The biggest and most important concept in dating that so many men just don’t understand is the concept of supply and demand.

I am a big supporter of the idea that dating is essentially a business and getting laid is kind of like making sales in a business. A crucial factor in determining whether your business (dating life) will be successful is to first look at supply and demand.

Let’s analyze your city (where you are currently living) for a minute.

Ask yourself: Are there actually enough women living around me such that meeting them via mobile dating apps / online dating sites would be possible?

The answer to this question is of HUGE importance in whether you’ll be successful with Tinder vs whether you’ll waste 3 months chasing fake bots disguised as hot women. Trust me… we at Hookups On Autopilot know… we’ve tested it.

Do this exercise for me right now… I want you to go to Google and search the following exact phrase:

“Wikipedia [your city name] population”

For example, for my city of New York, I searched:

“Wikipedia New York, NY population”

Here is what I saw in google search results:



Click on the Wikipedia article and you will get a good idea of how many people are in your city…



Alright… so on the right side of the Wikipedia article on my city, the first thing to check is the metro population, which is just over 20 million people. I can see that the city itself has a population of around 8.5 million people. And the next most important thing for me to look at is the population density, which we can see is 28K people per square mile. Keep in mind that the population density here is the density of people within a mile of each other throughout the entire state (not just the city). Your city’s population could be higher or lower. For the purposes of Tinder, a higher city population density is much better.


The next thing we want to look at is the male to female ratio and the age groups of the city that we live in, so go to google and search:

“[Your city] male to female ratio”



The first result shows me that currently the population consists of 53% women, and 47% men. For Tinder, you want a higher female population than male population. This makes NYC a winner since a majority of people in NYC are female.


Now the final thing to look at is the age group and how many of the women in NYC are within the age range that I would possibly hook up with. Let’s find that out now… Go to Google and search for:

“[Your city] Age demographics”

For my search, I came across an excellent resource and here is a screenshot of my findings:



Now that we have all the data gathered, let’s make some quick calculations:

If I live in Manhattan and my goal is to meet girls who are age 18 to 39, then how many women will I have access to (in the best case scenario)?

Use this formula:


In my case, this comes out to:

8,550,405 x (53%/100) x ((7.1%+9.4%+8.5%+7.3%)/100) = ???

8,550,405 x (53%/100) x (32.3%/100) = ???

8,550,405 x (0.53) x (0.323) = 1,463,743

So, basically I have almost 1.5 million women to choose from who live around me (near enough to drive to me to meet up for a date).

Now, it is not likely that all 1.5 million of these women have Tinder installed in their phones. But, it IS likely that they have at least one of the many dating apps currently available installed on their phone. This is why I highly recommend downloading like 5+ different dating apps and using programming software to have your computer swipe right on girls and match with girls while you sit back, relax, and drink a smoothie or something.

Let’s go a bit further in our analysis and we will soon realize that a certain percentage of the girls who ARE using a dating app are ugly, fat, or unattractive, but there is no way to know statistically how many girls are ugly. This is why I recommend getting an auto-swiper and swiping all the girls within 25 to 50 miles of you and just letting the matches trickle in. Then, YOU can be the selector and CHOOSE which girls you want to go out with, and which girls YOU want to ignore.

Side Note: Men who are extremely attractive want to avoid swiping right on every girl because that would result in 10,000+ matches and it would be hard to sort through the girls at that point, but if you are an average guy who has made a big effort to max out your looks, you should be swiping right on every girl because chances are you still will not be getting 10,000+ matches like a male model would.


What to do if you live in a city smaller than 1 million people and you want to use online dating to meet women:

As I mentioned in the last paragraph. NOT EVERY girl who lives in your city is going to have 1 specific dating app installed on her phone. In order to be able to have a shot with every girl in your small city, you should install every dating app that your city is known to use. For example: in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, a lot of girls also use Okcupid and POF. So, in order to have access to the most amount of girls possible in the city of Columbus (which only has a 700,000 population BTW) I would download Tinder + Okcupid + POF + many other apps, and start auto-swiping using my computer and just set everything on autopilot. Then I would come back a few days later, and start messaging girls who matched with me and whom I am interested in.


What to do if you live in bumble-fuck Kansas:

Stop reading the stuff I have on this site regarding dating apps and online dating. That stuff will most likely not work for you, because you need a population of at least 1 million people living around you in order for dating apps / online dating to work.


City Population is Inversely Proportional to Your Required SMV when it comes to online dating:

What does that mean?

It means that the lower the population of the city that you live in, the higher your sexual market value needs to be in order to get laid with the hottest girls in that city.

This is great because it essentially means that you don’t have to have model looks to bang models in big cities.

However, if you live in a small city and you look average… even if you max out your looks and try to be the best version of yourself, you may fall short because the atmosphere is more competitive there. The demand is high and the supply of women is short. Hence, a small group of men with good looks are usually banging all the super-hot girls in that small city.


Moral of the story: Don’t limit yourself by living in a small city. Move to a big city and have great logistics and you will be able to sit on your ass and get laid with models off of a cheap dating app like Tinder (even if you’re just an average looking guy).


Big P.S. You will still need the texting skills and physical escalation skills to close the girls you meet up with in big cities. Don’t become egotistical and start thinking that just because you’re above average looking, you have a goldmine, because you don’t. Why do you think good looking men still have trouble getting laid despite getting tons of matches on Tinder? (Trust me, it’s a holistic skill that I can help you attain, if you join me in my e-mail newsletter. Subscribe now and I will show you how to attain the entire skillset, from A to Z)



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