What if I told you that pick up lines don’t work? Pick up lines don’t work in real life, and they certainly don’t work via text or dating apps. Simply put: Tinder pick up lines don’t work…

So you wanna know what works? A “holistic system” that encompasses the entire process from meeting a girl to actually sleeping with her (and maybe even beyond).

If you’ve been a subscriber of Hookups On Autopilot for some time, you know that I am a big fan of using systems in my life to make my daily routine easier.

Why not incorporate systems into meeting women?

That is exactly what this post will show you how to do.

Here is the cold, hard fact:

Pick up lines don’t work, a holistic system DOES.


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How do I know Tinder pick up lines don’t work?

Answer: Because that was the first thing I tried. Here’s how it played out.

In Spring and Summer of 2014, when I was pretty much ignoring Tinder and was still in the process of mastering how to take girls home from the streets of Meatpacking, I’ll admit that I did try it out a couple times, and I failed.

Here’s what happened.

I tried using these dumb pics by following the advice from mainstream media (take interesting pics, avoid bathroom shirtless selfies):


Crappy Tinder profile pic 1


Also, I paired these retarded pics (which I had gathered from years going out to clubs and parties) with a solid copy-paste text message strategy that, as you’ll see, pretty much got girls to troll me into oblivion.

I would send out a cookie cutter text message to a match I got (which was rare with these pics) and girls would troll me with messages like:

“go home goat, you’re drunk”

or in the case of me using the fun party pics, I got zero matches (lol) so I didn’t even get to use any copy paste texts.

Well, here’s a funny thing you should know.

I realized that in NYC, “bitches know if you a real nigga or if you a fake nigga.” Or well… at least that’s what my buddy used to say (lol)

I knew that these stupid gimmicks were blocking me from being a natural guy.

Oh…and by this time in my life, I was getting to the point where my game was natural and I didn’t have to fake confidence. I could say whatever I wanted and I would still keep girls interested. If there was silence, there was no tension. I was comfortable enough around girls to keep the silence and embrace the sexual tension.

But enough about me lol.

Listen to me when I say that I was using Tinder all wrong.

Tinder pick up lines don’t work. You’ll be seen as a fake, a fraud, a joke. Girls will laugh at your pics and texts with their groups of girlfriends and you’ll get matches after sending your first text.

Instead, what you need to do is approach this thing head on by understanding the psychology of improving your texting capability systematically through detailed sticking point analysis.

But before I go any further into the texting, I just want to say that the holistic process of meeting women (from any source–be it weekend parties, or Tinder, or Plenty of Fish)… the holistic process was what I realized was essential. If one aspect of the holistic process was missing, I would fail to sleep with the girl I was interested in (and inevitably to form any type of relationship with her).


What did I slowly figure out?

I slowly figured out that your texting is just one part of the whole process to getting laid from Tinder. Texting is a holistic process. Getting laid is a holistic process.


What actually matters?

There are 5 core elements that, in the right combination, funnel girls to the front of your door for hook ups “on autopilot”

These are:

  • The correct types of pics in exactly the right combination that draws the attention of girls who are feeling horny at the right moment at the right time
  • The correct type of bio that goes along with those pics to amplify the horniness of those girls
  • The texting strategy that catapults you into the top 1% of Tinder players
  • The physical escalation strategy that generates a nearly 100% “close rate”
  • The logistics that allow all of the above stuff to happen without any obstructions



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Plan for failure and then automate that plan into a system

For each of the 5 core elements I discussed above, you need to have a system for dealing with failure: a set of actions that you perform as a habit when things don’t go your way.

These need to happen without your brain thinking about it too much. How do we form a habit so that we eventually never have to think about it?

You must create a plan on paper with SPECIFIC time and dates on your weekly calendar when you will do those tasks.

Then, you need to create cues and reward yourself for performing those actions when the time eventually comes to do them.

For example: when I give you a set of texting rules and techniques (based on female psychology) to follow when texting girls, how do you integrate these rules into your texting behavior?

The answer is you can’t… unless you put in the hard work of testing it out in the real world and through trial and error develop automatic reflexes inside your brain that connect cause and effect: “If I behave this way with the girl, she seems to start texting me paragraphs and starts chasing me”

And that is when you actually start developing natural reflexes that draw girls to you naturally.

What’s the opposite of this?

Spamming girls with Tinder pick up lines that you found by searching on Google for “Tinder pick up lines” (lol)


Look I get it.

It’s easier to just cut and paste some lines some guy gave you in his 27 page PDF that gives you word-for-word lines.

The thing you have to ask yourself is: How many other guys just like you have downloaded that exact ebook and are texting those same girls the exact same spammy lines?


When I started out in learning how to text girls, I used to do that. I used to try and copy paste lines to girls.

What happened?


Girls wouldn’t respond.

And because I didn’t have the behaviors of a guy who is naturally good with women, I didn’t know how to respond to failure, so I would start texting her multiple times even after receiving no response from her.


What I’m more interested in is studying the underlying behavior of a guy who is naturally good with women:

How does he think?

How does he respond?

What does he do when he doesn’t get what he wants?

How can I automate my behavior so that I can think just like he does without spending 5 hours a day wrapping myself around stupid pick up lines?

How do I do all this within a split second inside my mind, instead of spending an hour discussing with my buddy what I should text the girl? (I’ve done this too many times to count lol)


Once I have written down a set of behaviors, I am ready to start emulating them.

Here are a few examples:

  • Taking longer to answer her texts than she does to mine
  • Texting her shorter sentences than she does to me
  • Flaking on her on a date (to get her super obsessed with me)

Do you realize that most guys never even think about this type of stuff?

It’s under the surface level behavior that causes women to be naturally drawn towards a certain type of guy. You can call him a badass, a pick up artist, a ladies’ man, whatever. The truth is that he gets laid more than you for a reason. And it is because of how he behaves and NOT what he sends.


Which brings me to my next point…


When you have contingency plans for exactly how you’re going to respond when a girl behaves a certain way, that is when you start seeing massive results almost on autopilot


Here is how you create a contingency plan for getting a girl to actually meet you for a date instead of relying on cheesy Tinder pick up lines:


Hookups On Autopilot Tinder Pick Up Lines Creation System

Custom Pickup Line Creation System Diagram - Tinder pick up lines


Are you noticing something here? We’re categorizing the underlying behaviors and then changing our behaviors in the future based on our past failures.


What are we not doing? We aren’t categorizing the actual texts we sent out. There’s literally an infinite number of things we can send out, but keep one thing in mind: there is only a finite number of different types of texts you can actually send out. (Long texts? Short texts? Taking exactly X number of hours to text her back, etc.)


Did you know that it’s taken me 7+ years of failure and success to conquer the learning curve of texting girls without needing Tinder pick up lines?

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