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Tired Of Getting A Peck On The Cheek And A Pat On The Back At The End Of A Date?

You Just Want A Girlfriend, Not A Hook-Up?

If you're the type of guy who is looking for a girlfriend and NOT just hook-ups, here's a message for you...

You can't have a relationship without first having sex with a girl.

Without sex, you're just a friend. And you'll be cast aside to make way for men she thinks are actual boyfriend material.

But there's another issue.

Trying to demonstrate boyfriend potential before hooking up with her will result in her delaying sex until way later (and even then, she probably won't put out, since there are so many men better than you competing for the boyfriend role).

So if demonstrating boyfriend potential doesn't work, then what does?

You need to hook up with her as quickly as possible, and then demonstrate boyfriend potential, by doing things like cuddling, watching movies together, and so on.

Hooking Up With Girls Fast Is Essential To Getting A Girlfriend

Forget going on hour long dates with a girl you barely know.

Don't bother asking her questions about herself.

Stop trying to buy her dinner, drinks, going to the movies with her, or spending money on her in general.

Do those things later on in the relationship once she's proven herself to you.

For now, all you need to focus on is one thing:

Hooking up with her as quickly as possible

Did you know it's possible to hook-up with a girl within minutes of meeting her on a date?

It all comes down to knowing how to touch girls.

You need to know how to physically escalate the right way.

You can be the most socially retarded guy in the world and still get laid like a rockstar, simply because you know how to touch girls.

You need to know how to touch them in a way that turns them on, gets them horny, and makes them want to hook up.

Most guys can't and won't do this. Too risky.

Most guys would rather play it safe, even if it means going home alone with a peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile, after their friendly, platonic date with her is over, she immediately calls over a dumb meathead fuckboy to pound her pussy to sleep.

Having The Skills To Physically Escalate With Women Is The Biggest Problem Men Face.

The only thing stopping you from getting girlfriends, friends-with-benefits, and hook-ups is your inability to escalate.

And you need to get on the right path to fixing it.

Fortunately for you, I can help you fix it quickly.

Knowing How To Escalate Can Mean The Difference Between This:

And This:

Hooked up with this girl in an hour of meeting for a date. She was the kind of girl who probably friend-zones a ton of guys.

Introducing Physical Escalation Formula...

What this course will include:

Mindset module

☑ How to stop being inside your head and act in the moment

☑ How to stop being afraid before making a move

☑ How to reframe yourself so that you naturally touch her at the right time


Escalation module

☑ How to know what to say next

☑ Knowing when to "go for it"

☑ The exact escalation ladder I've created over 10+ years of trial and error

☑ How to handle her rejecting your advances

☑ Troubleshooting the escalation

☑ Knowing when to back off and when to end the date


Last Minute Resistance (LMR) Module:

☑ How to overcome token resistance in a way that SHE asks YOU to put your dick inside her

☑ My LMR toolkit I've used to crack open the legs of the toughest girls, including virgins and girls who were prudish

This course will be released on April 1, 2020.

Enrollment for the beta-release for Nomadic Playboy Business Course will open on 11/18/2019 at 00:00:00 Eastern Time.

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Once you make the payment, I will add you to a secret "beta users" Whatsapp group, where you can chat with me, as well as other members of this course, while you wait for its release.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: When this program releases, it will come with a 60 day money back guarantee that starts from the moment of release. You will get access to it immediately and will be among the beta users to go through this program.