Hey, it’s Sean here, and over the past year or so, I’ve been traveling from country to country and smashing girls of different cultures.

After fucking possibly hundreds of girls (a lot of 6’s, 7’s, and a few 8’s and 9’s) in a span of around 8 months, I figured out what makes it easy for guys to get laid with stunners in some countries, while in other countries, it’s super difficult to bag even a girl who looks like a 5.

If you’re a frequent traveler like me, you’ve probably ended up asking these big questions:

Why is it that in certain places like Tokyo and Hong Kong, it’s way tougher to get quality Tinder matches?

And why is it that in other countries, like the Philippines and Thailand, you get tons of Tinder matches with super attractive, easy-going girls that wanna meet up and fuck?

I found myself asking these questions as I traveled from country to country, experimenting with different methods to get laid along the way.

Now… just so that you understand the data I’ll be using to formulate my theories, here are the countries I’ve traveled to so far:

  • India (I was there until age 5)
  • Columbus, Ohio, USA (I grew up in the Midwest from age 5 onward)
  • Scotland, UK (Stayed there for a month for summer study abroad program in college)
  • New York, USA (Moved to NYC and lived in Midtown from 2014 to 2016)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Went full digital nomad and traveled here November 2018)
  • Manila, Philippines (Went here after leaving Bangkok)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (Visited this city after Philippines)
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Visited here next)
  • Warsaw, Poland (Came to this city after getting tired of Asian pussy)
  • Hong Kong (After a trip back to Bangkok, got bored and went to Hong Kong island)
  • Tokyo, Japan (Stayed in Roppongi area for a few weeks and ran around all over Tokyo approaching girls)
  • Cyberjaya, Malaysia (After hitting up Philippines and Bangkok again, I came to Malaysia)

Here are two more key things you should understand:

I was not traveling as a poverty backpacker and I stayed in luxury Airbnb apartments in affluent areas

I stayed in each place for at least a month and this allowed me to get a feel for the dating market there

Here’s what I discovered after traveling around to nearly a dozen countries so far…

Revelation 1: Money raises your Sexual Market Value (SMV) significantly in third world countries

Yes, that’s correct, and I’m sure this doesn’t come as much of a shock.

Money raises your SMV seemingly more so in third world countries than in first world countries.

Here’s a pie graph I created to give you a visual representation of the elements that comprise your SMV when traveling abroad:

Here’s a pie graph that shows exactly which factors are important if you’re looking to get laid with the top shelf talent in a third world country, such as Thailand.

So yes, it’s true that money does affect your results abroad.

Now, you might be asking: “How come any Joe Schmuck from a western country can go to Thailand and get laid with girls way above his SMV?”

Well, this is a phenomenon I discovered while I was abroad.

You see, regular guys from first world countries don’t have to be millionaires in American currency.

Money raises your value everywhere. It’s just that third world women have less of a threshold before they see you as “rich.”

Don’t believe the hype that third world women are less materialistic. It’s all bullshit.

The only place I found to be a bit more family-oriented and less materialistic was the Philippines. But even over there, I found girls trying to trick guys into giving them money using the dumbest tactics like faking pregnancy, etc. For the most part, girls in third world countries will usually make up some reason why they need money urgently as soon as they sleep with you. The clever ones will try to get you to commit to spending money on them before they put out (sometimes even in the middle of physical escalation LOL).

One more thing is that even though it’s easy for a westerner to come into a poorer country with his higher financial power, foreign men have employed tactics and strategies to retain their value without being destroyed by the dollar.

I saw examples of such tactics in Vietnam, where society has deemed it shameful to be seen in a romantic relationship with a foreigner. So Vietnamese women usually only date Vietnamese men, with a few rare exceptions.

Another example of this type of defensive behavior from foreign men can be found in Muslim dominant societies. In these cultures, premarital sex is frowned upon, and that somewhat lessens the damage that a financially superior western man coming into their country and trying to sleep with all their women can do.

HUGE INSIGHT: Are you ready for the shocker? The pie graph in first world countries looks exactly the same as the pie graph I posted for third world countries.

The pie graph above shows that Sexual Market Value is composed of the same categories, with each category holding the same degree of importance, no matter where in the world you go.

But then, why is it that dudes complain about women acting spoiled, bratty, and having impossible standards in first world countries?

It’s because most guys are broke by first world standards.

You see… In first world countries, the reality is that the only guys who are able to leverage the money side of the graph are the guys who make 7 figures and above in one of the stronger currencies, like USD or GBP.

Here’s what the average guy’s value looks like in USA or UK:

The dotted portion of the graph represents an average first world man’s value in comparison to male competition in a first world country

Here’s what the average first world guy’s value looks like when he migrates to a third world country:

Notice how the first world man’s value has increased in every category. The most significant increase is in the money and wealth indicators category

Now you might be asking how this guy’s social dominance and physical escalation skill increased all of a sudden…

It didn’t.

Most of the native guys in Thailand are shy, not very outspoken, and have weak physical escalation skill.

So, a guy in America might be able to go for a kiss without giving a fuck, and that might not increase his value that much in his native country, but when he comes to Thailand, his ability to go for a kiss without giving a fuck increases his value significantly relative to the male competition’s value in that category.

So, you must take note here that it’s your value relative to the local male competition in each category that determines the quality of girls you’ll be dating and hooking up with when you go to a new dating market, such as a new country, or even just a new city.

When you go to a new country, you need to assess where you stand in each of these categories in comparison with the competition of males.

If you’re in the top percentile of each category, you’ll be slaying models and dimes.

Everyone has been wondering why women become more picky in first world countries. It’s because of the gap between the rich and the poor. And the more it increases, the more difficult it is for the average guy to get any quality pussy, since the quality pussy is usually flocking to the small percentage of men who are able to fill that money part of the pie graph.

First World: Most men compete on looks, masculinity, muscularity, social dominance, and alpha traits like physical escalation skills in order to attract average to above-average women. Money doesn’t matter unless a guy is making 7-figures and above.

Third World: Men from first world countries out-compete all the local competition on all categories: Money, looks, masculinity, muscularity, social dominance, and alpha traits. Here, you see the effects of money, because when you take the currency exchange value of a dollar and compare it to the local currency, you have the buying power of at least a millionaire.

In third world countries, your competition is poverty males so flashing money works better, although once she meets you for a date, you need to act masculine, lead her to your room, and escalate physically just as you would with first world women.

In first world countries, flashing muscles and acting aloof and like a jerk works better because your competition in that market is mostly skinny, effeminate men who have have developed beta personalities. These men usually have around the same financial power as you. So, you’re obviously not going to compete using wealth indicators. Instead, 99% of the males are competing on all the other categories except wealth. And they’re competing for scraps… women who are 6s and 7s at best.

So you would think that the working class men fight for scraps, while the rich men get all the 9s and 10s.

Here’s where it gets confusing.

A lot of the rich men in first world countries are usually nice guys who have neglected developing the social aspect of their character, and have just focused all their time on building wealth (hence the common stereotype of billionaires losing half their money in a divorce).

So these rich dude’s aren’t banging the top shelf women either!

So who is getting the top shelf women???

Let’s analyze a few different SMV Avatars that exist in our society so that we can better understand what kind of guy is banging top tier women in first world countries:

Here’s Bill Gates. Notice how he has low stats on every category except wealth. This translates to him marrying a woman who looks like a 4

In this example above, Bill Gates can be seen married to a woman who is a 4 (maybe even less). I’m not saying she doesn’t have a great personality, but a guy of his wealth should be able to do way better than that. So why isn’t he? Bottom line is that he has neglected other areas of his SMV portfolio and that is causing him to settle for women like these. He knows deep down that if he were to get into a relationship with a woman who is much better looking, he won’t be able to “tame the beast” so to speak, since he hasn’t focused much time on developing his social dominance and masculinity.

So why don’t we look at a rich guy who is not that aesthetic, but still can handle “the beast” and is seen banging 10s all the time?

Here’s Donald Trump’s SMV portfolio and it looks like he has maxed out his social status, wealth, and his social dominance (game)

Above is Trump coming in with as strong a portfolio as a man like him could attain. He isn’t very attractive at his age, and he was probably below average looking when younger, but he is still seen dating supermodels.

Here’s Paul Janka’s SMV portfolio. This guy was a beast when it came to approaching women in NYC when he was in his 30s.

Above is Paul Janka, a New York “pick-up artist” who was active in the 2000s. At that time, he had no money and was living in a closet sized studio in Upper East Side in Manhattan. He also used to wear a lot of high status clothes and shoes to boost his social status category. He had model looks, so he had aesthetics going for him, although his muscle was lacking by a big margin. His social dominance and game were super tight and he had his physical escalation skills perfected. And yet, he was mostly banging 6s and 7s, with a few 8s and 9s on rare occasions.

Why was Paul Janka banging mostly average to above average girls? Like I said, 99% of the male population in first world countries competes for average to above-average women, while a man with a fully developed SMV portfolio takes it all.

Let’s now look at a man with a fully developed SMV portfolio…

Here’s “The Candyman’s” SMV portfolio, and he has put effort into improving his value in all categories, as you can clearly see

Above is Travers Beynon, aka The Candyman, a guy who flaunts pictures in bed with supermodels on a regular basis on his instagram. Notice how he is able to have control over the women, and is able to not only fuck quality girls in large numbers, but also keep them around in harems. Guys like these usually get the top shelf women in first world countries.

So now it becomes clear that there’s an under-supply of masculinity in first world cultures (USA, UK, Japan, etc), therefore a muscular and dominant frame coupled with fuckboy game works better for an average guy. But as we’ve seen in the above examples, if you have money AND masculinity in a first world country, you’ll get top shelf women all day every day.

I think feminism and amazonian societies where women are dominant over men happen as societies become richer. This can be seen in Japan and America, UK, and Australia. My theory is that this is strongly linked to the gap between the rich and poor widening to greater and greater heights, and thus leaving little in the way of financial competition between men.

Revelation 2: Game is an essential skill in all countries

You can’t escape not knowing how to talk to girls in real life, how to touch them in real life, and how to escalate to sex with them in real life.

When first world guys with no game come to Bangkok, they get hookers and that’s all they do. Even with all the Tinder matches they might get, we all know that loser males who have no confidence in real life are probably going to get taken advantage of by a Thai girl who takes chodes like him out to expensive restaurants all the time without putting out.

If you don’t know how to close, escalate, and get past a girl’s resistance in the bedroom, you ain’t getting laid with quality non-hooker girls anywhere.

If you suck at that stuff, you’ll end up like one of those old white dudes in their 70s getting cash out of an ATM to pay some average looking hooker who’s been dug out by 1000 other guys before him (probably has some STDs too).

Don’t be this guy. Please.

If you have no skills in the social dominance and physical escalation departments, then fucking hookers won’t help you fuck real non-hooker girls, because, first of all, hookers usually aren’t as hot as regular girls, and second, hookers don’t put up any defenses like a normal girl who looks like an 8 or 9 would do.

However, if you DO have escalation skills and are already good with women, then fucking an escort who is a stunner (8 at least) who makes most girls look like shit, can help you close a date you’ll have with a girl who is similar in attractiveness to the escort. I talk about this in greater detail in my blog post on how to use a model-caliber escort strategically to fuck regular girls who look like 9’s and 10’s.

Avoid being a sex tourist: The healthy ratio of regular girls to hookers is 95/5. 95% of your lays should be regular girls. But when you want to fuck a really hot regular girl and need a boost in attitude so that she senses that you don’t think she’s anything special, then you can pay a high caliber stunner escort to fuck. But you’re only doing it for the confidence boost so that you can close the regular girl you have a date with.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the reward of being able to fuck a hot regular girl is that you get a pussy that hasn’t been wrecked by hundreds of guys. You can even close virgins with tiny twats that will make your cock feel like it’s in heaven (I did this in Indonesia). Or you can fuck near virgins who have only fucked 1 small dicked guy before you. The pussy is usually way more tight and pleasurable, and you can also raw dog it. Oh and when you’re fucking them, they usually put their heart into fucking you back.

Revelation 3: It’s not about Male to Female Ratio… it’s about attractive Male to Female ratio

I think male to female ratio isn’t what really determines things, otherwise it would be easy for the average guy to score models in NYC with little effort, and trust me it’s not.

What actually matters is how many attractive women are in a population pool versus how many attractive men are in a population pool.

In the diagram above, you can see that there’s more attractive (7+) men in the market than there are attractive (7+) women. This creates conditions where you’ll see attractive men being forced to date down in looks. You can see these types of conditions in the USA if you really take a step back and look at things from a macro perspective.

The diagram above shows the ideal dating market that benefits men. In this scenario, which already exists in countries like Thailand and Philippines, extremely attractive women can be seen dating busted dudes, even really old dudes who probably don’t even know game exists. In these types of places, getting a girl who looks like a 9 or a 10 is much easier. Although 9s and 10s will still put up a little resistance, they know they don’t have tons of options better than you (assuming you’re well put together), and will give you way less resistance and will behave friendly and act feminine.

The great thing about living in a dating market that has a surplus of attractive women is that you can import women from difficult markets (UK, for example) and their behavior will automatically adjust itself because of the environment and their lack of dating options in the current dating market. That is, even if you were to bring a girl from an external dating market, she would not leave you because the competition from attractive women is far too great for her to be able to “trade up.”

Revelation 4: Unregulated, rampant prostitution lowers the value of pussy in dating markets

I stumbled upon an incredible realization when I studied the dating market in Bangkok, Thailand.

I discovered that prostitution is rampant, unregulated, and it’s so embedded within the culture that even effeminate men (ladyboys) convert themselves into females just to try to make money from the prostitution industry.

What do these ladyboys and all this rampant prostitution do to women’s power in the sexual marketplace?

Yup… You guessed it.

They send the value of pussy plummeting down into the Mariana Trench.

I used to hate ladyboys, but when I understood the destructive effect they have on the value of pussy, I was cool with them.

Rule of thumb: The lower the value of pussy, the less bargaining power women have when it comes to sex.

All the betas and thirsty men who put women on pedestals back home and shower them with attention are usually getting their beaks wet with ladyboys or busted hookers all around Bangkok, which means that the regular women aren’t getting much attention from these losers in these places.

What that means is that the local women are way more receptive to meeting up with you and they’ll basically behave themselves instead of acting spoiled and entitled.

Countries and cities with rampant prostitution are known to be among the best “pussy paradises” in existence.

Just off the top of my head, here’s a few cities and countries with rampant prostitution: Las Vegas, Thailand, Philippines.

Revelation 5: Exotic looks can slightly raise your SMV

This factor may allow you to bang women slightly above your SMV, but it won’t have models jumping your bones or anything serious.

Whether you’ll slay hotter girls in a different sexual market is also about whether the women in that market have a predisposition to liking men of your ethnicity, skin color, etc.

Opposites attract, and if you’re a dark skinned guy in a Nordic country, you’re more exotic than in a country like Malaysia. Similarly white men do well in Bangkok, although you can still kill it as a tan or dark guy if you flash money.

From real world experiences, I never saw a busted dark guy dating a super model in a country like Poland. The SMV boost offered by exotic value is very subtle and I don’t think exotic looks offer as much of a boost to your value as, for example, lifting weights and getting shredded, or grooming your facial hair and having a sick fade hair cut.

If anything, I’ve found evidence that the exotic value is an amplification factor.

What that means is that if you’re already aesthetic and muscular, the exotic value will amplify the effect 10-fold.

If you’re not that aesthetic, you might get like a 2x boost from your exotic value and that’s about it.

And that brings us to the end of this post…

Just to recap:

These 5 factors are responsible for getting you laid with more (and hotter) girls when you travel abroad:

  1. Having a first world income
  2. Developing solid game (social dominance and physical escalation skill)
  3. Going to a place with a low number of attractive males and high number of attractive females
  4. Going to a place with rampant, unregulated prostitution
  5. Going to a place where you have exotic value and there aren’t many guys who look like you

Am I saying you should give up on your current dating market and move abroad? No. I’m not saying that at all.

In fact, I love Hong Kong and a lot of what it has to offer. It’s a beautiful island with a sick skyline and a popping nightlife scene. But is it a great place to meet attractive women? Hell naw.

Understanding these dating market dynamics allows you to better understand what you’re getting yourself into when you go to a new country, so that you can prepare yourself for battle if it’s a shitty market. I love the challenge of competing in shitty dating markets and it’s fun to be able to swoop hot first world girls from time to time.

Just keep a good balance, and you’ll be fine.

Oh and as a final note…

Just in case you’re wondering what your Tinder bio should look like in a first world country (where masculinity is more valued by women)…

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