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By the way...

Did you know that getting more matches actually has nothing to do with getting laid on Tinder?

I know, I know...

I was shocked too when I discovered this little tidbit of information...

You might be thinking that I've gone completely off the handle.

But let me tell you the truth about Tinder...

In fact, this is the truth about all mobile dating apps...

Less matches are actually better.

Indeed, the old saying (Less is more) applies to mobile dating apps more than it does anywhere else.

You see, I was like you

…and I searched everywhere to find out how to get laid on Tinder.

I had grown tired of hearing stories of my buddies hooking up through Tinder like it was no big deal

I had grown fed up with having to keep quiet when our conversation at the table turned to sex and/or relationships…

I had grown sick of feeling like my lack of success with Tinder was the elephant in the room when I was with my friends…

I had grown tired of all of this!

And so… I kind of had an emotional breakdown and sat down at my work desk one morning and stealthily (so as not to get in trouble with my boss lol) started searching the web on how to fix my problem…

I Knew There Had to Be a Way to Get Laid From Tinder... I Was Missing Something... But What Was It?

I scoured the depths of Google searching every term I could think of related to Tinder and online dating that would get me closer to the holy grail of automatic pussy delivery straight to my apartment.

I was really sick of working long, exhausting hours at my office downtown (I worked in a 10 hour a day sales job) and then finally getting out of work only to see the streets empty with all the women gone home.

There was no way for me to meet women except through online dating.

I was backed into a corner with no way to escape.

So, as I was saying…

I searched Google and tried to find the cure to my problem.

And all I found were forums and social media sites full of men who had a victim mentality to everything related to online dating…

I was reading stuff like…

“…NYC is filled with tall white dudes. If you’re not very physically attractive, you won’t have a great time…”

And this (lol with limiting beliefs like these… is it any wonder that 1% of men fuck all the hot women?):

And even worse… I came across this one guy on my Facebook feed:

His Tinder bio: 

“This app fuels the female egotistical and narcissistic nature by giving them the selfie culture and a buffet of cock to choose from. This in turn transforms most of these girls to picky bitches with shitty attitudes. Most of you females on here have nothing to offer but your depreciating looks and used up vaginas.”


My reaction:

What the fuck?

Is this guy being serious?


And then on top of all that nonsense, I found that when I did go to ask people for help on dating and seduction forums, I was always, and I mean always, greeted by a negative asshole who, without fail, told me to forget Tinder and go cold approach girls:

What is it about Tinder and Online Dating that makes guys so uncomfortable?

I just couldn’t figure it out, but I knew that listening to these guys was not going to get me laid on Tinder.

Arguing with them was an even bigger waste of time.

So, I decided to go rogue and start testing different ideas.

I was missing some key piece of information, and once I would find it, I knew that I would unlock the benefits of online dating and mobile dating apps.

What if It Was Possible to Get Sex With Hot Girls Delivered to Your Door Like Grubhub?

...Because that's exactly what Tinder and similar mobile dating apps allow you to do.

Think about it…

If you live in a huge city of at least 2 million+ people, with new girls moving to your city on the regular, you literally have unlimited dating options as long as most girls are using those particular online dating apps or sites.

And what that means is that you don’t have to work your butt off to go meet those girls in person and painstakingly approach them, feeling the sting of rejection with each approach, and ask for their phone numbers (which may or may not turn into dates).

Approaching girls you don't know is such a huge waste of time, because you're actually prospecting for leads like a cold calling telemarketer.

I don’t know about you but my time is very valuable, and I don’t intend to waste it on girls who have a 10% chance of turning into prospects.

Let me repeat in case you didn't catch it the first time I said it:

Approaching girls is basically telemarketing for pussy. (Lol)

And guess what...

Your returns will be similar to telemarketing. It’s a very poor way of going about getting laid.

I already know the hardship of doing it that way, because I did it for 4 years in one of the biggest campuses in the Midwest.

And it worked over there because I had absolutely no responsibility except going to classes and hitting on girls.


I even did it for another 2 years in one of the most competitive playing fields on Earth: New York City.

Long story short… I got burned out.

My energy levels plummeted into the shitter as I gradually lost passion for "the game of cold approach".

I was tired of approaching women on the utterly disgusting sidewalks of NYC, only to see 1 or 2 dates in a given week.

...not to mention that eventually my parents stopped giving me a free ride and I had to get a job, which occupied any time I previously had for approaching girls and meeting them in person.

The benefit of online dating and mobile dating apps is that you can let computers do the hard work of finding the women who are the best match for you, while focusing your time on more productive tasks, like making more money / negotiating a raise at work.

FACT: Dating apps allow you to literally get hook-ups on auto-pilot.

  • Name
    "LoooooooL! Tnx! Girl I banged just drove home 🙂

    ...We matched yesterday and today after few texting we met and have amazing sex!"
    Jared R. Dublin, Ireland

Girl from Tinder basically delivers herself to Jared:

How an Average Guy Like Me Accidentally Discovered the Key to "Automatic Pussy Delivery"...

So you’re probably wondering...

“Sean, what was the tipping point? How did you start getting laid from Tinder?”

It all came to me when I saw this Tinder case study of a male model from an online bodybuilding community…

I was shocked at what I was seeing.

Sitting directly in front of me, staring me in the face was proof that Tinder does work for guys looking to get laid.

The guy was good looking, I will give him that. And rather than get discouraged and start hating on Tinder “because all women are picky bitches,” I decided to get really analytical.

What made this guy’s profile work?

Was it the angle of his pics? Did that angle make him look better?

Was it the fact that the guy looked like he had some muscle and looked buff?

(The guy wasn’t shredded or anything… but he looked like he worked out regularly)

I made an educated guess and decided that it was in fact the combination of his attractive pics, coupled with his muscular physique, that was getting him results.

Notice that I said attractive pics.

I didn’t say the guy was attractive, I said his pics were attractive.

You see, I know something that most guys don’t.

And that’s because I’ve been studying the psychology of dating and male-female behaviors for a very, very long time…

I know that most good looking people don’t actually look that good in real life.

Put a male model under bad lighting and he will barely get any matches on Tinder.

Take the make up off the hottest, most feminine looking girl on Tinder and she will match with a less attractive crowd of guys with probably poor social skills at best.

I also know from sleeping with plenty of women, before I even became aware of Tinder, that they have great difficulty in finding a guy who actually shows up for a date. Most guys chicken out unfortunately.

And I also know that most of the really hot girls have trouble finding guys who are dominant with them in bed. Most guys are nice guys and think they have to be fragile with the hotties, thus resulting in disappointment for the woman.

Women do not respond only to your looks on Tinder. They respond more to your sub-communication.

Oh... And by the way, your looks can be manipulated.

You may not be the best looking guy, but you can easily modify your fashion sense, or your haircut, or your facial hair, or your grooming, or literally a dozen of other “data points”, and you will start seeing better results with women.

I had to take dozens of photos for Tinder with different postures, I had to try pics without a beard and with a beard, and so on…

Until I finally found the combo that worked best for me…

And Brother… What I Will Now Reveal to You…

The thing that works best for Tinder is a sexualized pic and bio portfolio, along with elite texting skills. The type of texting skills that belong only to a man with an extremely abundant lifestyle with women.

Do you remember how I said that getting more matches on Tinder doesn’t actually get you laid?

This is what I was talking about…

Listen carefully:

Any guy can use cheap tactics to get more matches.

I’ve seen the stupidest shit online, where “experts” tell you to add a Tinder logo to your profile so that your profile looks officially approved by Tinder.

Does this bullshit look familiar?

Some “experts” tell you to take a pic with a cute puppy for your first pic…

Some “experts” tell you to take a pic of you smiling and looking directly in the camera…

And some idiots (ahem I mean “experts”) give you scripts with long drawn out messages that will only serve to remind the girl that you care way too much about Tinder and that you’re taking this dating app way too seriously.

I tried all of that, before I finally stumbled upon the truth about Tinder and online dating.

Here’s what those cheap tactics get you:

1000s of matches

I know… you’re probably jumping up and down with joy right now, aren’t you?

Well guess what.

Those 1000 matches are entirely useless.

The girls swiped right because you made them smile or laugh.

They didn’t swipe right because they are interested in dating you.

And they most certainly didn’t swipe right because they are sexually interested in you.

The Secret Strategy for Tinder That No One Wants to Share with You...

Now let’s think about it like this:

You go out to a professional photographer.

You take cultured, artsy shirtless pics with a little bit of subtle sexuality revealed throughout the entirety of all your pics.

The photographer is an expert at bringing out your most attractive qualities, and then adding a dash of sexuality to those qualities.

…or maybe you just take some sexualized selfies in front of the bathroom mirror.

Either way, you’re ahead of 99% of guys.


Let’s say you go a step further and add a sexual bio into the mix.


Now you start swiping on Tinder and you’re confused…

Shouldn’t you be getting matched with a lot of girls?


What this strategy is doing is that it is screening out the girls who are using Tinder for entertainment.

The girls who are not genuinely interested will swipe left on you.

This is good.

It means that you will only match with girls who are SUPER INTERESTED IN YOU.

These are what I like to call “targeted Tinder matches”…

Let me make something clear:

It is better to have 10 targeted Tinder matches who will not flake on you (with good texting skills) than it is to have 1000 Tinder matches full of flakey, non-responsive girls who unmatch you when you send them a first message.

I don’t know about you, brah…

… but I would rather match with 12 girls, and go on 6 dates that actually end in sex, than to match with 1000 girls, and then waste my time sifting through all those annoying time wasters and then after some luck--and a lot of patience--find a couple girls who are actually interested in sex. (although it will be incredibly difficult to find them)

This is what I was talking about when I told you way in the beginning of this page that “getting more matches actually has nothing to do with getting laid on Tinder.”

  • Name
    "I got 2 dates lined up already and I only started yesterday...

    one of the dates is paying for my ticket for me to come to hers and fuck her"
    Alihan Y. London, United Kingdom

Alihan gets girls to pay for him to come fuck them:

And since you now know that getting those targeted matches is the key to getting sex on demand,

Let me tell you what’s even more important…

Your ability to get those targeted matches out on dates…

My Troubles Weren't Over Yet, but They Were About to Be... Read on to Learn How I Fucked 3 Girls in 1 Day From Tinder...

You see, even though I had become great at getting all these matches who were excited to meet up with me, I would ALWAYS mess it up with every girl.

Sometimes, I messed it up with the first text I sent out.

Other times, I would be close to actually scheduling a date with the girl and then right when we were going to agree on a time, the conversation went dead.

And most often, when I asked a girl if she wants to grab a drink, she would unmatch me.

It was annoying and I almost swore off Tinder altogether because of it.

I didn’t get it. I couldn’t understand why this was happening.

My pictures were perfect, my bio was perfect, my Tinder profile was bringing in loads of targeted DTF Tinder matches.

Hell… they were so DTF that they were messaging me asking me to bang them!

See for yourself:

And yet…

Even though girls were messaging me first, I was STILL fucking it up for myself! (Can you believe it? So embarrassing… )

Pretty much all the matches I was getting were flaking out at certain points in the conversation.

How was this even possible?

These “flaky girls” were obviously interested in my profile, but I was saying or doing something that was turning them off.

There was definitely something wrong.

But the problem wasn’t with the matches. The problem was with me.

The first step to fixing this problem was admitting that I sucked at texting.

This was just another obstacle in my path (the same as that first obstacle I faced: getting more targeted matches)

So I did what I do best: back to Google search!

After a bit of searching, I found the Pandora’s Box of Tinder conversations.

It was a forum thread with tons of guys posting their “Tinder successes.” These guys didn’t look amazing. They weren’t models or anything. Some were even below average looking.

How Were These Guys Getting Girls Out on Dates From Tinder, While I Was Sitting There With My Dick in My Hand Looking Like a Moron?

Not only were they banging girls off this app with ease, they were meeting up with girls within hours of matching with them!

“I’ve got to get in on this!”

That’s what I was thinking the whole time through.

I knew then that it’s not just good enough to have matches, I’ve got to learn how to text them and get them to actually meet me on a date.

Otherwise, this whole thing was just a waste of time and effort.

I studied all the stuff on those forums, but it wasn’t really enough. I was getting laid a few times here and there, but most girls were still non-responsive.

Everything changed one day when I met this Jewish guy named Saul from those same "pick-up" forums.

He wasn't particularly good looking, but the way he texted girls just got them to respond.

I saw him with some of the hottest girls I've ever seen--keep in mind that this was in NYC, a city known for its abundance of models etc.

I remember, in particular, one night when he called me up because his car was about to get towed and he asked me to come bail him out.

When I arrived to help him, I found him sitting next to a stunning European beauty with black hair and green eyes.

There it was... a living embodiment of what I was struggling so hard to obtain. A symbol of my failure almost spitting in my face disrespectfully.

I was barely able to look in her direction as I drove my friend's car to safety so that he could take over and drive home.

That's how hot she was.

I eventually came to find out that Saul had met this girl from Tinder.


That was when I knew that if I was going to learn, it would be from Saul himself.

As we got to know each other more and increasingly discussed our dealings with women, he gave me advice on my texting skills because that was just something he loved to do on the side. He loved to "play the game."

There was this one time I was working on getting this cute blonde Victoria Secret model to come out and meet me, but I screwed it up terribly.

I discussed it with Saul and tried to defend myself by saying "bro, I just haven’t studied any textgame ebooks or memorized any texting scripts yet. That’s why I fucked it up."

He laughed at me, yelling at me over the phone…

"Scripts? Bro Get the Fuck Outta Here With That Shit. That Shit Doesn’t Work in New York City."

He was right... I had to take the training wheels off.

I had to stop relying on crutches like texting scripts.

I had to learn how to become naturally good at texting.

And something told me that the problem was a lot deeper than the surface level of knowing what to text.

To my relief, I had access to Saul’s knowledge.

I had access to him so that I could learn how to fix this problem. And he wasn’t a scammy pick up coach.

I would send him my Tinder convos, and we would discuss the psychology behind what a solid response would look like.

And Then, Without Fail, I Would End Up With My Dick in Some Random Girl’s Mouth That Night

And so I continued with this process of deep psychological change in the way that I texted girls…

I eventually became so good at Tinder and texting that one of my greatest accomplishments was actually lining up 3 random girls with 2 hour intervals and fucking them back to back on a Thanksgiving night. <- You really can’t make up shit like this

What I discovered on my path to mastery was... no one wants to go through the long process of testing their Tinder pics and bio and then finally getting matches on Tinder, only to lose all the hard work they put in due to poor texting skills.

In fact, it's not even about girls rejecting your Tinder profile…

It’s not even about girls ignoring your first text…

It's not even about girls going silent when you ask them to meet up,

It's about having the confidence…

The confidence that YOU KNOW how to match with girls who aren’t just gonna waste your time,

The confidence that YOU KNOW how to text girls who are genuinely interested.


The confidence that YOU KNOW how to set up dates that actually end in sex instead of jerking off

It’s time to tear shit up and do some damage, because that’s exactly what my newly released online course will allow you to do…

 Do things fizzle out on Tinder making it seem like girls just want to waste your time?

It’s finally time to end that.


Dating App Blueprint

Now You Can Get More DTF Tinder Matches, Stop your Tinder Convos from Fizzling Out, And Start Landing More Dates--And Sex

"So many girls on tinder will swipe right but then never answer you. It's like they forget that they have an account or some shit. Plus the ones that talk will flirt and act all into it but then flake when it's time to actually meet." — Derek L
"I'm pretty good with real life game but I don't get many matches and no girl replies. I guess I just have literally no textgame." — Jerry J
"If I do get a match, the texting goes nowhere. it's made me wonder if it's because I'm not 6'5 with blond hair, I'm 5'7 with black hair."  John Y

Have you ever fucked it up with a girl who is literally throwing herself at your feet?

100% DTF


But how do you match with girls like these? you know exactly how to message her

and get her to meet you?

Guess what... 99% of men will screw it up and then she will lose interest and stop responding.

Only the winners will get texts like these from her:

By the way, the girl from the above texts...

Looks like this


Yep, this is a pic she sent me after we smashed


"...easy lay I didn't do anything"

Chris P Chris P

Unattractive minority student uses just 1 (out of many) techniques from this

Gets laid without doing anything (these were his own words).


Take a Look...


I'm sure I have your attention by now, right?

You're probably even wondering who I am and why you should even listen to me...

Haha, who am I, you ask?

I’m Sean Larson (that’s my pen name) and I’m probably the least politically correct guy you will ever meet in your life.

And that’s why I’ve gone viral on social media and the internet many, many times.

You know what they say, right? No publicity is bad publicity.

Below is a recent thread that was started on RSDnation forums where guys were surprised by how I “broke all the rules” of their instructor’s online game program and still banged tons of girls off Tinder.

Hell, they were favoring my method over their own instructor’s.

Some of their students’ comments even got deleted because they were promoting me way too much on RSD’s forums.

Here is a screenshot:

My Tinder profile also went viral when feminists caught hold of it while I was mass swiping in NYC like a madman:

Oh and let’s not forget the fact that in late 2013, I was bashed intensely for my assholish way of not bowing down before feminists and the politically correct filthhole they’ve created where men are suffering from a lack of a masculine identity and a proper seduction skillset.

Here’s how Business Insider roasted me:

Here’s how Jezebel roasted me:

That’s not all. I was also featured by Huffington Post, Brobible, as well as a bunch of other blogs and forums.

Now, let me just say… if being creepy means getting results like the ones pictured below, then you can sign me up!!!

The above is a collage from my days at OSU, when I used to line up literally 5 dates a week and banged probably 3 out of every 5 girls.

That lucky streak only lasted for about a year, at which point the girls on campus caught on to my game… and that was what caused me to become infamous on campus (and throughout the interwebz).

The point I’m trying to make is that I’m brash, I’m to the point, and I don’t beat around the bush. I tell it like you need to hear, I don’t tell it like you want to hear.

And I don’t sugar coat my material with a bunch of fluffy “lifestyle advice” that gets you no results with women.

Here at Hookups On Autopilot, I specialize in providing you actionable strategies, and if you need a swift kick in the butt to get results, you’d better believe that I’ll deliver.

So if you’re ready to actually start doing instead of talking about doing, you’re in the right place.

  • To date, he's the most proficient guy I've seen when it comes to getting laid on Tinder.
    Social KennyKenny's PUA Thoughts

How My Opinion About Tinder Changed Over Time

When I first started out...

I certainly didn't know that I would actually become an expert at getting laid from Tinder.

I didn't think anyone COULD become good at meeting women on Tinder.

I honestly thought that Tinder was only for male models...

...that it was exclusively for blonde, 6'2" guys who appear on the runway platform at fashion shows and on the cover of GQ and Maxim.

And I used to think that you're either just good looking enough for Tinder, or you're not.

But man, oh man, was I wrong about Tinder.

I still beat myself senseless whenever I think back to when I first heard about Tinder and I thought:

"yeah... whatever, that shit's lame. Online dating is for losers"

What I was really thinking inside my head was:

"I'm probably not attractive enough for that app and I'm not even gonna waste my time putting up any profile on there. I get laid way more from approaching girls."


And because of my mental blocks, I lost so many girls that I otherwise could have had if I had given Tinder a chance when it first came out.

So... What Holds Us Back from Success on Tinder / Online Dating?


"I'm too ugly for online dating or mobile dating apps."


My response: I can guarantee you that you're selling yourself short.

I'm not gonna be one of those scammy "dating experts" and tell you looks don't matter.

What I AM going to say is that you should not judge your own looks.

It is usually psychology that is limiting most guys.

Did you know that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will usually rate yourself lower if you have low self-esteem (due to not getting laid and other circumstances)?

And... the same is true when you look at yourself in the mirror and have awesome self-esteem because you just banged a new girl, or got a cool new haircut or something.

You cannot leave it to yourself to judge your looks.


Here's why it's dumb to compare yourself to a male model:


Why do models get so many matches?

A model's entire career is based around having good pictures.

Trust me, they worked really hard to take those great pictures.

In fact, they had an entire camera crew and a set to make sure their pictures are 100% on point.

Their freakin' livelihood depends on their pictures.

Do you realize now that it's not how good you look in real life, but how great your
pictures are?

How hard you worked to test your pics on Tinder?

How much sweat you put into it?

Models certainly put a lot of sweat and hard work into taking their pics.

So, don't compare yourself to a male model unless you're willing to put the same sweat and toil into taking those incredible pics that will land you tons of targeted Tinder matches.

This course will shorten your learning curve and get you results much faster than if you were to go about the pic testing journey on your own.


Tinder girls' looks preferences:


BUT I will not lie to you.

When it comes to Tinder itself, you must at least be average in the looks department if you plan on having success with women who don't look like warpigs.

Let me clarify...

Average means that you aren't hugely overweight.

Average means that you don't have any deformities etc.

Contrary to what the mainstream media tells you, women are indeed superficial when choosing whom they want to have quick sexual relations with.

And...Tinder girls are even more superficial.

But there's no need to worry!

Don't throw in the towel just yet.

...Because I can help you make the most of your looks and increase your "sexual market value" with a combination of techniques that are discussed within this course.

Some guys will have their work cut out for them,

...others will start seeing more sex with hotter girls immediately after joining this course.

Everyone is different.

But I just want to say... you should at least be average looking if you want to get laid using Tinder and online dating.

If you're not sure that you're at least average looking, join the course, and try it anyways,

...because the worst thing in the world is regret.

Regret that you could have done something to change your circumstances, but didn't.

You have nothing to lose.

There is a lifetime guarantee on this course.

You can return it at any time for a full refund if you tried it and didn't see results.


And finally...

Even if you're no model, this course's texting modules will still help you:


If you're below average looking but still get girls' numbers from meeting them during the day, or through social circle, or through bars/clubs, then this course will still help you.

This is because messaging girls on Tinder is especially hard due to their fickleness and short squirrel-like attention span.

If you can get a girl from Tinder to respond to your texts and meet up, imagine what kind of response you could get from a girl you met on a coffee break at work.

Powerful stuff!




"It's impossible for Asian/Black guys to get laid from Tinder"


Uhh... really? I'm Indian and dark-skinned and you will see tons of proof on this page that I have gotten laid like crazy off of Tinder--that is, once I figured it out over many months of trial and error and hardships, of course.

... Luckily for you, this course will help you prevent all the pitfalls I faced and will shorten your learning curve by many months.

But let me be honest about Tinder and racial preferences of girls on there...


Tinder girls' racial preferences:


From my experience working with students in the USA and parts of Europe, their race did have some effects on their results.

It was harder for Asians and darker skinned students to get matches. But you know what? I still managed to get them laid. They just had to swipe more girls and work harder on their pics.

Remember one thing: it doesn't matter what race you are... if you're a good looking cat, you're a good looking cat, and women will still flock.

You just have to learn:

  • how to bring out your best self in your pics,
  • how to screen out all the time-wasters who just want to troll you, and
  • how to get the girls who are truly interested to meet up with you

 ...And I will make you an expert in those key areas.




"I feel weird putting my pics up on Tinder"


You have to take pics and put them on Tinder and test them constantly.

Furthermore, it is your pic that women are judging not your looks.

This is a HUGE revelation I made when I first started out on Tinder.

I really hated the idea of being judged on my looks,

...but when I realized that the girls are only judging an image of me (which can be good or bad depending on the angle of the photo and the lighting, etc.),

...that was when I really stopped caring about their opinions.

And that was when my results skyrocketed and I started matching with way more girls because I was scientifically testing my pics with absolutely no bias.




"What if my boss sees me on Tinder / Online dating sites?"


Look, chances are that your overworked, overweight 200 pound boss at work is not on Tinder.

He has way too much stuff on his mind to be concerning himself with women.

Most of the higher ups have hectic workdays, are terrible at meeting women online, and have just given up on that avenue altogether.

They’re probably on a gold-digger website where women contact men with huge bank accounts to develop a sort of mutual benefit relationship (except that the girls never end up sleeping with them and just end up spending all their money lol).

You won’t put yourself in jeopardy by using Tinder or any of the other hot new dating apps out there. Most of the people on these apps are 20-somethings and a few people in their early 30s.

UPDATE: I just realized that unless your boss is gay, or female, he wouldn’t even see you as an option to swipe left/right on, so you’re pretty much completely safe.




"What if my friends see me on Tinder / Online dating sites?"


Let’s set aside the fact that Tinder and mobile dating apps are pretty much socially acceptable now.

(Why else would tons of girls be unashamed of joining Tinder. When you question them on it, they usually justify it by saying that their friends forced them to join – lol which is basically a defensive maneuver for not feeling like a slut for being on the app)

In any case…

If any of the girls in your social circle see you on Tinder with a top notch profile, count yourself lucky, because now you’ve planted a seed in their mind with your Tinder profile that you’re a player.

…And that puts you into a different category altogether.

You will no longer be seen as a nice guy, and chances are that the friend-zone may not exist for you anymore with girls in your social circle (if you use the sexualized profile strategy that I recommend in the course).

As you can see…

You’re really not losing anything by experimenting with mobile dating apps and online dating.




"I need to be shredded/ripped to get laid from Tinder"


I actually discovered this limiting belief from a reddit post I had made.

Take a look at how guys reacted when they saw that I wasn't shredded but was still getting laid a LOT from Tinder.

Yes, going to the gym and adding muscle tremendously boosts your results.

But you don’t need to get shredded or ripped.

You just need to put on enough muscle that you start seeing definition and muscle mass throughout your entire body on a holistic level.

It takes only a few months to achieve that goal and I have included a step-by-step guide in this course on how exactly you can achieve that goal.

For skinny guys, or overweight guys:

You need to be willing to get into shape (I used to be a 120 pound bag of bones who got 1 match after swiping thousands of girls). But once I added enough muscle to look good on Tinder (within 3 months mind you), I started getting Tinder matches easily with hot girls (many times even models).




"Girls have unlimited choices online. Why would they choose me?"


It might seem like girls have a "buffet of cock to choose from" and that they are "picky bitches," but trust me, their options are way more limited than you think.

One of the greatest revelations in inner mindset shift came to me when I had girls actually thanking me and paying for my ride home, etc after fucking them off Tinder within 30 minutes of meeting them.

It suddenly occurred to me that even though girls may seem to have a lot of options on Tinder, it doesn't work in their favor.

Very few guys have any decent knowledge of escalation skills or social acuity.

They will usually insist on meeting at coffee shops and having an hour long conversation.

They have been conditioned to play by rules.

So this is the most frustrating problem for chicks.

They have to deal with a bunch of brainwashed men throughout the entire dating pool.

So, finding a guy who isn't brainwashed is rare indeed.

And that is why when you find yourself getting laid in minutes of meeting girls, you will often find that THEY are the ones THANKING YOU.

Strangely enough, women contrary to popular belief, have few viable options in the sexual marketplace because most men are idiots when it comes to getting laid.




"Online dating / Mobile dating apps are for desperate people"


As I explained before, online dating has already become socially acceptable.

It’s become so socially acceptable that girls are flocking to it en masse in order to find guys to hook up with.

It may not have been popular in 1999, but it has become normalized.

This means that you will find all sorts of girls on Tinder… everyone from fat warpigs to hot Victoria Secret models can be found on Tinder.

Of course the models usually won’t be flaunting themselves as a model, they will be using aliases on Tinder to go “undercover.”

Furthermore, in a big city like NYC, this method yields some really hot girls, possibly due to a higher female to male ratio. And let’s not forget…NYC is the fashion capital of the world. All the models come here, so it's like an ever changing pussy paradise. It’s perfect for mobile dating apps like Tinder.

In short, if you live in a big city with plenty of supply, you can bet on the fact that using the methods outlined in this course, you will probably also be landing sex with models on at least a few occasions.




"The girls won't be attractive because I met them through Tinder"


Does this girl below look like an ugly girl to you?

How about this one?

Let's address your concerns regarding the quality of women on Tinder.

There is a misconception that just because you're meeting the girl via Tinder, she's not a quality girl or that she is a slut if she hooks up via Tinder.

First of all, I recommend you to stop calling women sluts if your aim is to sleep with them.

That’s like shooting yourself in the foot before you even start the race lol.

A woman’s behavior toward you depends entirely on your psychology.

If you believe that women who wait until the 3rd date are not slutty, then guess what?


Meanwhile a random guy on Tinder could communicate to her that he is not judgmental of women, and she will spread her legs for him in a heartbeat.

Your own psychology dictates your results with women, which is why I go into your correcting your psychology in a full 1 hour video module in this course.

Now let me address the part about women not being attractive on Tinder:

The very first time most guys start using Tinder, they put up a crappy pic and then they get ugly girl matches because the pic sucked, so what do they do?

They start generalizing their experiences and say stuff like "Tinder only has ugly girls" or "girls on Tinder are sluts".

If you’re going to take a defeatist approach to online dating, you deserve what you get: Warpigs.

A calm collected winner does the exact opposite.

He knows the hottest girls are there but he just needs to demonstrate enough “sexual market value” through his pics and bio.

He is open to improving and then testing his pics.

The first scenario is a loser mentality (99% of men)

The second scenario is a winner mentality (1% of men)

Do you see now why very few men are successful on Tinder and Dating in general?




Backlash from other men for wanting to become good at online dating


Sometimes, it’s not you who has the limiting belief, but other people around you who have limiting beliefs.

You may want to get good at online dating but you will face backlash from other insecure men when you ask for advice on forums. And they start feeding you their insecurities and make things worse for you.

Does this sound familiar?

When I asked for help with Tinder, what would often happen was that some random condescending dick came over and told me to delete Tinder and go out and cold approach girls.

It didn’t matter what forum I was on, hilariously.

I noticed these types of self-cock-blocking guys are everywhere.

They prefer to meet women in the hardest way possible in order to prove themselves somehow more dominant (even if they probably don’t get laid all that much from cold approach).

They like the idea of a hunt, they don’t really care if they actually have sex and form relations with women.

How do I know their mental state so well?

I hung out with this type of guy in NYC who would bust his balls to approach girls even in the harshest subzero winter weather, and he would drag me along.

At the end of the night he usually went home with his dick in his hand.

We did get laid a few times a month, but the cold approach thing was way too much effort for way too little reward.

With mobile dating, I realized… “hey, I can sit on my ass, play video games, and invite girls over to fuck…”

But my stubborn friend just would not buy into the Tinder craze.

And to this day… he still does things the old way.

Sadly for him, he is brainwashed and stuck in a sort of never-ending pussy-starved loop, where he has to do so much work to get just 1 girl in his bed.

So, you see, I know the mindset of these types of guys all too well.

And I hope you will be a bit open minded to learning exactly how to get laid via online dating, since it is probably one of the most important skillsets for any man to have in the times that we currently live in.


Approaching women and meeting them through friends is now outdated...

Listen, I don't want to scare you, but the dating landscape is changing...

... No I take that back ... It HAS changed...

The world is getting more and more technologically advanced every day my friend.

And meeting women through friends or by approaching strangers is becoming less commonplace... it has become obsolete.

The guys who are getting laid the most today are the ones who are meeting women online.

They have pipelines of dates set up as soon as they arrive in a big city.

One date lined up at 7, one at 9, another at 11. Whew.

Trust me, you don't want to get left behind.

Because as we move forward into the 21st century, you're going to see more and more stuff like Tinder.

Hell, I don't even think you have to wait for the future.

Just take a look at how many dating apps are out right now! You've got Tinder, Hinge, Happn, Plenty of Fish, Okcupid, Badoo, Skout, Down Dating, Couchsurfing, Airbnb, Uber, etc. (Those last few aren't really dating apps, but I've heard a massive amount of anecdotal evidence from friends who have hooked up through those apps).

FACT: There ARE way too many guys out there who ARE, as we speak, learning the tricks that get them more matches on Tinder and get them more dates and get them more sex and allow them to line up multiple girls for dates in a single day.

FACT: There ARE way too many guys who have girls "on rotation" from just using Tinder alone.

FACT: There ARE way too many guys out there who have an advantage over you when it comes to meeting women online.

How do I know that?

Years ago, I was in the position that you are in right now.

I wasn't blessed with the ability to smooth talk girls from mobile dating apps into my bed.

In fact I'm pretty sure the mobile dating apps you and I are discussing on this page didn't even exist just a few years ago.

I had no idea how to get more Tinder matches.

I had no idea what to text girls on these apps.

At some points, I even went overboard and texted them way too much.

Or... I texted them the wrong thing at the wrong time.

It was so frustrating to look at my message just sitting there,

...waiting so eagerly to hear that little noise (doo-doo-doo) that meant that a girl had responded to my message.

I was drooling over the possibility of just receiving 1 text back from 1 freakin girl.


Back then, I wouldn't have imagined results like this:



and Like this:



Nowadays, I have way too many messages blowing up my phone with girls begging me to do naughty stuff to them:



 I have girls who want me to record sextapes with them:



I've even had to delete girls from my phone:



So let me ask you something...


What if you never figure out how to meet women online or through Tinder?

What are you going to do when 3 of your guy friends gather around the table to discuss this past weeks hookups they got from Tinder, and you're left sitting there with a painful look on your face like you just got strip searched at the airport?

What are you going to do when every girl you approach to try to get her number and go on a date laughs at you and rejects you (because you're behind on the times and haven't learned that she has "a buffet of cock at her disposal" that she can access at the tap of a finger if she so chooses)

Well, what are you going to do then, friend?

I'll tell you what you're going to do.

If you're clueless and left in the dark and decide to swear off mobile dating apps like a lot of guys claim to do on seduction forums, you're going to just get fed up with women.

And then you might go crazy (like Elliot Rodgers did), you might just go into a deep depression (as was my case), or you might end up staying involuntarily celibate for the rest of your life (a worse option than being tortured to death if you're a normal, fairly young straight guy who thinks about sex 200 times a day).

Trust me, you don't wanna turn into this guy:


Mobile dating apps are here to stay, and no ones opinion of them is going to change that.

Not your opinion. Not your ex-girlfriend's. Not your parents'.

But that doesn't mean you should throw in the towel just yet.


...Because I have the perfect solution for you: Dating App Blueprint.

Dating App Blueprint is now open for registration (for a limited time)...

Now you can go from having a dried up graveyard of a Tinder account with zero matches to a bustling list of matches full of DTF girls who want to meet you and fuck you.

And now you can go from having fizzled out stale Tinder conversations to having short, efficient text exchanges that stop wasting your time and get you more dates than you ever dreamed of.

The only way to battle an "unfair" sexual marketplace filled with women armed with Tinder on their smartphones is to get Tinder to work for you, as a man.


Think About the Next Time You Find Yourself Logged Into Your Tinder Account...


Your mind immediately starts racing with resentment because you’re not really getting any matches and you have absolutely no idea what to do, what to change, or what to tweak.

If you had to describe yourself at this moment, you’d probably use the words: “frazzled, desperate, frustrated, depressed”

And when you finally do get a Tinder match out of luck,

…You get excited and start daydreaming about all the nights you'll spend together in bed cuddling with that cute brunette with a smile to die for.

You sit there all day thinking of the right thing to text her, your mind racing at 100 mph.

Then finally, after spending hours crafting the perfect text, you press "send" and then... no response.

You get increasingly frustrated and send her another text--this time you ask her to meet you tonight. Again... no response.

You eventually just give up and feel dejected. "I've gotta learn how to text girls, but I'll do it later," you say to yourself.

Next week comes and you get another Tinder match, again out of luck, this time with a super cute model.

The same exact thing happens with this match, and you say to yourself that you'll get to it eventually.

And so continues that all too familiar cycle of “blue balls” and hatred for all women on Tinder...


Now let's rewind that scenario.

Compare that person I just described to a different version of you.


The next time you log into Tinder, you go in with the sexual confidence of a Greek god.

With your newly snapped fresh out of the camera-lens photos, you get to work on your new Tinder profile.

This Tinder profile will soon be one of the few profiles on Tinder that actually gets a man laid, not just once, not twice, but week after week, month after month. All on auto-pilot.

And here’s the kicker: no one will know that it’s getting you laid except you.


Simple: Because there’s so much bullshit mainstream dating advice out there. Most guys are brainwashed with tactics that have exactly ZERO chances of ever getting them laid.

So, basically it's like you're "unplugged from the matrix" while everyone else remains plugged.

Thus... No one can stop you from getting laid, for inside your head lies the knowledge few men will have the privilege of possessing.

After setting up your profile, you start swiping right.


Look! “Congratulations! You Have a New Match”


You look at your screen with a smug look on your face (everything is going as expected)…

Wow! She messaged you first… (and it was a dirty message too, eh? Haha)

By now you’ve dealt with so many girls like her that the texting just seems to fall into place.

You confidently send her a reply, KNOWING that she will respond.

…AND Just as you predicted, she texts you back within a few seconds.

“This is way too easy,” you think to yourself. “She’s like a puppet in my hands 😉 “

This time, YOU decide to take your sweet time responding to HER.

After a couple more easily crafted texts, (you don’t ask) you tell her to meet you.

She agrees and you end up at her place later that night.

But the funny part is that this has become so commonplace for you that you didn’t even think much of it.

It’s just another random hook up on a random weeknight.

You’ll probably forget this girl’s name (that’s how easy it has become for you to get laid on Tinder).

…Now, picture yourself doing this 3 times every week, over the next 6 months.

You do the math.

That second you that I just described… he is already inside you, just itching to come out and start playing all the cute girls.

That second you is THE REAL YOU.

Help me bring him out, so that you can get this fucking problem solved already and move on to the more important shit in your life.


  • Name
    "...dude the amount of hotties I matched in NYC compared to this shitty hometown is laughable... Doing your tactics."
    Garland C. Sydney, Australia

Garland matches with a ton of DTF hotties:

The Psychology Of Success. What Actually Works?

So, you're probably wondering by now...

What actually works?

I'll tell you the truth about that right now in just one sentence.

It will blow your mind and I guarantee that you've never seen this way of looking at things before you came to this page.

You have to reverse engineer every aspect of the seduction starting from the end (sex) working backwards towards the beginning (you matched with her on Tinder).

Reverse engineering your Tinder dates before they happen...

Sometimes, it's better to move backwards.

I personally like to make sure that I'm good at the last parts of a process before I even begin the process.

What do I mean by that?


When I was learning how to pick up girls, I decided to focus a LOT of time in studying what happens when I'm alone with a girl in the bedroom.

Why did I do that when I didn't even know how to say "hi" to girls at the time?

It was because I knew that when the time finally comes to close the deal with a girl, I will know what the fuck I'm doing, instead of risking her walking out because I was being a weird dumbass in the bedroom.

Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Everyone learns in a way that works best for them, so I'm not going to tell you to go learn how to get more matches first.

That is up to you to decide.

But, I recommend learning about "the end process" first, and reverse engineering your lays.

This is the surefire path to quickly becoming one of the top percent of elite playboys on Tinder (and in real life).

And this reverse engineering method of learning is why Dating App Blueprint places just as much emphasis on texting girls as on getting more DTF matches.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

  • Quick Start Ebook: How to Get More Matches on Tinder

    This intensively detailed 50-page ebook explains tweaks that can be made in as little as 30 minutes to start getting you more matches with girls who are genuinely interested in meeting you for a date.

    You will learn how to:

    take pics that make you look 10x better
    ‣ prevent girls from flaking before you even start swiping
    use a proven and rigorously tested method to get more matches
    ‣ automate everything so that you spend less time swiping

    Note: Customers will receive future updates of this ebook as more content is added to it!

  • 3 Month Gameplan: How to Quickly Add Enough Muscle to Look Good on Tinder

    This is the exact 39-Page Step-by-Step Gameplan I created and then strictly followed in order to gain enough muscle (~25 lb in 3.5 months) to look good on Tinder and boost my match rate by 1000%.

    Based on instructions I received from a certified personal trainer in a legit bodybuilding gym in midtown, NYC. This gameplan is guaranteed to work. No untested claims. No bullshit.

    Note: Specifically created for skinny guys who have trouble gaining weight. If you gain weight easily, feel free to look through this guide, but IGNORE the part about diet.

  • The 2 Secret Hacks that Let You Get Around Tinder Bans

    Hack #1 is about how to get back into your Tinder account if it gets “locked and put under review” because you’ve been reported too many times. At this stage you can still save your account from getting banned but only if you know hack #1.

    Hack #2 shows you how to create an entirely new Tinder account, including how to gain 50 friends on Facebook within minutes so that you can get past Tinder’s annoying initial verification process. This guide is especially useful if your Tinder account gets deleted or permanently banned by Tinder.

  • Attraction Triggers for Tinder

    The 3 main triggers that skyrocket your attractiveness to women on Tinder.

    When you focus on these 3 things, your pics suddenly appear 100x hotter to girls. When you don’t, girls will swipe left without even looking at your second pic, let alone your bio.

  • Breakdown of Female Psychology

    An in-depth look at how the female mind works when looking for men to sleep with on Tinder.

    This will help you completely grasp how girls think and how their emotions and behaviors work when it comes to being seduced on Tinder.

  • An In-Depth Analysis of the Sexual Market

    Learn how getting laid through mobile dating apps is no different from sales and marketing.

    You’ll also get a brief look at how “sexual market value” affects female sexual decision making. Once you understand this, you can manipulate the market so that you’re in the top 1% of the sexual hierarchy.

  • The 1-2 Punch that Causes Massive Sexual Attraction

    This 2 step strategy is responsible for causing massive female sexual interest on Tinder. This is counter-intuitive to any advice you will ever hear.

  • Case Study: The Evolution of My Tinder Pic Portfolio

    A shocking case study that reveals the evolution of my Tinder pic portfolio.

    This will allow you to learn from my mistakes and save you months of headache testing your own pics.

  • Tinder Bio Creation Strategies

    How to create your own Tinder bio that can get horny women to message you first and ask you when you’re free.

    These rules basically screen girls like crazy and match you with only the most DTF girls who won’t flake on you.

  • Secret Swiping Strategy

    This secret swiping strategy will allow you to gain the upper hand and become “picky” with women because of all the female options you’ll have.

    You will no longer know the meaning of scarcity after using this strategy. This shockingly simple concept is a force of nature that generates unbelievable abundance with women.

  • Tinder Automation Strategy

    Once you’ve created and tested a profile that generates matches, your final task is to let your computer do the work for you.

    This is the engine behind what drives “hookups on autopilot.” You literally hook up with girls on autopilot.

    So, just sit back on your couch, relax, and watch those matches roll in, because you will learn how to rack up hundreds of DTF matches while doing absolutely nothing.

  • 5 Week Texting Course Specifically for Tinder / Mobile Dating Apps

    Let’s face the facts: girls on dating apps are way more flaky and have much shorter attention spans than normal girls you meet in everyday life.

    This 5 week long, moderately paced video course features possibly the most intense, response-getting tactics that almost force girls to ignore every other guy and focus all their attention and energy on getting you into bed. (Yes, you heard that right. They will chase YOU, instead of the other way around.)

    Based on primal psychology and some of the hardest-hitting sales techniques ever discovered, this texting video course is centered around one thing and one thing only: getting the girl on your bed and on your dick within the quickest amount of time possible.

    You WILL NOT find stupid gimmicky lines in here. This high-end texting course is one of a kind. It delves into your psychology and transforms you into a guy who just “gets it.” You will laugh the next time you are about to text a girl because it will be so ridiculously easy to set up a date that starts AND ends in your bedroom.

  • 4+ Hours of PowerPoint Video Presentations

    Over 4 hours of instructional PowerPoint video presentations that show you examples of what to text and when to text it in order to get girls to respond to your messages and meet you without any hassles.

    Loads of examples and case studies are included in the PowerPoint slides, as well as diagrams that show you exactly how to go from matching with a girl on Tinder to getting her number all the way to getting her to meet you at your doorstep.

  • Built-in Accountability - Scheduled E-mail Check-Ins

    You don’t have to schedule your own calendar to study the course. I’ve broken it down into weekly scheduled study sessions so that even the busiest executive can find time to go through the course and see results.

    A lot of students can also forget about the course after they have purchased it. This is another reason why e-mailing you and holding you accountable is far more likely to result in your Tinder skills improving quickly.

    Each week you will get an e-mail reminding you to log in and study the relevant module for that particular week. The e-mail will include a brief summary of what you will learn in that week’s module.

  • Worksheets / Quizzes

    Worksheets at the end of each lesson will help you to internalize your texting skills through conscious practice and studying of your failures and successes.

    You can study content all you want, but unless you apply the content, you won’t get anywhere. These worksheets have exercises that lead you towards taking action instead of just mindlessly consuming content.

  • Texting Rules and Techniques

    Texting rules and techniques based on 3 powerful key psychological principles.

    Instead of providing you with a bunch of cheap lines, we help you deeply understand why texting girls a certain way works.

    Additionally, these tactics are highly focused on what you should NOT do. Success in texting is about unlearning behaviors that are driving women away. These rules, when followed, result in crazy results with almost no effort on your part.

  • Mental Frameworks

    Your psychology is the foundation upon which your skills with women are built. Without these mental frameworks, you might as well pack your bags and go home.

    Once you understand these mindsets, you will have a shift in reality and thinking so great that your presence alone will attract women like a magnet, online or offline.

  • Sample Texting Scripts

    Get the exact 2 texting scripts I have used to sleep with 10 girls in 1 month from Tinder. I used these as skeletal structures (these are not to be followed strictly, they only serve as a backbone to your natural texting ability).

    The first script is for meeting a girl directly from Tinder.

    The second script is for transitioning the girl from texting on Tinder to texting over phone.

  • Meet Up Blueprint

    An incredibly detailed diagram / map of how to go about meeting up with a girl and actually getting her to have sex in two types of situations:

    Situation 1: Learn exactly what you need to text and when you need to text it for Late Night Meet-Ups (Booty Calls).

    Situation 2: Discover the pathway to Setting A Date During the Week and making sure that it ends in sex instead of the dreaded friend-zone.

  • Secret "Meet-Up" Trigger

    The one and only counterintuitive way to ask for a date that results in guaranteed agreement almost every time – Based on a real psychological trigger

  • Flake-proof Logistical Strategies

    The only 4 ways of arranging a date that work and why girls flake/don’t have sex with you when you do other stuff

  • Extremely Detailed Case Studies of Real Students who have Achieved Results

    These extremely detailed case studies include text-by-text exchanges with the students I personally worked with 1 on 1 until they started seeing results. These are priceless for you because they help you avoid pitfalls and plateaus that other students have faced on their path to Tinder mastery.

    These raw, uncensored 1 on 1 conversations have been posted in our secret Facebook group for all members to see. You will never get case studies like these in any other course simply because other instructors just want to sell you content and be done with it.

  • Secret Whatsapp Group Lifetime Access

    Imagine what it would be like to have access to a community of wingmen who understand and have gone through the same problems as you and have come out successful. It’s a great fast-paced chat-type environment for getting immediate help from guys just like you who have been in your shoes and achieved results on Tinder.

    Another benefit of this group is that you gain access to secret discussions regarding Tinder. Example: we may chip in to hire a programmer to create a program that allows us to hack Tinder and get more matches, because sometimes Tinder puts limitations on how many girls guys can swipe a day and we as a community always are trying to find ways around that. This is the type of stuff you get access to when you get added to the Whatsapp group. Truly priceless.

  • Secret Facebook Group Lifetime Access

    This is literally 24/7 one-on-one access to me and my students who have years of experience getting laid from Tinder.

    The Facebook group has dozens upon dozens of real tinder conversation examples from first getting matched to sleeping with them that I have personally uploaded to the group.

    There are also posts by other students who found success using certain combinations of pics and bio, all of which are available in plain sight.

    The Facebook group is also beneficial because Tinder is a very dynamic platform and changes can happen overnight. What works today may not work tomorrow. On the group, I post what has changed in the latest Tinder update and how to take advantage of that update to get the most matches possible with the hottest girls possible–basically a monopolization strategy.

  • Lifetime Updates

    We all know that Tinder isn’t going to stay the same. Technology changes over time. People change over time. Social skills change over time. And that’s why I offer you free lifetime updates for this online course.

    Act now and you will get grandfathered access to new modules and new content videos and bonuses for life, but you have to act right now.

    The marketing for this course is very unpredictable and the price could go up as soon as next week, with certain elements like the private group becoming a monthly membership program.

    If you join now, you will get unlimited monthly access to the private group for free as well.

What's Inside the Video Modules?


Bonus #1: 9 Tinder Case Studies of Real Girls I Slept With

Get the exact pictures and bio I used, the exact texts I sent out, and the exact story of how I got the girl into bed and actually escalated it into sex.

Each of these Case Studies consists of 3 components:

  1. The pics and bio I used to get the Tinder match.
  2. Text-by-Text breakdown all the way to sex and beyond: Analysis of each text, the psychology behind it, and why it worked to bring the girl out to meet me.
  3. A post-mortem analysis where I give a detailed account of how I physically escalated with the girl in order to have sex with her.

Case Studies / Lay Reports Included:

Tinder Case Study 1 - Alexis
Tinder Case Study 2 - Christianne
Tinder Case Study 3 - Franceska
Tinder Case Study 4 - Grace
Tinder Case Study 5 - Jamie
Tinder Case Study 6 - Japanese Girl
Tinder Case Study 7 - Julia
Tinder Case Study 8 - Thai Girl
Tinder Case Study 9 - Miranda

More Case Studies available in our Secret Facebook group.

As seen above, Each case study has a text-by-text analysis of exactly what I said to get laid

Bonus #2: How to Get Fuckbuddies from Tinder

Learn how to get fuck-buddies from Tinder.

This guide shows you the exact core guidelines to follow so that you have a phone full of girls who come over regularly begging you to fuck them.

Plus, an in-depth diagram shows you how to build a steady rotation of girls using Tinder, as well the Do's and Dont's that result in women actually wanting to see you again vs leaving you after a one-night-stand.

Bonus #3: How to Get Threesomes from Tinder

This is the next level after learning how to get multiple fuckbuddies and keep them in rotation.

In this bonus ebook, you will learn how to use Tinder to get threesomes.

Hint: The easiest way to set up threesomes from Tinder is to introduce two of your fuckbuddies you met from Tinder to each other. But exactly how do you do it, without messing it up?

This PDF shows you the step-by-step process to setting it up without screwing things up.

Bonus #4: Spin-the-Bottle Threesome Gameplan

Okay, so you followed my advice on setting up a threesome so that you can get two girls into your room with you.

But how do you actually physically get to the point that you're engaged in a threesome? You need a strategic plan, otherwise both girls will just get up and leave.

Ta-da!! Introducing... My Spin-the-Bottle Threesome Game plan!!

This is the exact physical escalation game plan I use to turn a group of 2 girls and 1 guy (myself) into a threesome.

Bonus #5: Case Study: 3 Girls in 1 Day

One of my best accomplishments on Tinder was that I lined up 3 different girls within 2 hours of each other and fucked them one by one. As soon as one girl left, the next one was on her way.

In this guide you will see my case study of the exact rules I followed in order to set up a 3 girl sex romp in 1 day. This content is the stuff of legends.

This PDF includes:

A case study where I fucked 3 girls in 1 day.

A detailed strategy for fucking multiple girls in 1 day

Coming Soon...

The content listed below is currently in development and will be released in the future for current members.

  • Bonus PDF: Tindering Outside The Box

    This bonus ebook will feature secret strategies that were created by thinking outside the box.

    These strategies will boost your match rate enormously, because it will differentiate your profile from every other profile.

    Less than 0.01% of guys are using these tactics.

  • 6 Module Video Series on Getting More DTF Tinder Matches

    The course currently has an awesome ebook on this subject but we decided to go above and beyond for our customers and create video modules about how to set up a winning Tinder profile.

    You’ll learn how to not only get more matches, but also make sure that those matches will not fizzle out on dates BEFORE you ever swipe right on them. This is what we like to call a “preemptive strike.” While you competition is out there struggling to get girls to meet up, you will know how to prevent flakes before they happen.

  • Sneak preview into what the new video modules will cover:

  • Module 1A: Choosing an avatar

    Your competition just aimlessly takes a few pictures and writes up a bio without laying out a foundation.

    That’s why they fail.

    A winner chooses “the underlying sub-communication” of his profile way before he ever starts taking pictures or typing up a bio.

    This module will show you how to create a solid foundation for a Tinder profile that gets you laid week after week, endlessly.

  • Module 1B: How to sexualize your avatar

    The second mistake that most guys make is that they choose a dull avatar that screams “nice guy” and they get friend-zoned, resulting in girls toying with them and wasting their time.

    In this module, I’ll show you how to add just the right amount of sexuality to your avatar so that you don’t get friend-zoned.

  • Module 2A: Take your pics based on your avatar

    In this module, we delve deep into how you should be taking pics to get the hottest girls to take notice, regardless of which avatar you chose in module 1.

    We will discuss how to make yourself look your best before taking your pics,

    …including insider secrets on how the most attractive guys on Tinder manage to look so attractive.

    Hint: They don’t really look that good in real life. They just know how to take good pics and have a solid avatar.

  • Module 2B: How to perfect your pics in photoshop

    This is literally a recording of my computer screen while using Photoshop to edit my pics.

    Watch as I guide you through the step-by-step process I went through to transform my mediocre pictures into gripping pictures that attract pussy like a magnet.

    I will also go over which settings you should avoid to make sure your pics still look realistic.

    This is super important because if a girl can tell that you Photoshopped your pics, she will think you’re trying way too hard and will reject your profile without even reading it!

  • Module 3: How to create a congruent sexual bio

    Discover how to create a bio that literally gets girls wet and almost forces them to message you first, asking you when you’re free to fuck them.

    You will also learn why simply copying and pasting someone else’s bio doesn’t always work and may actually damage your Tinder profile so much that almost no girl will swipe right on you.

  • Module 4: How to rigorously test your profile until you have a winner

    Learn how to test your pics and bio in a scientific way so that you end up with a field-tested, battle-ready Tinder profile that will out-compete any other guy with your avatar out there.

    This module on testing gets to the heart of what makes a Tinder profile regularly pull horny girls like a magnet.

    Without learning how to test, you will always be stuck with a low number of matches and/or flaky girls.

    Get ready, because the content in this module is revolutionary and will not be found anywhere else.

  • Module 5A: Scaling Your Tested Profile

    How to get your field-tested Tinder profile to work on other dating apps and sites so that you have girls literally flowing into your phone from all directions.

    …including a section on Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and the “Craigslist personals” section.

  • Module 5B: How to Automate Your Hook-Ups

    Learn how to automate “liking” not just for Tinder, but for all dating apps / sites using auto-clickers, auto-swipers, and other software.

    …Including an exact list of software I used to automate multiple dating sites so that I got laid while literally doing nothing.

Real People Seeing Real Results

Unlike my competitors, I don't hire people from freelance sites to get fake text / video testimonials. What you see here are screenshots of people messaging me and telling me they saw results.

  • Name
    "...Headed to smash this thoty"

    (1.5 hours later)..."Lol gettin sucked off as we speak"
    Moe J. Columbus, Ohio

Moe gets laid with cute girl from campus:

  • Name
    "She came over. I played with her ass like it was a Christmas present."
    Alexander V. Los Angeles, California

Alex fucks big booty girl on Christmas:

  • Name
    "Your stuff has changed my life... I can successfully navigate almost any woman I like now... Not just dumb girls, but mature, intelligent 30yo women."
    David B. San Francisco, California

David changes his entire mindset and transforms his abilities with women:

Is Dating App Blueprint Right for You?

I’m very selective about who I let into my courses and who I work with 1 on 1.


Because I’d much rather work with a small group of students who are dedicated and committed to the course material than a large group of students who try a few things from the course and when things don’t go their way, they just give up and say “whatever”.

This is also part of why I’ve priced this course a bit higher… Because I intend to give students of this course the special attention they deserve. This wouldn’t be possible if I just sold this course to 100,000 guys.


Dating App Blueprint is not right for you if:


✘ You’re looking for a magic bullet (a program that spits out models for you to bang without you doing any of the work involved)

✘ You’re a virgin right now and want to start sleeping with models from Tinder in less than a month. Please leave.

✘ You’re already getting laid a bit from Tinder, although rarely, and you aren’t willing to change your thinking. If you resist new advice, how can I help you?

✘ You’re simply looking for “motivation” or “inspiration.” The most motivational thing you can do is get RESULTS. So, I’ll be friendly and supportive, but I am ultimately concerned with your results, not whether you’ll “like” me. That’s what a good coach does… he pushes you on even if you think he’s kind of an asshole.


Dating App Blueprint is right for you if:


✓ You live in a city with a population larger than 2 million people. (Sorry, you may get lucky in small cities but you can’t consistently get laid online because there aren’t enough women online)

✓ You live in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, or any other English speaking country. (Sorry foreign brahs, I don’t have a translated version for you… but if you want to join, you can join and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll refund you.)

✓ You’re ready to invest in yourself to completely revolutionize the way you think about dating. (The future is looking better and better for online dating. It’s time to shift momentum.)

✓ You’re patient and systematic in your approach to self-improvement. You know this isn’t going to happen overnight. You know that if you spend 5 to 10 hours a week on the course content and on testing the mindsets and strategies in the course—and interacting with our social group—you will see results.

✓ You’re looking for a SYSTEM, not random tactics.

✓ You want to join a growing community of guys who "get it." Remember: if you want to be good with women, surround yourself with other guys who are good with women.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Will this take a long time?"


I'm not promising you overnight success.

If you follow the techniques in the course and complete the worksheets you will start seeing results within a couple of weeks.

But please, don't join the course if you think that you'll become a “player” by tomorrow.

That's unrealistic and honestly if that's your mindset, you should probably leave.

There is probably a product out there that is right for you, but mine probably isn't.



"What if this doesn't work for me?"


Dating App Blueprint comes with a 100% risk-free lifetime guarantee.

If you don't see any results after going through this course, e-mail me and I will refund you the entire amount.

I'll even eat the credit card processing costs.



"Does this work for men who are not traditionally good-looking?" 



I have worked with students who are “not traditionally good-looking” and I have gotten them laid with some very attractive girls.

I have worked with guys who are Indian, Asian, and African American and I’ve shown them how to bang girls from Tinder on demand.

Although their results were not as good as their “better looking” counterparts, I still got them massive success with women who would be considered “out of their league.”

As long as you aren’t grossly deformed, this program will work for you if you apply what you learn in this course.



"Will this also work on other mobile dating apps / online dating sites?"



This material works for any mobile dating app or online dating website, as long as there are enough girls in your area using those sites (which is why I recommend you live in a big city of at least 2 million+ people before joining this course).

If you work on your Tinder profile for at least 3 months and still don't see any results, you will still be able to use the tactics from this course on every other dating app / site that is out currently, or will be available in the future.

Sometimes, it's possible that Tinder just isn't working for you in your area, but maybe there's a more popular app that people around you are using for hooking up. That may be the app for you to use, and this course will help you conquer any mobile dating app, or online dating site that exists now or in the future.

Also keep in mind that texting on Tinder is harder than normal because girls have shorter attention spans. With the texting modules in this course, you'll skyrocket to a whole new level when texting girls on a platform other than Tinder.



"Can't I just call girls on the phone and meet them that way?"


Wake up!

How do you think you're even gonna be able to get her number after matching with her on Tinder??


Even after you get her number, she still would rather text you.

Listen, this isn't the 90s. Girls today text guys before meeting up.

Phone conversation can get you removed from her list of potential candidates.

If you call multiple times and she doesn't pick up, it puts you in the stalker category in her mind.

Also, it doesn't build rapport, it doesn't build investment like "experts" may be trying to tell you.

It indicates that you have such few options with women that you are willing to invest a bunch of your valuable time being on the phone with a girl you haven't even met or spent that much time with.

Phone conversations are good for strengthening the bond and converting sex partners into long term relationships. And that is beyond the scope of this particular course.

I'm going to teach you how to get them in bed quickly and with as little resistance as possible.



"What will it look like on my credit card statement?"


I understand your concerns regarding discretion.

The company name will appear on your credit card / Paypal statement as “HOA Media LLC”



"What if I don’t have time right now?"


The clock is ticking, my friend.

The later you get started on improving this aspect of your life, the worse off you will be.

The direction you take in life amplifies over time exponentially.

Do you want to take a direction that leads to loneliness and regret later in your life with no way to go back in time and take that much needed challenging direction?

In 2010 when I first learned about “game”, I had 2 options:

Option 1: Remain a 19-year-old virgin and go on with college and graduate into a lifelong career my parents chose for me

Option 2: Go out and party 4 nights a week, learn how to get laid, and stop taking life so seriously

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which option I chose.



"What if I’m too busy to handle the coursework?"


By devoting just 5 hours a week (1 hour a day, 5 days a week) for a month on this 4-hour video course, you can start seeing results on Tinder.

Need I say anymore?



"I’m not a fan of PUA style products. You’re not one of those shady assholes are you?"


Hell no.

In fact, I got into this in 2010 and all I had access to was a bunch of PUA style products that were filled with 300 pages of pure fluff and useless advice.

I decided to just give up on those types of products entirely and start testing things on my own.

I was sick of being taken advantage of and not getting any results even after reading multiple ebooks and watching multiple video courses.

I guess we all have to learn the hard truth one way or another.

I learned my lesson and that was that most people in this industry want to pump their products full of words and extra videos instead of giving you short, concise actionable advice that you can actually sink your teeth into.

My course offers short and to-the-point methods that you will have no trouble understanding.

Dating isn’t rocket science, although that is what “PUAs” would have you believe.

I don’t identify with the PUA scene.

I’m just an average guy who was sick of failing and decided to start testing things and finding out what actually works.



"How do I know I won’t get ripped off?"


Well, for one thing, I’m offering you a lifetime guarantee on this course, which is something that I’m pretty sure no one in this industry offers.

But let’s say for arguments sake that I was trying to rip people off.

Don’t you think I’d get into an industry that’s way more lucrative than the dating help industry? (Lol)

If I truly was in this just to make a buck and not actually help guys and give them real value, then I would probably just ditch this and go into real estate, investment banking, or a ton of other industries that are way more lucrative than this niche industry.

I’m in this because I am passionate about this.

I’m in this because I went through what you are currently going through.

I’m in it because I know I can help you and therefore it is my obligation to help you.

So, let’s cast this dumb idea that the dating self-help industry is a scam, because if I wanted to scam people, I sure as hell wouldn’t do it by selling a course on Tinder.


  • Name
    "This chick ended up being a virgin. Went to her place, made out and ate her out."
    Khan S. Sydney, Australia

Khan hooks up with shy virgin:

  • Name
    "Dude, I thought this was dumb. Then I tried it. Two lays in two days."
    Brian P. The Red Pill Forum Member

Brian fucks 2 girls in 2 days:

Yes! You Have Other Options

Option 1: Learning On Your Own


You can learn on your own…

…it will only take you 2 years and literally thousands of dollars in opportunity cost.

A smart person would use that time to make more money or achieve more goals than just learning how to get laid on Tinder.

Investing in yourself by purchasing a course can buy back your time so that you can use that time towards actually taking action in other areas of your life.

I have purchased courses on business because I’m smart enough to know that learning from someone who is better than me will take years off my learning curve.

It’s okay to invest in yourself, as long as you take action on the content.

A smart person knows the benefit of taking shortcuts in life.

This course is your shortcut so that you avoid wasting years trying to figure out how to get laid from Tinder.



Option 2: Google / Blogs / Forums


You can go on Google and search random forums and grab bits and pieces of tips and advice to learn how to craft the perfect Tinder profile and how to text girls.

But much of that advice has already failed you?

How much of that advice has been posted by armchair experts who live in their mom's basement?

How many of those "tips" have been written by guys who are virgins?

And more importantly, how long are you willing to search to put together the puzzle and then through some luck and testing--which will take even more time--finally see results?



Option 3: Facebook Seduction Groups


You can go on Facebook seduction groups and all you will get is random obscure advice and inspirational quotes that have vague meanings or you can get this product, which has the entire puzzle put together for you.

Note: By “random obscure advice,” I'm referring to random techniques people post on Facebook with no evidence to back up their claims. Some people even hire female actresses to trick guys into thinking that their methods work. Lame.



Option 4: Cheap Tinder / Texting Ebooks


You can go buy a cheap $17 ebook on “getting more Tinder matches” / “texting girls.”

You know the ones I’m talking about.

The ones that look like they’ve been thrown together hurriedly by some random internet marketer who got excited one night and decided “hey I’ll drink some coffee and throw some shit together to make a few bucks.”

Note: anyone who has any respect for themselves would never buy these cheap ass garbage ebooks, but I digress.

But… let’s say that you do come across a cheap product that has good reviews…

How do you know it's actually going to work?

Do you know how many other guys are using that exact ebook to text the same girls you are texting?

Are these cheap ebooks getting to the heart of the problem and solving the deeper issues of psychology, or are they simply providing you with a temporary band-aid that will wear off in a couple weeks?

Most seduction ebooks are more concerned with how much content they're dripping out so that they can sell it at a higher price.

Don't buy commodity content, because when you buy commodity content, you LEARN commodity skills.



Option 5: Overpriced Ebooks by "Seduction gurus," "Pick-Up Artists," and Other Questionable Characters


Have you seen the size of one of these ebooks?

They are usually hundreds of pages long and have so much stuff that you end up wanting to pull out your hair and call off your quest to get laid altogether.

There is something called the 90/10 principle and it is very real.

Very simply put, do you want 300 pages that cause information overload or do you want the specific 10% of information that gets 90% of the BIG results?



Option 6: Quickly Thrown Together Untested Products


Most products out there haven’t even been field-tested.

They just give you some canned lines and a few phrases you can use.

The more expensive ones will give you an even bigger list of scripted lines.

Most “instructors” who provide you with a list of texts haven’t even sent those texts out to real girls. They are lazy dudes who just got together one night and brainstormed some shit and created a product. (lol)

Is this really what you want?

By using untested material, you’re no better off than you would’ve been learning this stuff on your own.

Other products don’t provide you with 17-page case studies and lay reports like Dating App Blueprint does.

And other products certainly don’t contain conversation screenshots of real students just like you who actually got laid while going through the program.



Option 7: Endless Stream of One Product After Another


My competitors will keep selling you a new product every 30 days on the same damn subject.

(-_-) *Shake my head*

Dating App Blueprint is the last program on this subject you will ever need to buy.

When I ran a survey on this, I found that there was a student who had bought multiple products on the subject of texting and he was still subscribed to me and looking for a solution to becoming good at Tinder and texting!

Above: Excerpt from survey taken for Dating App Blueprint

I was surprised when I read this.

That means that he has just been buying a bunch of low quality crap that is feeding him the treatment, not the cure.

Not only is Dating App Blueprint the last product you will ever need to buy to get good at texting, but it is also the last product you will ever need to buy to get good at Tinder.

Don't end up in the same painful, regretful cycle of buying an endless stream of low quality products that don't do anything for you.

This program will solve your problems once and for all.

I don't recycle content and launch multiple products on the same subject month after month, and year after year, like some other dating help companies do.

I create one product that is the best on that topic and that's the end of that.

Then, I continue to improve that particular product throughout the future lifetime of that product.

With most products out right now, you're only treating the problem, not curing it.

In contrast, Dating App Blueprint will completely change the way your mind thinks when it comes to using Tinder in a way that actually gets you laid.

  • Name
    "On module 2 tomorrow. Yikes... Highly effective stuff."
    Brad C. New York, NY

Sexy college brunette begs Brad for sex:

Are You Covered? Hell Yes!

What would getting this area of your life handled mean to you?

There's plenty of men out there who have completely given up on women, and they go through their lives sexless.

They have taken themselves out of the game entirely.

They were weeded out by natural selection unapologetically.

And most important... they will never really experience what it feels like to have a girl show up at their doorstep, dressed to the 9s, in a sparkly sexy cocktail dress that's just yearning to come right off, ready to come into your apartment and get naked with you... and maybe even cuddle overnight over a string of random netflix movies.

If you could systematically get women to show up at your doorstep for sex in this manner, month after month, week after week...What would it be worth to you?



I know guys who have paid $10,000 to "pick-up coaches" and they are still looking for a solution.

I know multi-millionaire guys who are pussy whipped, and a woman has complete control over their wallets, their emotions, and worse... their minds.

Some guys would gladly fork over thousands if I could solve this problem for them.

Luckily for you... I'm not the kind of guy who takes advantage of people who are emotionally suffering... Once again, because I came from a similar background of suffering. And I know how it feels to be helpless. To be backed into a corner with no way out.


Now before I mention anything about price, let me just say that it isn't just a random number I came up with off the top of my head.


Many factors went into calculating the price



Pricing Factor 1: Accountability


I will personally make sure that every one of my students actually does the work and achieves progress.

One of the ways I do this is to charge a higher price for my courses.

When I tested a lower price point, people did not take action on the material.

"Hey, it’s just $57… I didn’t really lose anything, right?"

If you invest low financially, you’re more likely to not really treat the material seriously.

It’s analogous to paying $11 a month for Planet Fitness and never actually going there to workout (can you believe a lot of people do this? I personally was shocked when I found out this interesting fact).

I don’t want people who will buy and simply put the content aside on a “To-do list” that gets shoved into a black drawer never to see the light of day again.

If that’s your idea of self-improvement, do me a favor and leave this page now.

I care about your results, and to show you how much I care, this course has a lifetime guarantee, which is unheard of in the industry of men’s self-improvement.


Because most of those products that charge $57 to change your online dating life are fluff and do not deliver results and most importantly, they don’t hold you accountable.

Let me ask you something… If someone could really teach you how to get laid on Tinder or any of the vast number of online dating sites, would they really charge you $57? (I’m holding back my laughter as I write this)

If someone could really change your life at that level, they don’t charge you “$29.95 for a limited time only. Act now!!!” God I hate those sleazy marketers. Their focus is to sell you something that makes you feel good and wipe their hands clean of responsibility.

You forget that you even bought the product and end up with “a product” that doesn’t hold you accountable.

They want to sell you a “get results quick” product that wouldn’t really be a serious financial investment, hoping that you won’t notice that you just spent that “measly $29.95” on a product that didn’t really work out.

Don’t be another Planet Fitness member who doesn’t go to the gym.

Don’t be a person who buys products for the purposes of feeling good about buying a product.

I care about you getting results. Let’s move in that direction and that direction only.



Pricing Factor 2: Access to me via secret Facebook group 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


This is 1 on 1 access to me 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This alone is worth many multiples of the price of the entire course.

I charge $150 an hour for phone consultations, so 1 on 1 access to me through this course is a steal.

And add on top of that the fact that you have a lifetime guarantee that I will get you results and that you literally have nothing to lose.


You have absolutely no risk in investing in this course and in yourself.

That's the opportunity I'm putting in front of you right now.

But keep in mind that this course doesn't stay open, so it's important to act now, and not put it off until later.



Pricing Factor 3: Exclusivity


I’ve priced it higher because I don't want a mass population of guys to get their hands on this stuff.

This is powerful stuff.

You can call me selfish but I use these methods and techniques myself to get laid from Tinder and if too many guys started using them, it might cause them to stop working.



Pricing Factor 4: New material regularly added to members area


I am constantly testing new ideas and tactics that you won’t ever hear about anywhere else.

And once I’m certain that something works, I add it as new content into the members area.

Also, students will sometimes post the most amazing advice and tactics that even I have never heard about.

I consider myself a student and am always humble and willing to learn, even from my students.

These techniques are also added into the course material.

The pricing reflects all the free future updates you will receive as a lifetime member of this course.



Pricing Factor 5: Niche market


This is a niche product. Not every guy can use this method.

This is not one of those feel good "looks don't matter bro" courses that every guy aged 18 to 65+ can use.

Those products are scams designed to market to a mass audience and as a result, they do not work.

This is targeted to young busy guys (Aged 25 - 34) who live in big cities and want to make online dating work for them.



Pricing Factor 6: Monthly costs


The monthly expenses for running this site and hosting all the content are currently around $200 a month.

As the members community grows, the expenses will also grow.

And since this is a niche product and I'm not selling to 100,000+ people, it makes sense that the pricing reflects the costs required to present this content to you guys.



So with all that said, here is the price for this program (and I promise you it will increase in the future):


$199 (for a limited time only)


Now let's look at this in perspective:

$200 is how much an average looking hooker costs.

A model quality hooker costs upwards of $300+.

With the techniques in this course you will be able to have multiple fuckbuddies lined up on a weekly basis and will never have to worry about your sexual needs being neglected again.

And what’s funny is that almost all of the girls you get from this course will be much better looking than that $200 hooker.

On top of that you can rawdog these girls whereas hookers are filthy and who knows where they’ve been.

If you're looking for relationships, then having sex with girls is the first start to a relationship.

There is no relationship until you first have sex with a girl.

Keep all these things in mind.

Most guys would happily pay thousands to have this information in their hands.

It is currently for $199.

That's only $1.11 a day for 180 days.

Think about that.

If you avoid drinking coffee for a few months, you will be able to get this course.

For the price of less than a coffee a day, you can afford this course which will revolutionize your Tinder game and will continue to innovate your dating life (since we regularly add new content and updates).

On top of that, there's an unprecedented, unconditional iron-clad lifetime guarantee, which means that you have an unlimited time to try this product and see if it works for you.

No one and absolutely no one will offer this to you in this industry.

I'm so confident that I will be able to get you results that I'm risking everything by offering this lifetime guarantee to all my customers.


"But it's still expensive!"

Ha you're kidding me right?

I'm teaching you how to sit on your ass and deliver girls right to your door without having to waste countless hours scavenging nightclubs and somehow getting lucky to run into a girl who is DTF.

And did I mention how many rejections you have to go through to find that girl in a nightclub?

There are guys out there who gladly would pay (and do pay) thousands to learn this stuff (as long as it works, which I guarantee you it does--I've shown you enough proof on this page).

If after reading everything above, you still find that price is an issue, then I suggest you go somewhere else--just keep in mind that cheaper = less quality.

What to expect once you join the course:

Once you make the payment, you will be transferred to a page that gives you further instructions and welcomes you to the program.

You'll register a new username and password and will then be able to log into the members area...

In the members area, you will find all the course content organized onto a single page into different sections:

  • The Video Modules section
  • The Important Core Ebooks section
  • The Video Module downloads section (which consists of all the Ebooks and Worksheets accompanying the video modules)
  • The Bonus Content section (which has all the Tinder Lay Reports and Extra tutorials for getting threesomes and fuckbuddies, etc)
  • Coming soon section (details of upcoming content that is currently in development)


Also, you'll find a link to our secret Facebook and Whatsapp groups, so that you can immediately start interacting with other guys who have "been there and done that" and are currently seeing massive success on Tinder.

Now it's up to you. Below you'll find the button that, once pressed, will change your entire perception of online dating and put you among the ranks of the top 1% of players.

No more talking. No more BS.

It's time for you to take action.

It's time for you to start getting laid more in a day than most guys do in their entire lifetimes.

Become One of the Top 1% of Men Getting Laid from Tinder

Join Dating App Blueprint Now

1 Instant Payment of $199(That's $6.63 per day for 30 days)
Save $149 By Paying In Full
Try It Now Risk-Free

    If you don't get this problem handled now, then when?

    When will it be the right time to learn how to get laid from Tinder?

    Life is short. If you're in your 20s or 30s, consider yourself lucky.

    Ever been in a retirement home and volunteered there?

    I have.

    I did it as a side thing when I was a pre-med student at OSU.

    A common theme that I was faced with on almost a daily basis in that retirement home was regret.

    There are old wise men right now in their 60s who regret that they didn't go after what they wanted in life.

    They look back on their lives and all they see is hesitation, fear, doubt.

    “What if I had taken a chance with that hauntingly beautiful brunette with black hair and green eyes when I was 23 and living in the city?”

    “What if I had actually listened to what people told me back in those days?”

    “What if I knew back then what I know now?”

    These are the voices that will haunt those men for the rest of their lives.

    Go on Facebook. You’ll see so many people commenting and arguing about frivolous things.

    These people don’t take action. They sit around and mope about their problems.

    These are the same people who will end up in that same regretful situation when they turn 65…

    That isn’t you.

    I trust that it isn’t you because you’ve found this page and are reading it intently.

    You know that there is another way.


    Let me explain that other way to you right now…

    Let’s talk about how modern dating works:

    Here’s why it seems like women today have it easy: They have a massive number of sexual options… with guys throwing them offers in real life, in mobile dating apps, online, and in their social circles.

    But these guys are throwing them “boyfriend offers.” Girls have an extremely difficult time finding guys who have the maturity to handle a no-commitment sexual relationship.

    You see, women categorize men within seconds of meeting them / seeing their online dating profile.

    They label guys as “boyfriend material,” “money provider,” “work colleague,” “sex guy.”

    Who is the guy who gets easy access to her genitals whenever he wants?

    Answer: The sex guy

    Women don’t really have true abundance in the dating market, because most guys are clueless about how to act in a way that gets them laid.

    It runs deeper than word or lines or scripts.

    It’s embedded in our psychology.

    And breaking out of the wrong psychology requires guidance.

    This program aims to accomplish just that.

    It will change you into a “sex guy” and you will be able to act like the “sex guy” at will.

    This turns you into a guy with loads of sexual options – even more options than women.

    This is true abundance.

    This gives you control over your sex life: sexual freedom not to be bound by a boring monogamous relationship.

    Go out there, explore the sexual market, come back, and then see if you truly want just one girl.

    99% of men don't do this, because it's too difficult to change yourself once you've been on a certain path for a long time in your life.


    Why You Need to Act Now:



    Here's an example of a frame of weakness amplifying over time:


    • You are a shy virgin at age 18
    • You don't take corrective action
    • It becomes 100x harder to change your weak personality 10 years down the line
    • Not only do you suck with women,

    o You let yourself work at a job where a boss walks all over you
    o You unwittingly avoid anything that would resemble success in your life
    o You steer clear of society and sit in your apartment on weekends posting on misogynist websites like Sluthate and MGTOW.


    Here's an example of a frame of strength amplifying over time:


    • You decide this is the final straw and make a vow to become good with women
    • You take corrective action
    • Your abilities with women are 100x better than any other guy 10 years down the line
    • No "game" is required at this point. Getting laid is just a basic instinct.
    • You decide to start a business. You're a confident guy who feels like he can do anything.


    So basically, what we have here are two entirely opposite things happening over the same time frame.

    One is a frame of weakness getting worse as time goes on.

    One is a frame of strength getting better as time goes on.

    The smallest decision you make today can have an automatic snowball effect that either makes your life a living hell or transforms it into a paradise full of abundance.

    The frame you set for yourself today dictates who you will be 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, 30 years down the line.


    If you avoid learning how to get more matches and message girls, you won't be able to get any girls on dates.

    If you can’t get any dates, you won't fuck any girls.

    If you don't fuck any girls, after a while you start to go mentally insane.

    Look at Elliot Rodger, the crazy virgin killer.

    Look at the Columbine school shooters, who were sexually frustrated beyond repair.

    I could go on and on, but you get my point.

    Here's a small diagram that shows how making a change in your life right now could snowball into a huge change automatically over time...

    If you could make the smallest change today in the way you interact with girls on Tinder, how much do you think it would amplify over the next year?

    I reopened registration for Dating App Blueprint because I know it can help you and therefore it's my obligation to offer it to you. And unfortunately, the course closes when the timer on this page reaches zero. (I have to do this, otherwise I would get more students than I can handle in the community)

    Note: When I say that I reopened registration, I'm not joking... This isn't a marketing trick or gimmick. The course has actually been inaccessible to even long-time subscribers for quite a while now. I open it up rarely, and when it does open back up, the price does sometimes increase because I constantly add new content to the course.


    Close Your Eyes and Imagine a Tinder Account Packed With Matches


    And these aren't just any old crappy matches either. These are sexy, young, nubile girls. And they're willing to meet you, unlike those time-wasters who don't even respond.

    Think about that new Tinder match you get tonight.

    She's just your type. Perfect eyes. Perky tits. Amazing ass. Hourglass figure.

    You'd love to meet her in real life.

    You'd love to bang her.

    Maybe you'd even love to cuddle with her afterwards (don't worry brah, I'm not gonna judge ya haha).

    Guess what? The only thing standing between you and her is that square electronic thingy that we call a smartphone.

    And if you don't get the job done, then someone who does know how to get the job done (some asshole like me) will come along and boink her.

    And she'll forget all about you.

    And all you will see on your screen is that she stopped responding to your messages.

    You won't even know what hit you.

    And this painful cycle of ignorance and blue balls will continue the next day. And the next week. And the next month...

    ...until you just grow fed up with Tinder and write it all off as a scam, and go hang out on Sluthate forums, hating life and hating women.

    I don't want this to happen to you.

    And that is why I created this course specifically designed for getting DTF matches on Tinder and getting them to meet up in the most efficient time-saving way possible.


    What's Worse Than Taking Action and Regretting It?


    Never taking action at all.

    Remaining stagnant and wondering what could have been.

    Having your mind filled with images of those gorgeous beautiful women from your youth who stared at you longingly, now fading into the past like old forgotten ghosts.

    Like we discussed above, frames amplify over time.

    What this means is that if you suck at getting laid from Tinder right now, then a year from now, you'll be 100 times worse.

    Have you ever seen those text messages women post on twitter with the hashtag #byefelipe??

    Most guys don't even make it into these girls' list of matches. (Sad but true)

    And the ones who do make it into these girls' list of matches suck so bad at texting that the girls outright laugh at them on social media.

    These are guys who text them repeatedly, despite never receiving a response back.

    They start typing out paragraphs to these girls. And the girls reply with 1 word answers.

    Or they just don't respond at all, and maybe call the cops lol.

    Listen: there IS another way.

    You don’t have to go through all that bullshit anymore.

    You don’t have to go that route.

    A year from now, I'd rather see you getting laid than being called a stalker on some random girl's Twitter.

    A year from now, I want to meet you at a bar, have a couple beers, and hear stories of how YOU had to reject girls because they started stalking YOU.

    So, I'll repeat it for you:

    Men who change their direction earlier on automatically become better with women as time moves on.

    And success with women ties into success in other areas of life, so these guys also become better in other areas of their lives. You'd be surprised what confidence can do for a man.

    On the flip side…

    Men who don't change direction don't just stay the same, they actually get worse with women as time moves on.

    And not just with women. Other areas of their lives also suffer, ranging from health problems (weight gain, etc) to financial troubles (lack of confidence in business).

    Masculinity and male dominance is the biggest factor in a man's success.

    Going in the wrong direction even if just for the rest of this year is a mistake you cannot afford to make.

    It's important to change direction NOW.

    Finally Break the Vicious Cycle of Failure and Regret and Start Getting Laid from Tinder

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