It always annoys me when I hear “gurus” preaching calling girls over texting them.

Okay grandpa… you keep calling them. And I’ll just send a couple texts and line up 3 dates for the day. 😉

Calling girls doesn’t work.


It’s not scalable.

Let me ask you something…

Can you call up 200 girls in 10 minutes and then line up dates with the ones who actually answer your call?


Well… guess what…

You CAN do that with texts.

And even better, if she doesn’t answer your texts right there and then… you still have a chance to go on a date with her in the future.

With calling, if she doesn’t answer you are SHIT OUT OF LUCK.

If you leave a voicemail, you look creepy, no matter how smooth you sound.

If you call her again, you look creepy, no matter how cool you sound if she picks up the second time.

And… let’s not forget the fact that YOU called HER to get something from HER.

That’s right.

You’re setting up the mentality in the girl’s mind that she is the one being chased.

Do you know what this reminds me of?


Why does everyone despise telemarketers?

They’re pushy salesmen, they call you again and again and again.

Even if you say NO, they still keep pestering you throughout the day.

Now compare that to a nice indirect marketing message.

For example: a prospect sees a text ad inviting them to come visit a business of their own free will.

Sounds a lot more enticing, doesn’t it?

If the person isn’t interested, they just move on and don’t have to worry about receiving any annoying messages again.

But here’s the thing…

Maybe next time they see that same message, they’ll be more likely to take action.

SEE? With telemarketing you burn bridges by being a bit too aggressive.

With texting, you maintain a gradually growing relationship.

But you also keep your distance…

This communicates to her that she’s just an option on your phone.

If you actually take the time to call her as an individual person, she’s thinking…

“This guy probably doesn’t get that many girls’ numbers in his phone, otherwise he wouldn’t be calling me and giving me so much special attention”

Another thing I want to point out is…

How do you even intend to get her number after matching with her on Tinder?

You certainly can’t call her from Tinder.


…and even after you get her number,

…she would still rather text you.

This is not the ’90s…

Girls today text guys before meeting up.

This is FACT. And if you try to call her, you will be seen as aggressive or worse…


The last thing you want is a girl to think that you are a cling-monster or a stalker.

Phone conversation can get you removed from her list of potential candidates.

If you call multiple times and she doesn’t pick up, it puts you into the stalker category in her mind.

Also, it doesn’t “build rapport” or “build investment” like “experts” may be trying to tell you.

It indicates that you have such few options with women that you are willing to invest a bunch of your valuable time being on the phone with a girl you haven’t even met or spent that much time with.

You wanna know what phone conversations are good for?

Phone conversations are good for strengthening the bond and converting sex partners into long term relationships.

So if your goal is to develop a relationship with a girl you’re already banging on the regular, go ahead and call her.

Otherwise, steer clear of phone game.

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Til next time…

– Sean

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