In this post, I’ll reveal how to test different variations of your Tinder profile so that you can find one that works, and explode your Tinder matches through the roof.

In my post on the Tinder algorithm, I talked about how the algorithm allows us to test multiple Tinder profiles at once so that we can find a winner quickly without being worried about spamming the platform.

A high performing Tinder profile usually has a high ratio of right swipes right from the beginning. As soon as you upload a new picture to your Tinder profile, it starts showing it to new women. If your right swipe ratio is high, you get shown to more women. If it’s low, then you get shown to fewer women.

Pretty simple, right?

Alright, now let me show you a step-by-step system you can use right now to test your Tinder profile and explode your matches through the roof.

How To Test Your Tinder Profile For Success

Time needed: 5 days.

Follow this step-by-step to test your Tinder profile for massive results:

  1. Create multiple Tinder profiles with randomized Tinder pics and bios

    In the beginning, you can make guesses about what kinds of pics to take, but it isn’t always predictable how they will perform on the platform. So, you test 5 to 10 Tinder profiles against each other.

  2. Find out which Tinder profile got the most matches

    Assess which of the 5 to 10 Tinder profiles that you tested got the most Tinder matches. Make sure not to just look at the number of matches, but also how responsive they are. Do they even respond to your texts? Are they willing to meet up?

  3. Start testing at least 3 variations of the winning Tinder profile

    The winning Tinder profile has a certain “DNA” that attracts girls who want to hook up. You need to start replicating that “DNA” and testing different variations of it so that you can keep improving your results until you find an extremely high-performing Tinder profile.

  4. Always keep testing your high-performing Tinder profile against at least 1 variation to prevent things from fizzling out

    Now that you have a successful Tinder profile, you need to make sure it stays successful by always keeping up with the market. Pics and bios fizzle out over time and lose their pulling power. This is why you constantly split test one Tinder profile against another.

Now Let’s Go Over Each Of These Steps In Greater Detail…

1. Create multiple Tinder profiles with randomized Tinder pics and bios

Time Required: This first step takes probably 2 or 3 days to set up and execute.

Part I: Your Pics

What you want to do is take 30+ pictures of yourself in various situations and scenarios, with some of them shirtless, some of them showing preselection, and some of them being in a group, traveling, or doing a cool activity, etc. If you already have some pics uploaded on Instagram, you can use those pics for the testing process.

If you’re not yet ready to take shirtless pics because you have a belly and you haven’t been lifting weights, I suggest you check out my post on improving your sexual market value first, and then take pictures.

You want to introduce a lot of variation in the types of pictures you’re going to take.

Here are a few examples of how you can introduce variation to your pics:

  • Shirtless muscle flexing mirror selfies
  • Skinny tank-top at the gym while your muscles are looking pumped
  • Shirtless muscle pics outdoors
  • Sexual pre-selection pics
  • Traveling to some cool foreign country or landmark
  • Eating at a high end restaurant

Here are some examples of pics you can model yours after:

Personal collage 1
Personal collage 2
Personal collage 3

Above are just some pics of myself that I’ve tested. Not all of them performed well, but the few that did helped me hook up with some pretty cute girls on Tinder.

Here’s some examples of other people’s pics to give you some more ideas:

Pic stepping out of lambo
Pic of muscle selfie
Classy lambo pic
Pic shirtless at gym
Pic hot club makeout
Pic of girl on guys bed

In the above pics, notice how you don’t have to be explicit to show that you are sexually preselected by hot women. You can take subtle pics that show her in your bed, or just simply kissing her.

Picture Optimization:

After taking the pics, you want to brush up your pics using a few different apps. Make each pic that you will be putting into your test Tinder profiles the best version of itself.

Follow This Pic Optimization Process:

  1. Use Faceapp (iPhone | Android) to improve your facial aesthetics a bit. Just make sure that if it changes your face by too much, you’re risking catfish territory.
    • Faceapp works better if your face is clearly visible and close to the camera and not far away
  2. Use You Doodle (iPhone | Android) to draw on the photo, overlap funny emojis, write some text, or censor it.
  3. Once you’ve finalized your pic’s basic layering, use Instagram / iPhone / Android pic filters to experiment with the mood, lighting, and overall atmosphere of the picture
    • In addition to the filters, you can also try manually adjusting contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc.
  4. Once you’ve finished the pic optimization process, set your pics aside and move onto the next step.

Part II: Your Bios

Then, after you’ve taken your 30+ pics, you want to write up 10 completely random Tinder bios. Make some of them a bit sexual.

Psst… Not sure how to write a sexual Tinder bio?

Download my 3 Proven and Tested Tinder bios and use them to get an idea for how to create your own sexual bio

Yes, I want proven bios for my Tinder profile →

Make sure to have a lot of variation in the types of bios you’re going to test.

Here are a few examples of how you can introduce variation to your bios:

  • Short bio
  • Long bio
  • Friendly bio
  • Sexual bio
  • Put your height in the bio
  • Put your dick size in the bio
    • Example 1: 🍆👨🏻 8″ of unadulterated man meat
    • Example 2: 7″ ready to fill you up 🤰🍆
  • Substitute words for emojis in your bio
    • Example: 🥰🍣🍱
  • Add sexual emojis into your bio
    • Example 1: 💁‍♀️🍆😈
    • Example 2: 👉👌
    • Example 3: 🍑👋

If you need help writing up a Tinder bio, check out my blog post on how to get Tinder matches that don’t flake.

Once you’ve taken 30+ pics and created 10 bios, it’s time to put them together into different combinations in each of your test profiles.

Part III: Your App Options

Make sure to also randomize all the other “options” of your each of your Tinder profiles:

  • Order of pics from first to last
  • Number of pics uploaded
  • Your age on profile
  • Age range of women seeing your profile on Tinder
  • Your gender (37+ different choices lol)
  • Balanced recommendations / Recently Active
  • Hide your distance / show it
  • Hide your age / show it
  • Your name (fake vs real vs ethnic)
  • Your job title
  • Your company name where you work
  • Your school
  • Your current city where you live
  • Instagram vs no Instagram
  • Test connecting multiple different Instagram accounts
  • Spotify anthem vs No Spotify anthem
  • Which specific Spotify anthem?

Treat Each Of Your Tinder Profiles As A Unique Avatar

Each of these Tinder profiles you test will have a random vibe of its own.

It’s kind of like testing different avatars.

Here are just a few examples of avatars or themes you could test out:

  • Classy high-status badboy
  • Fratboy party animal
  • Muscle-head who lives in the gym
  • Rich entrepreneur flashing his exotic car
  • Asshole who treats girls like shit
  • Nightclub promoter who’s connected to high status celebrities
  • Young socialite with rich parents
  • And so on…

It’s up to you to come up with ideas for avatars on your own. You don’t want to test a bunch of Tinder profiles with the same kind of vibe. That kind of defeats the purpose of testing. Instead, be a little creative with each of your avatars and you’ll see massive results at the end of your testing process.

DNA Strand Theory

As we can see from the above information, a Tinder profile is made up of 3 different parts, kind of like a DNA strand.

Tinder Profile DNA Strand:
Generic Tinder profile DNA strand
Pics – Bio – Options

The pics can be changed around in numerous ways.

The bio can be written in an infinite number of ways.

The options on the Tinder app can be arranged in tons of possible ways.

What we NEED to find out is the CORRECT DNA strand that unlocks thousands of matches with hot girls.

Once we find that DNA strand, it’s jackpot. And you’ll be swimming in pussy heaven.

How Many Different Tinder Profiles Are You Going To Test Against Each Other?

10 Test Tinder Profiles

Yep, you guessed it. You’re going to need to test 5 to 10 Tinder profiles.

Why am I telling you to test so many? Won’t it be a pain in the ass? Isn’t there an easier way?

Well….. no there ain’t an easier way. And yes, it’ll be a pain in the ass. 😅

It all comes down to the 90-10 rule (also known as the 80-20 rule)

It’s been discovered throughout history that 90% of the results in any process come from 10% of the efforts. In some cases, this can be 80-20. But the general rule is that you need to test enough variations so that you can actually take advantage of these fundamental universal laws.

The 90-10 Rule Applied To Tinder Profile Testing
1 winner out of 10 test profiles
The Tinder profile circled in red has an extremely attractive DNA 🧬 strand. Are you willing to put in the work to find that DNA 🧬 strand?

And that’s why it’s very very important that you test at least 5 Tinder profiles. Again, I recommend 10, but 5 is okay as well.

When and Where Should You Test Your Tinder Profile?

When you should run the testing:

As long as you’re running your tests in a large city with 4 million+ people, you don’t have to worry about when to run your tests.

Enough girls will be active on the platform at all hours and all days of the week.

In other words, you can test each of your profiles whenever you want.

Where you should run your testing:

Make sure to run the test in a highly populated city, preferably the same city as the one that you live in right now.

The test location should have a metropolitan population of 4 million+ people.

If you don’t live in a populated city, then find a large city that is competitive for guys to get matches in. For example, you could test your Tinder profiles in NYC, Chicago, Miami, or Los Angeles.

If you’re testing in your local area, there’s no need to pay for Tinder plus or Tinder gold. No need to run any boosts either. All you need to do for now is check how each account does organically. You should only pay for Tinder’s services when you have a Tinder profile with a high ELO score.

If you need to test in a different location for whatever reason, you have three options:

  • Option A: Change your GPS location on your phone so that the Tinder app thinks your location is different
  • Option B: Get a VPN service and change your IP address to your target location, then use the desktop version of Tinder
  • Option C: Pay for multiple Tinder plus subscriptions to activate the location change feature on ALL your test Tinder profiles.
    • If you choose this option, make sure to hide your distance during the testing phase, otherwise girls may not swipe right on you because you’re too far.

2. Find out which Tinder profile got the most matches

Time Required: This step will take about 1 day to execute.

After setting up all of your test Tinder profiles, leave them running for 24 hours, then come back and check how many matches they got.

You will be able to see how each profile performed by looking at how many pending matches right swiped on you inside the blurry icon that hides your matches. Let’s refer to this as the “hidden likes” widget.

A Tinder profile that’s high-performing will usually have 50+, maybe even 99+, showing on the “hidden likes” widget inside the Tinder app. This will usually be after 12 to 24 hours of running the profile.

Here’s What The “Hidden Likes” Widget Looks Like:

Hidden Likes On Android Tinder
Hidden Likes On Android Tinder 2

Check The Responsiveness Of The Matches

Once you’ve seen how many matches each account got, you need to start swiping right so that you can match with a few of them, message them with proper text game, and ask them to meet up.

Are you not sure what to text girls to get them to meet up? Do your conversations always fizzle out?

Download my PDF on How To Stop Fizzled Out Tinder Convos

Yes, I want to stop my convos from fizzling out →

If they’re non-responsive, that’s bad. You want them to be responsive and messaging back quickly, and willing to actually meet up.

You want to look for the Tinder profile that got the most number of matches who were also the most willing to meet-up.

Let me repeat: You want a lot of matches who are also responsive. So, take note of how many matches you got, but also message them to see how they respond to your messages.

3. Start testing at least 3 variations of the winning Tinder profile

Time Required: This next step takes about 2 days to setup and execute.

Now that you have a Tinder profile DNA strand that gets tons of matches, it’s time to iterate and improve it even further.

If you recall the DNA strand theory, it looks like this:
Generic Tinder profile DNA strand
Pics – Bio – Options

What you’ll be doing is testing at least 3 different variations of your original winning DNA strand by only changing one variable at a time.

So let’s say your winning Tinder profile looks like this:
Winning Tinder profile DNA
Pics A – Bio A – Options A
You want to try testing 3 other Tinder profiles that look like this:

Variation 1:

Variation 1 Tinder profile DNA
Pics A – Bio B – Options A
(Changed only the bio)

Variation 2:

Variation 2 Tinder profile DNA
Pics B – Bio A – Options A
(Changed only the pics)

Variation 3:

Variation 3 Tinder profile DNA
Pics A – Bio A – Options B
(Changed only app options)

Notice that you’re only changing one variable at a time. This is very important during this stage of the process. If you don’t change one variable at a time, you cannot improve your Tinder profile in a systematic way.

So you want to leave your winner alone, then test 3 new profiles:

Variation 1: Change the bio to something else similar to the bio in the winning Tinder profile.

  • Example, if your winning profile had a sexual bio, try testing out a different sexual bio that sounds a bit more aggressive.

Variation 2: Change the pics to something else similar to the pics in the winning Tinder profile.

  • Example: If your winning pics were all muscle pics, maybe try throwing in some pics driving a nice car, or doing something high status.

Variation 3: Change the app options in the settings to something else.

  • Example 1: Rearrange the order of your pics
  • Example 2: Instead of showing yourself to women aged 18 – 24, you decide to test showing it to women aged 25 – 34.

Once you’ve set up your 3 variations, leave them running for another 24 hours, then come back the next day and repeat step 2 of this article.

Pick the best performing Tinder profile out of the above 4 Tinder profiles that you tested, and you’ll have a profile that absolutely destroys the competition, and gets you laid like a boss on Tinder.

3 variations Tinder profile winner

4. Always keep testing your high-performing Tinder profile against at least 1 variation to prevent things from fizzling out

Time Required: Ongoing (you should always be doing this)

Here’s the problem with being too relaxed once you find a winning Tinder profile:

A Tinder account’s ELO gets lower over time, because pictures and bios fizzle out over time as more women get used to seeing them again and again.

Once you have a flawless Tinder profile that gets tons of DTF Tinder matches, you want to keep testing a new Tinder profile alongside your current winning profile every week.

This will require you to have 2 Tinder accounts running side by side, all the time.

Concurrently testing two Tinder accounts at all times will ensure that your profile performs consistently on the platform in the long term.

Always keep testing new pics, bios, and app options so that you can keep adding new winners and removing poor performers regularly.


If you follow the testing process as outlined on this page, you will see a drastic increase in the matches you get, as well as the number of dates you go on.

You can also replicate your winning Tinder profile on other dating apps as well. If it performed well on Tinder, it’s sure to do well on other apps.

As a final note, feel free to pay for Tinder Gold and run Boosts once you’ve found a profile that performs very good organically without any boosts or any special stuff. A healthy successful Tinder profile DNA + Boosts will result in your Tinder profile absolutely smashing the competition.

Our full Tinder profile testing methodologies and the actual spreadsheets for tracking progress during the testing process are included in our flagship course Dating App Blueprint.

Oh and don’t forget to check out my 3 Proven and Tested Tinder Bios, I’ve already tested these bios and they get huge results.

Just make sure not to copy them exactly. Model your own bio after my proven ones and you’ll be swimming in matches asking you to meet up for a date.

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