The CEO/Founder of Hookups On Autopilot, Sean Larson, has been featured in high profile blogs and publications. Below is a summary of the press coverage.

Hey I'm Sean Larson...

I've been featured in Jezebel, Huffington Post, Brobible, Business Insider, and various other blogs and media coverage.

How do I know what works?

In 2010, during my second year of college at Ohio State University, I became interested in the seduction community after reading some literature online. I was a 19 year old virgin at the time, but that was the key issue that motivated me more than ever to become good with women.

I started by getting hilariously drunk 4 nights a week and crashing house parties on campus. However, my drinking adventures ended, for the most part, when I was at the center of a party that "the ski team" was holding on some random weeknight. I found myself chugging a box of wine and found myself waking up with staples in my head. From then on, I vowed not to touch alcohol.

That was when the game began. I started going to the nightclubs downtown in Columbus 4 nights a week with absolutely no alcohol in my system. I was terrified at first, but I eventually started treating interactions as expendable. It just became a video game in my mind.

Fast forward a year... I had gotten my first makeout, first same night lay, and first friend with benefits. But I didn't just want mastery of nightlife, I wanted mastery of everything related to seduction.

I decided after a year of sober nightgame that I wanted to move to daygame. When I first got into it, I felt like I had superpowers. This was much easier than handling a group of girls at a crowded chaotic nightclub. I had one on one access to girls!

Every day, I walked around the huge OSU campus and approached girls from noon to evening and collect their numbers. I then lined them up for dates. I ended up going on almost 300 dates that entire year.

And it was here that I made a big sacrifice. I had decided to treat a campus of 50,000 students as my own personal laboratory for finding out what works in the field of cold approach, dating and seduction. After a year of me basically approaching girls from 9 to 5 on a daily basis, people began to recognize that some guy was playing the girls of Ohio State University with very little regard to social conventions (in smaller cities, men are expected to follow the social norms of meeting women through social circles or else they get labeled as "creeps" or "perverts" or "sociopaths").

During this time, I was intensively promoting my old blog "The Underground Player" on my personal Facebook page. And since I was actually Facebook friends with people from OSU, they discovered my blog detailing my accounts--with pictures--of cold approaching and sleeping with numerous girls on campus. The final result was that The Underground Player blog started getting huge media attention because of students e-mailing out to media powerhouses.

So, in conclusion, the media coverage was the result of years of pounding the pavement hard and collecting numbers, setting up dates, and finding out how to convert girls to sexual partners.

When you see that a particular seduction company has been covered in a negative light by the media, you may take that as proof that what he or she is doing works.

To quote a personal hero of mine, Paul Janka:

The more people you're pissing off, the more you're getting laid.


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