Physical Escalation Workshop

Get the Skills You Need to Transition from a Date to Sex


Has this ever happened to you:

You're on a date with your dream girl and you want to just "go for the kill"

...You started making out at the bar and then you were like "Right, how do I get this to the next level"

...And then you just started overthinking it

...And something in your mind stopped you from just taking control and saying something like "Let's go back to your place"

You got a makeout and that was it. You went home, thinking the date went well.

The next day, you texted her and she wasn't interested anymore.

At the time, you were confused because you thought she liked you.

You tried to understand why she didn't wanna go on a second date...

and then... she blocked your number.

Now that you look back on it, it's clear that she wanted to hook up

Maybe you met her on Tinder...

Maybe you met her at the local Starbucks...

Maybe you met her out on a Saturday night at the clubs...

Guess what.

Unless you know how to transition from the date into sex, you will never have a steady stream of girlfriends, fuck-buddies, or hook-ups.

This is true ESPECIALLY if you want to snag your dream girl when the opportunity presents itself.

You might already know what happens to guys who don't know how to transition to sex...

That's right...

They get slotted into the "friend zone" by EVERY girl they meet.

It could be a girl they met online, via social circle, or via cold approach. The way you met her is not relevant.

In a woman's mind, there are only 2 types of men:

Man #1: Has already transitioned to sex on the first date

Man #2: Struggles to transition to sex and is usually put into the friend zone literally minutes after meeting a girl on a first date

You could be the smoothest guy in the world.

You could be the nicest guy with the best of intentions for her.

You could spend months "building comfort" with her and showing her your sensitive side, showing her that you have friends, or otherwise proving yourself to her.

But at the end of the day, the guy who can have sex with her in the shortest amount of time possible...

The guy who can transition to sex better than you.

The guy who gets laid quick... and I'm talking within minutes of meeting her (in some cases)

He gets to have her attention, he gets to cuddle with her, he gets to enjoy her companionship...


Does that make you angry?

It should.

And that's good, because anger translates into you doing something to change your problem right now.


You've put this off before, and you've always looked back on your dates with regret.

It's time to stop putting it off.

It's time to stop burying the problem.

It's time to learn how to transition to sex on the first date.

Hookups On Autopilot Presents...

This Intense Weekend Bootcamp Will Teach You How to Close the Deal, Transition to Sex on the First Date and NEVER Fall into the Friend Zone Again

What it all boils down to is this: CAN YOU CLOSE THE DEAL?

The skill to transition to sex is what separates the men from the boys.

You can land a date by any number of methods.

You can use Tinder, you can go out and collect numbers during the day, you can meet girls at night at bars and clubs.

But all of your efforts will be wasted if you don't know how to transition to sex.

This is ARGUABLY the most important part of your dating skillset.

If you've heard of the Pareto Principle before, you may know that in nearly all areas of life, there is a 90/10 ratio in effect.

Basically, 90% of the top results come from 10% of your efforts.

When you FOCUS on this 10%, your results skyrocket very quickly.

How quickly?

When I was learning how to become better with women (as a 20 year old kissless virgin), I struggled for 6 months trying to talk to women, but I would never touch them.

I eventually reached a breaking point after getting friend-zoned by EVERY girl I approached.

Even when I approached a girl who was smiling and obviously interested in me, things would eventually fizzle out, and I would go home alone--forced to jerk off because I was being a "nice guy"

One day, I was reading this one book on seduction and just got fed up and said: NO MORE.

From that day forward, I just started to "go for the kill" with almost every girl I met ... within seconds of saying "hi" to her.

Sometimes I didn't even say anything. I would just put out my hand, wait for the girl to grab it, and then try to lead her to my apartment--or try to make out with her.

And I forced myself to stay SOBER through all of this.

What followed was a string of crazy results the likes of which are tales of legend.

Almost every girl I tried making out with ended up accepting my make outs.

I started taking more girls home on the weekend.

I started ending nearly all of my first dates in sex -- and they would usually stay the night and we'd cuddle.

I started transitioning to sex without thinking about it.

I started feeling naturally confident around women.

I would no longer stutter in conversation and feel self conscious when talking to girls.

And, most importantly...

I became fearless in the face of rejection -- not just when it came to women, but in other areas as well.

Let me tell you one thing: You CANNOT learn this skill inside an online course.

You need an instructor who can accelerate your progress and start getting you results within literally hours.

Before I go any further, let me say...

This bootcamp is not for everyone.

In fact there are very limited spots available because I'm going to work with students one on one during the weekend.

With that said, here are the types of results you can expect to see when you join...

Above: Here's a brazilian model I met at like 11 pm on a Saturday night who dances in an elite nightclub called Provocateur in Meatpacking, New York City. Yes, that's her on my bed literally an hour after I met her.

Videos of fast escalation on dates:

So I guess I'll get straight to the point...

Let Me Show You the Step-by-step Formula I Developed and Implemented over the Last 7 Years to Systematically Transition to Sex with 152 Women (and Counting)

...And I Apologize in Advance If All the Options You See below Are Sold out (Lol)

Choose your Bootcamp Option:

  • Thursday, Friday, or Saturday
  • Location: Manhattan, New York City
  • 3 hour strategy session (6 PM - 9 PM)
  • In-field Practice - Transition to Sex with Real Girls (10 PM - 5 AM)
  • In-field Transportation Included
  • Airfare & Accommodations not included
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  • Thursday + Friday + Saturday
  • Location: Manhattan, New York City
  • 3 hour strategy session (6 PM - 9 PM)
  • In-field Practice - Transition to Sex with Real Girls (10 PM - 5 AM)
  • In-field Transportation Included
  • Airfare & Accommodations not included
  • [Bonus PDF] Physical Escalation Gameplan
  • 4 Weekly Follow-Up Strategy Calls
Reserve Your Spot - Risk Free

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