I’m about to give you a tip for Tinder that you won’t find anywhere else.

And once you know it, you’ll be mad that this e-mail just went out to thousands of guys (lol).

The technique is very simple:

You are going to go to the Facebook account that is connected to your Tinder…

… and you are going to change your workplace to something that is famous.

Let me give you an example:

For me, in NYC, I created a fake Facebook account just for Tinder, and then said I work at “VH1” in my Facebook profile BEFORE I logged into Tinder.

You have to change your job and school and all that stuff BEFORE your first time logging into Tinder for it to show up on Tinder.

So anyways… what does this do?

Well… if the girl sees that you work at VH1 (which is a TV channel here in the USA which is dedicated to music videos and artists), then basically your status just rose…

…from random guy in NYC to OMG this guy can introduce me to Justin Beiber (Lol).

This might explain why I was getting insanely hot matches in NYC and why very few girls were flaking on me.

Ya know… the funny thing is that at first I was just doing it to troll.

I love trolling.

But, I didn’t really think about the effect it would have on getting women to match with me and stop flaking.

I will go into more detail on this technique with guys who have already joined my premium course,

In fact, I have plans to create a “thinking outside the box” section with just these kinds of gold nuggets…

but for now…

… I hope I have planted a creative seed inside your head (that will hopefully get you laid at least once)

… and thereby show you how effective my free content is.

wow… imagine how awesome my premium content would be, right?

haha… jokes. jokes.. settle down ya crazies.

Anyways… why don’t you guys email me back about what happened when you tried out this technique?

It would be interesting to hear some funny stories.

Too-doo-loo ~

– Sean

P.S. Imagine combining shirtless pics with this technique (WOW). That’s exactly what I did, and let me tell you… the results were shocking.


^ I matched with this girl in NYC while I was out of town visiting my mom back home.

We were texting for a bit, but things fizzled out because I took too long to get back. But if I had been in NYC, I would have stuck my tongue in her ass. forreal.

I have a feeling that she swiped right on me because she thought I worked at VH1.


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