asking what she wants to do. I’m leading, and I’m not setting off any alarm bells in her head that say “Danger! This guy is an open book and will spread the word that I had sex with him.” That is a girl’s worst nightmare.

The rule that trumps all rules: ALWAYS SHOW THAT YOU ARE DISCRETE.

When you stick to this rule, you will notice that girls will naturally start being less tense around you. Your entire personality just oozes that you’re a guy they can trust to keep secrets.

On a side note: This isn’t just me talking out of my ass. Where do you think the legendary rumors of girls being slutty during Spring Break come from? Why are girls more likely to cheat on their boyfriends while on vacation? Why is Las Vegas the #1 place to go if you want to throw orgy parties and live a weekend of debauchery? It all boils down to one thing: Anonymity and discretion.

As you start incorporating the Side-Maneuver Technique into your texting, keep in mind the concept behind that technique is that you’re demonstrating to her that you can keep your sexual encounter with her a secret.

Now the most important thing in the world to me is to see that I’m having a real positive impact on the dating lives of guys like you (my audience!), so please comment below and share 1 time when you lost a date because you showed a lack of discretion.

P.S. BONUS points if you have pics of your mistakes so that other guys can learn from it.

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