Did you know that the Tinder algorithm was created to battle spam on the platform?

Yes, it’s true…

But the funny thing about the Tinder algorithm is that most guys think that it was designed to punish men with lower quality pictures and to give women an advantage in the dating marketplace.

These things aren’t true. Tinder doesn’t have any vendetta against men and in certain dating markets like Thailand, it actually benefits men more than women.

After doing some research I found that everything about the algorithm is designed to combat spamminess.

To understand how I came to this conclusion, let’s rewind back to when Tinder was first launched.

In the first few years of its launch, it was a pretty basic dating app, and it didn’t really do much stuff other than let you swipe right or left on a girl and then let you talk to her if she already swiped right on you.

But men quickly found ways to manipulate the app to get massive exposure to a lot of women quickly.

And we all know that massive exposure to women will lead to more dating options for men.

This is true especially when you use Tinder bios that turn her on and make her message you.

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It was discovered that you could use an “auto-swiper” to mass right-swipe all girls, and then, after liking 10,000 girls in just an hour, you would have a ton of matches who were down to hook up if you did your job right.

But as the Tinder app evolved and became more sophisticated over time (as all software businesses do), it started including more features to keep users on the platform and stop them from leaving.

And that’s where the Tinder algorithm comes into the picture.

Having a large and active female user base allows Tinder to hold power in the dating market, and it’s important to listen to what the women are saying and what kind of feedback they’re trying to give Tinder.

If Tinder didn’t listen to women’s feedback about the app, women would start leaving the app, and it would end up just like Plenty Of Fish (a dead dating site from the 2000s).

And guess what the women’s complaints were about?

That’s right.

Low value men with their shitty blurry shirtless bathroom mirror pics showing up on their feed one after another.

And it didn’t help that tons of dating coaches were advocating ALL men to swipe right on every girl and to mass spam the platform with their profile by mass right swiping girls.

And to be honest, I was advising my subscribers to do exactly that.

So, to prevent women from leaving the platform, the Tinder algorithm was created.

No, it wasn’t created to squeeze out more money from male users.

No, it wasn’t created because Tinder hates men and wants them to fail.

No, it wasn’t created to give women an upper hand in their quest for “hypergamy”.

Let’s Get A Better Understanding Of How The Tinder Algorithm Actually Works

Once we understand how it works, then we can hack it, and use it to our advantage

The way that the Tinder algorithm, or ELO score, operates is that it is a feedback loop.

Feedback loops are present all throughout the universe. They literally operate on fundamental laws and you can see feedback loops in all areas of life.

Here’s what a feedback loop look like:

Basic feedback loop
Fig. 1: You have a current situation, then you take an action on that situation, then you have a new situation, and then the new situation bends back around and feeds back into your new current situation

Here are a few examples of feedback loops in real life:

Example mental feedback loop muscle growth
Fig. 2: Here’s what a mental feedback loop might look like for someone getting into bodybuilding. He lifts weights and creates a diet plan, sees muscle growth, and seeing success motivates him to keep going. Success bends back around and feeds back into more success.
Example feedback loop population growth
Here, we see that a 10% increase in births increases population size, which bends back around and leads to even more births

And the same types of feedback loops are present within the core architecture of the Tinder algorithm…

Tinder algorithm feedback loop diagram 1
Here’s what happens when a girl left swipes your Tinder profile. The effect is that fewer girls see your profile in the future. And then more girls swipe left, showing your profile to even fewer girls. This goes on until you are basically “shadow-banned”
In this example, we can see the effect of uploading shitty pics to your Tinder profile. Shitty pics get swiped left on, leading to lowered visibility on the app. Fewer girls seeing your profile leads to a lower right swipe ratio.

As we can see in the above diagrams that depict the Tinder algorithm, if you don’t have a good profile, you quickly get poor visibility of your profile.

This means that spamming profiles on Tinder is impossible now. You can no longer spam the platform by creating multiple profiles, and you can no longer mass swipe girls for increased visibility to girls.

Before the Tinder Algorithm - Profile saturation on Tinder
After the Tinder Algorithm - Competition between profiles on Tinder

The mechanism of the Tinder ELO score prevents any kind of spam from happening.

Is this such a bad thing? Nope, it’s actually the opposite!

This anti-spam measure on Tinder also means that it is super easy to test your pictures to find the ones that have the highest Sexual Market Value. All it takes is a day. At the end of the day, you either have a lot of girls who have “already liked you” or you have very few likes.

For example, even if you created multiple Tinder accounts with randomized pics, you would not be spamming the Tinder platform unless all of your Tinder accounts perform really well and girls love all your pics on all your accounts. Such a thing is not very likely to happen. Instead what you’re likely to observe is that 1 or 2 Tinder accounts out of 10 will absolutely destroy the competition and get you a steady, constant supply of the hottest Tinder matches.

And once you have those matches, you will need to know how to text them so things don’t fizzle out.

Here’s my ebook on how to stop fizzled out Tinder conversations, if you’re worried that girls will flake on you.

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This anti-spam ELO algorithm allows us to create multiple Tinder accounts at once and find out the best profile within probably less than a day of testing. The profiles that suck will get lowered visibility and be stuck in a dead end, while the profiles that are great will keep getting Tinder matches even as the day ends.

Now, let’s talk about how we can utilize Tinder’s algorithm to not only get a LOT of matches but also a LOT of meet-ups (because it’s not about matches who ignore you, but about matches who are compliant to meeting you in real life).

As I’ve always said in nearly all of my posts on getting more Tinder matches, the important thing that actually gets meet-ups is screening for DTF girls by sexualizing your profile.

So we need to figure out a way to combine these two aspects:

Tinder Algorithm and Screening for DTF girls

And I’ll be brutally honest. A lot of my students make zero effort to improve their pictures in a way that the Tinder algorithm actually wants to give them exposure to more girls.

Taking a blurry, shirtless picture of your beer belly and ungroomed face, and then complaining that sexualizing your profile didn’t work is not the way to win at Tinder (or in life).

Sexualizing your Tinder profile only works when your pictures aren’t shit!

When you have bad pictures, having low quality shirtless pics combined with the feedback loop works against you.

The feedback loop will only show you to more women if your profile is popular.

A lot of women won’t swipe right on you if you have low quality pics.

But they will definitely swipe right on you if you have high quality pics (even if you’re being sexual and screening for DTF girls).

How To Leverage The Tinder Algorithm To Get A Massive Influx Of Dates

If you feel that your sexual market value is at a high enough level to compete with the local male competition in your dating market, then go ahead and implement what I’m about to tell you.

However, if your sexual market value could use some improvement, here’s a step-by-step gameplan on increasing your value.

So basically here’s what you need to do…

  1. Take high quality (professionally taken high resolution) pictures. Your pictures shouldn’t come out of anything lower tier than a top-notch DSLR camera (most professional photographers carry this).
  2. Screen for DTF girls (using slightly sexualized Tinder pics and Tinder bios).

Won’t you get banned if you use sexual Tinder pics or Bios?

No, I have only seen low quality sexualized pics and bios get banned. It all comes down to whether the females on the platform are happy, and Tinder’s algorithm is literally a gauge for how happy female users are on the platform.

If a lot of girls are reporting your profile, forget right swipes, they’re so pissed off that they’re not just left swiping you, but also feel the need to report you!

Don’t let girls report you. Don’t let them swipe left on you. Don’t create a negative feedback loop for yourself.

Work on building a positive feedback loop that gets you shown to more girls again and again each day because you have a higher and higher ratio of right swipes to left swipes.

I will go into more depth on how to create a positive feedback loop within the Tinder algorithm in my next week’s post.

Here’s what a successful scenario looks like:

You upload high quality pics, and you get shown to a small sample of “test women” by the Tinder algorithm:
Tinder algorithm - Test batch
100% of women in the small “test batch” swipe right:
Tinder algorithm - 100 percent right swipe
Then, the Tinder algorithm assigns you a temporary ELO rating based on the initial small test batch’s response:
Tinder algorithm - assigns initial rating to user
Then, you get shown to a larger “test batch” of women:
90% of the women in the larger batch swipe right:
Tinder algorithm - 90 percent right swipe
Then the Tinder algorithm assigns you a new rating based on the larger test batch’s response:
Tinder algorithm - assign new rating after larger batch
  • The above process keeps repeating itself in a loop until your profile is getting massive exposure on the Tinder platform.
  • By now, you’re getting anywhere from 30 to 50 new matches with quality women per day.
  • Now that you have a lot of matches, a certain percentage of those matches has read your sexualized bio and are DTF. You need to meet them by employing proper text game.

Now, let me clarify a few things:

For the match part of Tinder, you want to have high quality Tinder pics with a slight element of sexuality, but not too strong.

You want to make sure that your pics are not:
  • Making you look like a “nice guy”
  • Putting you into the “friend zone”
    • Avoiding the “friend zone” means don’t post pics where you look beta, such as girls pity-hugging you, or a platonic female friend kissing on the cheek, or putting your arm around a girls shoulder
  • Putting you into a boyfriend category
    • Don’t post pics with cute animals, or girls will “boyfriend zone” you

As long as your profile is not doing any of the things above, and your pics are neutral or badboy, you will get a lot of DTF Tinder matches.

Then in order for women to actually respond to your messages or even message you first, you need to have a Tinder bio that screens for DTF girls.

This way you take advantage of the feedback loop and the screening strategy, instead of what happens to most guys, which is that they barely get any matches, and then they’re sitting there wondering why screening for DTF girls didn’t work.

In order for DTF girls to be attracted, your pics are what matter first.

And they need to demonstrate strong Sexual Market Value signals in the 5 categories I’ve previously discussed.

Once you’ve figured out which of your high-quality Tinder pics generate the most matches and interest from local women.

And once you know that your Tinder account has a “high right-swipe ratio”, you can then screen your Tinder matches for DTF girls.

How do you do this?

Well, I’ve done the difficult job of testing different Tinder bios for you, so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

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