This subtle tactic will get the girl to literally stop whatever she is doing and start paying attention to your texts.

Why do we want this?

No, we don’t want her to get in a car crash lmfao.

We want this because once she starts paying attention to your texts, even if for a brief moment, she has psychologically made a micro-commitment to you by interacting with you once. And if you know what you’re doing, you can escalate that micro-commitment quickly into a date.

The technique I will show you in this blog post:

  1. Works for getting flakes interested again
  2. Works for reviving dead phone numbers

Story behind this technique:

I had success with this technique quite a few times when I was a beginner in a small city.

But when I moved to a big city like NYC, it lost its effect. At first, I wasn’t sure why it had stopped working.

I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe I’m not presenting enough Sexual Market Value to the girls whose numbers I’m getting.”

It turns out that I was correct.

Side Note about Big Cities:

When you get women’s numbers walking around (in NYC specifically), you need to present extremely high value otherwise you will only get flaky numbers. This is because NYC is such a huge city that women have so many options for dating. Tinder is an example of an app that has given women (and certain men) access to unlimited sexual partners at the touch of a finger, and that is why I focus on it so much.

I ultimately concluded that this technique works if and only if you present enough value to a girl when you first get her number.  (Always remember… if she gave you her number out of pity, you’re shit out of luck, and no technique I give you will work.)

With these girls, even if they were genuinely interested when they met you, things can still fizzle out pretty quickly if you suck at texting and stop keeping contact. (Most guys become deflated after trying for a date only once and getting rejected. They then stop keeping contact with the girl and it turns into a yet another dead number in their contacts.)

This has been tested on girls I met during the day, girls I met at bars/clubs, and, as you would have guessed, girls I met on Tinder.

Okay, so you’re all hyped up.

What is this magical technique I keep talking about??

Here it is:

The Revival Technique for Flakes and Dead Numbers

Every guy has tons of dead numbers and non-responders in his phone.

Here’s what you do with these girls with whom you lost contact:

Get an app like Text2Group, which basically lets you select multiple contacts in your phonebook and send out 1 text message to all of them.

Next, send out a mass message to all the dead contacts after at least a week of no contact with them.

Side note: When I said in the subject line of this e-mail, “Do this when she flakes on you last minute,” what I really meant was that you should tag her as a non-responder in your phonebook, wait at least 1 week without sending any texts, then apply this technique.

Timing is key: Send it out at 12 PM or 5:30 PM as these are the times when people most pay attention to their social lives on their phones because of work related circumstances.

Step 1: Here is the first text: “the movies at 9. did we say drinks at 7:30 or 8?”

Step 2: Wait slightly longer than she did to respond to you. (If she responds after an hour, you respond a little bit after an hour)

Step 3: Here is the second text: “oh nvm that txt was for sum1 else. how r u btw?”

This will mindfuck the girl and make her feel a sense of loss.

Also she now knows in a subtle way that you already have a date for that night.

Take advantage of her increased receptivity (this opportunity is rare with a dead contact and you MUST strike while the iron is hot) and get her to agree to a date tomorrow (obviously it can’t be that same night, although you could try experimenting by texting her late at night after you get done with your fake date).

The sooner it is, the better.

Focus on setting up a meet immediately after using this technique.

There should be no witty banter.

Your phone is a logistical tool, nothing else. Once you set up the meet, that’s it. Don’t touch your phone. Why? You need to see it from the girl’s perspective. She thinks that you’re preoccupied with a girl for tonight, so if you keep texting her, it will reveal to her that you were just making some shit up, and she will flake when the time comes to meet up with you.

Note about logistics:

MAKE SURE that you know your schedule is free before using this strategy. If you use the revival strategy, and she is responsive, and then you realize that you won’t be free until 3 days later after returning from your vacation, you’ve lost her.

Case Study: John Uses the Revival Technique to Revive 3 Dead Phone Numbers


Above, we can see two dead contacts that were instantly revived once John (his real name is censored) sent out the texts.

In the one on the left, John texted a girl whom he had met in January and had not contacted for 6 months! She instantly perked up. The funny thing here is that she didn’t even ask “who is this?” Instead, she responded with a message that shows she is definitely still interested.

In the pic on the right, we can see that John was sending multiple texts to the girl and she was just ignoring him. But all of that changes when she gets a text from him that fucks with her head a little bit. (Don’t look at the texts face value. The mere fact that she is actually sending him any type of message = SHE IS INTERESTED. Here at Hookups on Autopilot, we teach guys to look at the implications behind female behavior and not the surface level details –which 90% of the time don’t matter.

Let’s move on…

John also revived a third girl from his list of dead numbers…

Below is my response to his post (side-note: this post was made in our super secret underground texting group reserved for paid members)


These case studies are just a small segment of positive responses I have received to this technique.

If you use the Revival Technique correctly, you’ll have more dates than you can handle on a consistent basis.

Think of it like managing leads in a sales pipeline.

At a certain point, your pipeline becomes big enough that you’re closing way too many deals. You then need to start outsourcing your leads to a team of closers.

But… don’t do that lol. Handing off women to your buddies is just… a strange thing to do lmfao. (Although most dudes would welcome you to do it)

P.S. Don’t overdo it with this one. The Revival Technique loses its effectiveness the more you use it on any particular girl.


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