Alright, so you followed my advice in my other blog post titled “5-step dating app gameplan.

You’re out there searching for the best dating apps to download, when suddenly you
realize that there’s WAY TOO many dating apps out on the app store.

Calm down. I got your back.

First, I’m going to reveal some guidelines you should follow when downloading a dating app, so that you’re nearly 100% sure that it’s not a scam.

Then, I’m going to show you the exact dating apps that I have on my smartphone (as of today).

The app market is really volatile, so some dating apps can disappear overnight. (Yeah, I know it’s gay as fuck).

1. Follow these guidelines to ensure the dating app you download is legit:

– Does the app cost money to download?

Move on to something else if it does. It’s a scam operation to make money from desperate guys.

– Does the app have a recurring monthly subscription charge?

Again, drop it like it’s a hot potato fresh out the oven.

The only ones paying monthly to meet the opposite sex online will be horny, desperate dudes.

And guess what… these guys are so horny that even just being contacted by a catfish posing as a blonde bombshell is enough for them to keep paying.

(Ask yourself…How else do these stupid adult dating sites stay in business?)

– The next most important stuff you need to look at are the reviews.

Are they full of guys complaining about bots??

Or do they also have females complaining about stuff?

Lol… the funny part is that you’re always gonna find people complaining in reviews, so don’t let that deter you from using an app.

The thing you wanna focus on is that THERE’S ACTUALLY GIRLS talking about using the app in the reviews.

For example: I know that right now… if I go into the Itunes app store and go look at Tinder reviews,

I am going to find some random bish talking about meeting her boyfriend off there,

… or she might be complaining that there’s too many guys with shirtless pics

… or that there’s too many fuckboys. (Lol)

Whatever the context… just make sure there are actually girls on there reviewing the app.

– The last part that you wanna look at before downloading the app is the functionality.


Let me tell you something that you’ve heard from me a million times if you’ve been reading my blog posts and my e-mails:

Your time is the most valuable thing in dating.

If you’re spending 5 hours a day approaching random girls on the street (1 by 1) painstakingly, you’re limiting yourself.

If you’re spending 20 minutes writing a long e-mail to each girl you’re interested in, you’re limiting yourself.

Don’t limit yourself.

The methods I described above aren’t scalable.

That is… you can’t send a personalized message to 1000+ girls within a few hours.

Tinder is beautiful because you just have to swipe your finger on a girl.

A lot of apps are not copying Tinder.

Okcupid has “Quickmatch” now.

POF has a similar feature now.

And so on…

Find an app with a similar function as Tinder and follow my guidelines, then download it, because you my friend…

… have found a winner.

Ok… so let’s move onto the actual dating apps I have installed on my phone!

2. Dating apps I have currently installed on my smartphone:

– Okcupid (Classic dating app for relationships)

– Plenty Of Fish (Great as for relationships well)

– Tinder (The fundamental hookup app)

– Happn (Awesome if you life in a big city)

– Hinge (Targeted specifically for social circle)

– Down Dating (This hookup app is good in big cities like NYC)

– Skout (Social app that can result in hookups)

– Badoo (Also social app that can result in hookups)

– Grindr (This is for gay people. BUT it has girls who are slutty as fuck. Seriously… you know those “fag hags” who hang around gay guys and are super sexually open and super hot? This is the app to find those girls. Just ignore the men and focus on the girls)

– Couch surfing (Girls will fuck you as payment to stay with you… Definitely a sick app if you like to fuck foreign Euro girls from out of town)

– Airbnb (I actually had a model from LA pay to stay with me in my tiny studio LOL. I was so shocked when it happened.)

Aaaaannd… that’s the end of that list.

I’m always looking out for new apps and you should be too.

Like I said the marketplace is volatile and apps get removed from the App store sometimes.

Just move on and find a new app to replace it.

See you in my next newsletter!

Til next time…

– Sean

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