Executive Consultation Services

Here is a quick overview of all the services we currently offer. All payments for services must be paid in full before beginning the service.

Phone/Skype Consultation

Locations available: Worldwide

Office Hours Available: 10 hours/week (one-on-one)


Got a question about dating or seduction? Let's get personal with a one on one session on the phone, or on Skype.

Current rates are low, but as demand grows, pricing may increase.

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Same Night Lays

Locations available: New York City

Seats Available: Varies (Thu, Fri, Sat)

Are you a busy executive who doesn't have time to go out and spend 1 hour on each woman hoping that she'll go home with you.

This program guarantees that you will take girls home on a weekend night in Meatpacking NYC within 2 minutes of meeting them.

Say goodbye to $10,000 bottle service and tables. I will show you within 1 night how I pull stunners within 2 minutes of meeting them.

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Physical Escalation Workshop

Locations available: New York City

Seats Available: Varies (Thu, Fri, Sat)

Has this ever happened to you:

You're on a date with your dream girl and you want to just "go for the kill"

...You started making out at the bar and then you were like "Right, how do I get this to the next level" ...And then you just started overthinking it ...And something in your mind stopped you from just taking control and saying something like "Let's go back to your place"

You got a makeout and that was it. You went home, thinking the date went well.

The next day, you texted her and she wasn't interested anymore.

This workshop will guarantee that this never happens to you again.

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Tinder Outsourcing Service

Locations available: Any big city worldwide (we don't accept clients living in cities with populations smaller than 2 million people)

Seats Available: 2 per month (one-on-one)

Not everyone will be accepted for this consultation package. We will not work with clients living in cities with a population less than 2 million people. Tinder works best in large cities.

This program allows clients to rent my Tinder skills for 1 month.

I will set up a winning profile for you, I will select pics for you, I will create your bio, and I will text all your girls for you and deliver them to you for a date.

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3 Proven and Tested Tinder Bios

Get the EXACT 3 Tinder bios i used personally to get over 100 DTF matches on Tinder and sleep with 3 girls in 1 night.

Just Copy-and-Paste these into your profile and you'll start getting girls literally asking you to fuck them.

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